Facts to know about Ford transit nugget!

Ford transit nugget: The conversion of passenger vans like the Ford Transit into camper vans is a thriving industry that has seen significant growth recently. You can obtain a van with the same size and functionality as a Mercedes Sprinter. Still, it costs far less to buy a Ford, Transititincludes not only the sticker price that you’ll see at the dealership but also the costs of regular fill-ups, oil changes, and any other maintenance that will be required over time… Here we will discuss more ford transit nuggets.

How much does a ford transit nugget camper van cost?

Transit costs less than $40,000, yet a new one might cost over $100,000. Even though the total cost of a DIY conversion may be lower than hiring a professional contractor, you won’t have to pay for labor, which can add up to a large amount.

Purpose-built for long journeys:

Ford’s new Nugget Active trim level is aimed at customers that place a premium on convenience, high-quality materials, and bold style in their camper van. However, the utility of the camper van is not compromised by this trim level. Cladding the bumpers, body sides, and mirrors in a dark hue gives a striking SUV-like appearance, and it can lessen the damage produced to the vehicle’s paint job due to driving in unpaved conditions.

Waterproof sides:

The waterproof sides come in gray by default but can be customized with a red or blue finish to match any outside style. Rougher aesthetic touches include bold Trail emblems and unique alloy wheels measuring 16 inches in diameter. This design is finished with distinctive Active components like a mesh grille and alloy wheels with a diameter of 17 inches. An awning of a standard length of 2.6 meters provides additional protection and shade when using the outdoor space adjacent to the automobile.

Unconventional tourist destinations:

The Nugget Trail’s appearance is highlighted by the characteristic FORD grille in matte black. This grille was influenced by Ford’s top-tier Raptor off-road vehicles and served as a nod to the van’s nomad spirit. The vehicle has a more tough appearance because of the black cladding added to the bumpers, body sides, and wheel arches. This cladding also protects these areas from scratches caused by boots or equipment during the loading and unloading.

Distinctive style motif:

Black leather upholstery is standard on the swiveling front captain’s chairs and rear bench seats. Additionally, the custom dining table is finished in a darker shade to contrast the bright white of the kitchen cabinets, the spacious wardrobe, and the high-quality wood grain floor. The distinctive style continues into the living quarters of the vehicle.

To enhance the normative specification, we present the following:

Both new iterations of the Nugget include significant upgrades that elevate the feeling of luxury while traveling, especially in colder climates. A first-in-class heating system that kicks on when the bench is stretched out to become a double bed is a welcome addition during the long winter months. The bench seat in the back can also be heated, and this functionality is offered as a separate add-on. Glass panels on the self-folding tilt roof let in a lot of natural light and keep the interior airy and comfortable.

Traveling with full confidence:

This motor makes quick work of long-distance travel, even when laden down with the provisions for an extended vacation. Wet grass, sand, gravel, or ice won’t slow down the Nugget Trail since it has a mechanical limited-slip differential and a six-speed manual transmission. The Nugget Active offers customers a choice between a six-speed automatic transmission and a six-speed manual transmission, with the LSD available upon request.

Is the Ford Nugget Plus available in the USA?

As it is a camper van, we Americans can only stare in awe at the Transit-based nugget as it drives down the street. The Ford Nugget Plus, as reimagined by Westfalia, is more than just a camper van thanks to the Westfalia conversion; it’s a great camper van with a genuinely cute name. This European car is about to get even better than it currently is, thanks to the release of the brand-new Trail model. The Ford Raptor will be responsible for the Nugget’s new, rugged design.

What is Ford’s Nugget Plus Trail camper van like?

The Nugget was modeled after the Ford Transit Custom. Because of this, the camper van, which had its pre-production premiere at this week’s Düsseldorf Caravan Salon, will also include a limited-slip differential along with the rest of the lineup. The Trail model is the only one with a retractable roof, and it comes with a sliding door on both sides for easy entry and egress, heated front seats as standard, and leather “Trail” upholstery throughout.

The name “Ford Nugget” may be misleading.

The cute camper van, despite what its name may suggest, is not a miniature vehicle. The Nugget Plus is a 207-inch long camper van featuring a bathroom that can be accessed via a door within the rear tailgate. Even though a toilet is a more apt descriptor for this area, an outdoor shower is also provided. Inside is a movable barrier for concealment. Removing the partition between the living room and kitchenette transforms the couch into a bed.

Ford planning Raptor camper van:

Ford makes the Transit Trail and Nugget Plus Trail look more menacing by giving them the Raptor’s front grille. This camper van has received some exterior upgrades and features the fantastic Transit limited-slip differential. therforetherfore, The Nugget Plus Trail will have darkened contrast bumpers and a “FORD” symbol on the grille designed in the style of the Raptors. The wheels will be 16 inches in diameter and black. The van’s EcoBlue diesel engine, displayed at the Düsseldorf show, generated 182 horsepower.


Ford’s attempt to convert the Transit into a campervan was a huge success. The inside is laid out to make short trips more comfortable, and even the shorter wheelbase version feels pretty roomy. However, the ford transit nugget is simple and provides all the camping equipment you need. At the same time, we would like to see a few more customization options and slightly more premium interior materials at this price point, especially when compared to the Mercedes-Benz Marco Polo, a direct competitor.


Is there a Ford camper van available?

The ford transit nugget camper vans are based on the Transit chassis, and they were co-created by Ford and Westfalia, a German business. Three different Nugget models are available: the Nugget Plus, the Nugget pop top, and the Nugget high roof.

Where would you place the ford transit nugget van’s price range?

Nugget pop top is $59,873, high roof is $60,550, and Plus is $67,150. Popular Ford Nugget camper vans aren’t sold in the U.S. Ford has no plans to bring camper vans to the U.S.