Everything you need to know about Chrystal gbaja-biamila!

Chrystal gbaja-biamila is the wife of former NFL star Akbar Gbaja-Biamila. However, she hasn’t done nearly enough in her life to have developed her distinct character. She’s Caucasian and an American citizen. She was born and raised in the USA. Chrystal has also been cagey about other details of her background, including her parents’ names, her birthday, and even the year she was born. But her husband has a head start with 38 years of experience. Based on this, it’s safe to assume she’s also in her early 30s. Akbar was born in the United States and had African-American roots. Here we will discuss more Chrystal gbaja-biamila.

Everything you need to know about chrystal gbaja-biamila!

The career of Chrystal gbaja-biamila:

Previously a football player, Akbar Gbajabiamila is now more known as a commentator on American Ninja Warrior. Accordingly, he is well aware of the value of having family and friends root for him while he pursues his goals. Deion Sanders’s The Talk cohost Chrystal Gbajabiamila has been at his side since his days in the NFL.

The Sun reports that the couple met on a football field and fell in love, even though they have kept many details of their marriage secret. Supposedly, Chrystal met Akbar in 2004 when she watched him play for the Oakland Raiders. Before joining the Raiders, Akbar had never played professional football. Akbar and Chrystal got to know one other and eventually were married in 2005.

Occasions for rejoicing:

Even though details about their relationship are few, the TV host never misses a chance to express his undying love for his girlfriend of nearly 17 years. Akbar praised Chrystal on Instagram, writing, “Seeing how you commit everything to our house and our children, and I feel delighted.” God has blessed me in many beautiful ways, and I want to thank him for them.

Marriage of Chrystal gbaja-biamila:

Married woman Chrystal exists. She took her place in the bridal procession when she wed Akbar Chrystal Baja-biaxial. At this moment, however, we cannot provide you with the date of their wedding ceremony. In addition, Chrystal and Akbar wed in a private ceremony. Chrystal and Akbar have been mysterious about their initial meeting and the origins of their love.


The couple also has children, so that’s a plus. They found out they were having a boy and decided to keep the name Elijah for him. About a year later, they had Saheeda, their second child. The couple’s good fortune continued with the birth of their third child, a set of identical twins called Nasir and Naomi. Chrystal and Akbar are settling down as parents and enjoying life in California.

Husband Akbar of Crystal and Chrystal gbaja-biamila:

Akbar is a fortunate wife for Chrystal. Akbar is a former defensive end/linebacker for the National Football League in the United States. In college, he played football for the San Diego University Toreros. Therefore, throughout his time at university, he played football with the Miami Dolphins. Akbar Gbaja Biamila has brought him fame, but his full name is Akbar Oluwakemi-Idowu Gbaja-Biamila. Furthermore, his parents are Muslims, and his background is Nigerian.

As seen on American Ninja Warrior:

Although Akbar seldom discusses his wife on The Talk or American Ninja Warrior, his family often appears on the CBS daytime programme. For example, the Gbajabiamila cast and crew appeared on The Talk in December to wish everyone a Merry Christmas while wearing ugly sweaters. The wedding ceremony video of Akbar and Chrystal has also been made public.

The depth of affection:

Footage posted on Instagram and TikTok reveals that she, like her husband, has some dance skills. Thanks to Akbar, we know to keep our eyes peeled for more heartwarming viral moments. Consider the Valentine’s Day card from 2016. He posted an Instagram snapshot of himself and Chrystal with the remark, “Happy Valentine’s Day to my darling; one day isn’t enough to communicate the amount of love.”

Christianity as a religion:

However, in his latter years, Akbar converted to Christianity. In 2000, an automobile tragedy took his mother’s life; now, his father has Parkinson’s disease. In addition to that, he has already submitted his resignation to the NFL. After retiring from the National Football League in 2008, the former NFL player is currently working for CBS. He is presently serving in the capacity of host for the sports entertainment programme known as American Ninja Warriors.

Having a healthy income and a sizeable nest egg:

Chrystal’s wealth and salary remain a mystery since she has been coy about her professional life. On the other hand, her husband Akbar is a former NFL player and current TV personality who has amassed a net worth of $7 million. Since he is no longer active in professional football, he now makes most of his money from television roles. Additionally, American Ninja Warriors is giving him a six-figure salary.

The beating centre of the Chrystal gbaja-biamila clan:

If what I’m hearing is correct, Chrystal is the beating centre of the Gbajabiamila household. She has never been one to back down from a challenge, even if it’s only adjusting to her husband’s erratic eating habits on significant family holidays. It was presumably a cauliflower that had been seasoned and prepared in some way to make it taste like turkey.

Using cauliflower:

In a June 2018 interview with Parade, Akbar discussed his transition to veganism. “My wife went to Whole Foods and purchased this turkey made from cauliflower, but they sliced it to make it appear like a half breast,” he said. Oh, I can’t wait, I thought. I slashed it open and took a bite. What I thought was that it would have a different flavour. I liked the meal, but after a week, I was like, “That’s it, I’m done.”

Expert with NFL Network:

At least the NFL Network analyst’s wife is on board with his crazy ideas. While the two like to keep the specifics of their relationship private, there is one part of their marriage that they enjoy discussing with Akbar’s fans. They have four kids together: Elijah, Saheedat, Nasir, and Naomi, and he likes showing them off.


The name of former National Football League player Chrystal gbaja-biamila wife, Biamila, is Chrystal. Chrystal’s work life is said to be cloaked in secrecy, and it is believed that she does not utilise social media. Los Angeles is where Chrystal and her family make their home. The younger generation is always ready to have a good time, whether taking part in one of the TV star’s athletic challenges or experimenting with the most recent TikTok trend.


In terms of faith, what does Akbar Gbaja Biamila practise?

Gbaja-Biamila was raised by his Christian mom and his dad’s Muslim beliefs, but he converted to Christianity in college and talked about how his faith has helped him through difficult times.

What country does Akbar’s wife from?

Gbajabiamila was born in Los Angeles to Nigerian parents who had relocated there after the country’s independence.