Everything you need to know about Apc Index Mismatch

Apc Index Mismatch blue screens of death might appear out of nowhere while your computer is working if your drivers or hardware aren’t up to par. APC stands for “asynchronous procedure call,” which means to call a subroutine only when those circumstances are met. Unfortunately, Blue Screen of Death errors indicating the APC Index Mismatch as the cause will only occur after or during boot-up. The APC Index Mismatch error message appears when the program’s inbound and outbound process counts are mismatched in the working environment.

How to Fix Index Mismatch Win32kfull.Sys When Printing?

APC INDEX MISMATCH BSODs can occur at any time while the computer runs due to incompatible drivers or faulty hardware and immediately stop all work. On any version of Windows, the error has a bug check of 0x00000001, which is most commonly encountered on Windows 10. Otherwise, if you wish to fix the APC INDEX MISMATCH error, you should avoid modifying the Igdkmd64.sys file or any other system element to create the problem.

Deploy A BSOD Troubleshooter:

BSOD errors are unique in that there is never a definitive cause, but the usual suspects, such as damaged registries, DLLs, driver issues, and hardware trouble, are always present. Use software that can run through all the variables above and fix them one by one to reduce your chances of encountering BSoD errors in your system. Using this automatic software increases your chances of finding and fixing this annoying BSOD error. Restore, on the other hand, is an excellent tool for repairing damaged system files and other Windows-related.

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Maximize your computer’s performance by fixing frequent mistakes, protecting you from lost data and malicious software, and preventing the hardware from breaking down.BSOD errors on Windows 10 can be a real pain, and the majority of the time, these errors are caused by faulty hardware or an incompatible driver. For example, your PC will have to restart if you get the APC index mismatch error. Users of Lenovo or Dell laptops have reported this issue the most frequently, but it can occur on almost any device. This stop code can cause a crash.

  • Faulty or incompatible drivers cause Windows 10’s Apc index mismatch error.
  • Apc index mismatch or Windows stop code x00000001 can be attributed to Realtek or Nvidia drivers.
  • As a result, to resolve the problem, you must first identify the problematic driver and then disable it.
  • It’s also important to disable some programs that might interfere with Windows processes, such as antivirus software and firewalls.

According to some users, APC Index Mismatch appears to be the primary cause of frequent BSOD crashes. Most BSOD victims report that the crashes happen for no discernible reason. Even though APC index mismatch is often seen as an indication of hardware failure, this isn’t always the case. A wide variety of software can cause an APC Index Mismatch BSOD crash. When attempting to use a webcam with Skype, the APC Index Mismatch BSOD is frequently triggered. Others have reported BSOD APC Index Mismatch crashes.

The APC Index Mismatch error may be due to a hardware issue, even if you aren’t experiencing any of those issues. If you experience BSOD crashes after increasing the frequency of your CPU, GPU, or RAM, try returning to the factory settings to see if that improves system stability. If your problem has been resolved, you may have overclocked your computer too much. A few percentage points at a time might be all that’s needed to get the frequencies back up to normal. A problem with one or more components in the internal.

What Is Index Mismatch?

It is an abbreviation for a function that operates outside the main program when certain conditions are met. Asynchronous Procedure Call. The APC Index Mismatch error is one of the most common causes of a blue screen of death, which is why there are many possible causes. Error The APC Index Inconsistency between the number of processes entering and leaving an area of operations whe

Index Mismatch Common:

Attempting to utilize a webcam while logged into Skype is a common cause of the APC Index Mismatch blue screen of death. Playing games or using other resource-intensive applications is reportedly when most users get a BSOD APC Index Mismatch crash. It likely isn’t; this may be a problem with one or more pieces in your computer’s internal components. You can try replacing your RAM, CPU, or GPU. But don’t jump the gun! There’s also a possibility that it’s a simple software error, like a faulty one.


These fixes may help if you are currently experiencing APC Index Mismatch BSOD crashes. Here are a few approaches that other users in a similar boat have used to get things back on track. To find a solution that works for you, try each method out until you find one. Many underlying problems can be resolved with a fresh install of Windows, including the APC Index Mismatch error. Check if the problem persists after downloading.


How do I fix the stop code APC index mismatch?

To fix an APC Index Mismatch BSOD, it’s a good idea to check your PC for new driver updates. The Windows Update system can be used to look for new drivers.

What causes system service exceptions in Windows 10?

Exception in System Service Many factors can contribute to a blunder: Problems with the user interface. System files are corrupted. Drivers who are out of date or corrupt.

What causes APC index mismatch?

Realtek audio drivers are a common source of the APC Index Mismatch blue screen of death. You can easily fix it by downloading and installing it.