Interesting facts to know about Flounder the little mermaid!

Flounder the little mermaid, a tropical fish with a stunning yellow and blue color, is Ariel’s best friend. His name may relate to a flounder, yet he is nothing like that fish. He could pass for considerably younger than his actual age. While Flounder has a history of panicking in high-stakes situations, he doesn’t hesitate to jump to Ariel’s rescue when she’s in danger. He is undeniably loyal, and there is no denying the delightful charisma he emits. Throughout the film, he plays the role of the perfect friend, never leaving Ariel’s side while she works toward her objective. Here we will discuss Flounder the little mermaid.

Interesting facts to know about Flounder the little mermaid!

Who is Flounder the little mermaid?

Flounder, the little mermaid is more than simply a moneymaker; it is a ray of light at the end of the tunnel, a second chance, and a way out of a dire situation. When the picture was released on November 17, 1989, Disney was reorganizing its animation department after a streak of losses. The Great Mouse Detective, The Black Cauldron, and Oliver and Company flopped at the box office, leaving managers questioning whether to keep the studios functioning.

Appearances of Flounder, the little mermaid:

He is the only character in the movie that is entirely on board with Ariel’s fixation with human things, as seen by the fact that he is the one who presents Ariel with a statue of Eric at one point. The sea, which takes advantage of Ariel’s feelings for Eric to coerce her into a life-for-life deal, ariel begs Flounder to accompany her to Eric’s Kingdom so that she might win Eric’s heart and make him her prince.

Facts about Flounder the little mermaid:

There’s just one way to go from here to friendship:

Let’s start with Ariel and Flounder, two of the most trustworthy companions anybody could ask for. The only character in the film to fully back Ariel and her obsession with humanity is this cute little tropical fish. The only person who understands why she can’t stop thinking about it is her. Whether giving his best friend a statue of Prince Eric to help her overcome her infatuation with him or helping her defeat the evil sea witch Ursula, Flounder is undeniably loyal to his closest pal.

Be Productive Mom:

Ariel worries about winning Prince Eric’s affection after learning that she would lose her voice if she transforms into a human. Ursula’s answer is simple: she communicates via her body. As she plays her song “Poor Unfortunate Souls,” the sea witch begins to undulate her human/octopus hybrid body. She shows Ariel that if she can’t talk Eric into believing who she is, she can always wiggle her butt in front of his face, and he’ll be completely smitten.

Trust my every word:

While Ariel is pretending to be an earth walker and exploring the ocean below in search of human artifacts, Scuttle the seagull gives her insider knowledge on the items she encounters. Ariel seems so trusting of someone who purports to be an expert that she believes whatever they say without inquiry, even though he knows nothing about them and is supplying her with fake information. Scuttle reveals to Ariel that the “dinglehopper” in his hands is used to “straighten out the hair of these tiny newborns.

Mastering seduction is key to success:

Let’s analyze the scene from “The Little Mermaid” in which Sebastian teaches Ariel all she needs to know to win over Prince Eric’s affections. It is appropriate to bring up the issue of problematic advice from unknown sources now. Sebastian has always been sure that Ariel should be with Eric, and she and Eric should spend time getting to know one another before deciding whether or not they are a good match.

Justifiable Rage:

After finding out that Ariel has fallen for a human instead of a rugged merman, King Triton is instantly overwhelmed with a wave of anger on the edge of becoming catastrophic. Instead of talking to his daughter and trying to understand why she is acting this way, Ariel’s father throws a temper tantrum. To free Ariel, Triton takes out his trident and shatters whatever in the jail that came from the land of humans.

Triton Can’t Control His Impulses:

And let’s look at the mythical Greek god’s racist traits while we’re at it. Like a pig in mud, King Triton accepts the idea that his daughter is romantically involved with a merman. Nothing about the unknown merman’s age or suitability is a cause for worry; the mere fact that he is a merman is sufficient to deem him suitable. Her advanced age is not a cause for alarm.

How Much Will You Sacrifice for Love?

To win the love of someone who has no reason to care about you, the protagonist of “The Little Mermaid” is willing to give up all that makes her unique. Finding common ground and making accommodations for one another are essential in romantic relationships, but this is not the same as starting over and becoming someone you are not hoping your partner would love you for.

Eric was only ever interested in one item at a time:

Grimsby, Eric’s counselor, says that the whole kingdom is waiting for him to settle down with a wife and children; this is a goal we should all aspire to. On the other hand, Eric is sure that when he finds “the one,” he will be overwhelmed with an intense feeling of love and passion. After that, the prince becomes embroiled in a shipwreck, and an unknown savior with a beautiful singing voice comes to his rescue.

It’s safe to say that Ariel was a very unstable stalker:

Not only does Ariel fall deeply in love with a man she has only met once—while he was asleep she also starts to plot out a way to track him down and make him hers. She is just 16 years old and a mermaid, so she has no plans to “bump into” him and find that they have many interests or go to his school to see if they share any classes.

Eric and pride fill the letters E:

While Eric is still just a prince and has not been made king, his initials are already ubiquitous across his kingdom. Massive Es may be seen throughout his hometown while the action takes place there. It is true no matter which way you turn. Huge golden E’s may be seen on banners strung up throughout town. Perhaps the purpose of these flags is to guide Eric back to his old neighborhood.

Ursula was a part of the transgender drag scene:

When Disney called him and his writing partner and offered them work on a new animated feature film, they enthusiastically accepted the offer. The musical production of Little Shop of Horrors was tremendously successful. After being a part of the cast and crew of “The Little Mermaid,” Ashman worked his way up to the position of executive producer and got engaged in the character development of “Ursula, the Sea Witch.”

This Hybrid Girl Named Ariel:

Actress Sherri Stoner, also a teenager at the time, served as the live-action model for Ariel. But Ariel’s animator, Glen Keane, drew inspiration from a wide range of preteens to ensure that she will appeal to today’s tweens. Keane also found inspiration in works of art from the past. To make Ariel resemble a mermaid depicted by John William Waterhouse in 1901, it was decided that she should have flaming red hair. The photograph shows the mermaid combing her hair, however not with the typical implement.


“Flounder the little mermaid” was ahead of its time in 1989. Combining traditional animation techniques with innovative computer-generated visuals from a company you may have heard of called Pixar, “The Little Mermaid” marked the first significant step on Disney’s journey back to worldwide domination. It was the first animated film to gross over $100 million in the United States and the first Disney film released on VHS rather than in theatres for seven years. Both of these achievements have raised the bar for cinematic excellence.


What role did Flounder the little mermaid play in the Disney classic “The Little Mermaid”?

Flounder the little mermaid joins Sebastian and Scuttle in “Kiss the Girl” After Ursula’s botched effort to capture Ariel via Flotsam and Jetsam, Flounder helps Ariel battle her. Ariel asks Flounder to come with her to Eric’s Kingdom to win Eric’s love.

Who is Flounder in Flounder, the little mermaid?

Flounder was voiced by Jason Marin, who also sang on the movie’s official soundtrack album, Sebastian from the Little Mermaid. Flounder, a tropical fish with yellow and blue stripes, is Ariel’s best buddy.