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Gaten Matarazzo net worth is $7 million. Five million dollars are currently in Gaten Matarazzo’s possession. Even though Gaten had already made his Broadway debut before involvement in “Stranger Things,” his fame exploded after the show. Since Matarazzo’s debut on the show, he has been showered with awards and nominations. The Stranger Things star appeared in Les Miserables on Broadway. His debut television role was on “The Blacklist” in 2015. Here we will discuss Gaten Matarazzo net worth.

Biography of Gaten Matarazzo:

He will be 19 years old by 2022; Gaten Matarazzo. The eighth of September, 2002, was the day of his birth. He had a comfortable upbringing in Connecticut, where he was born. The hipster attended Tuckerton High and grew up in Little Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey. The vast majority of critics have given him rave reviews for his turn. Gaten Matarazzo has not started college just yet. Gaten used to be a theatrical actor.


At the outset, Gaten Matarazzo worked in American theater. In the 2011 Broadway production of ‘Priscilla, Queen of the Desert,’ he played the role of Benjamin. He played Gavroche/Petit Gervais in the 2014 Broadway production of “Les Misérables.” In 2015, he appeared in an episode of “The Blacklist” playing Finn. Gaten Matarazzo is a morning person. Broadway Roles Matarazzo’s Priscilla, Queen of the Desert performance on Broadway, was a smashing success. In one episode, Matarazzo made a cameo.

A catalog of currently airing series:

In 2016, once he was cast in “Stranger Things,” he suddenly became a household name. He was cast as the primary character, Dustin Henderson, who quickly gained a following. In 2017, he was the focus of his segments on “Ridiculousness” and “Lip Sync Battle.” He has appeared briefly in two music videos this year, one with Katy Perry and the other with Nicki Minaj. During the 2016 season of Stranger Things, Gaten made an appearance. Stranger Things won six Emmys out of a total of 39 nominations.

A few of Gaten Matarazzo’s cars:

US actor Gaetano “Gaten” Matarazzo III. His first Broadway appearances were in Priscilla, Queen of the Desert, and Les Misérables. In the Netflix series “Stranger Things,” Matarazzo performed the role of Dustin Henderson.

It is the CT4-V Blackwing:

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Escalade and Gaten matarazzo net worth:

In Gaten’s driveway, you can spot a Cadillac Escalade. Actors love this style because it is very cozy and gorgeous. That motor is perfect for a hatchback or other compact car. From zero to sixty miles per hour requires 7.7 seconds. You can now travel fast and in style thanks to this automobile. He does it with friends and family at parties, gatherings, and other events.

One-word family:

Gaten Matarazzo, on the other hand, has spent his whole life in the Constitution State. Gospel as defined by conservative Christians in the United States. Gaten and Heather Matarazzo both had substantial impacts on Gaten’s upbringing. Gaten Matarazzo Sr. works for the government. therforeHeather, Matarazzo, Gaten’s mother, works as an educator. Therefore He has two brothers and sisters. His sister, the actress Sabrina Matarazzo, is the sibling of percussionist Carmen Matarazzo.


Last year, he was seen on “Drop the Mic” and in “Cinderella” by the Pinelands Regional Thespians. In 2019, he voiced Bubba in the video game ‘Angry Birds 2,’ and hosted the show Prank Encounters.’ The same year, he played Jack in Into the Woods at the Hollywood Bowl. Since 2020, he has appeared in Green Day’s “Meet Me on the Roof” music video. This trendy teen’s training began at New Jersey’s Starlight. His performance as the Golden Globes’ opening act for Jimmy Fallon in 2017 was a highlight of the show.


Gaten has won two awards and gained recognition on six other occasions. Teen Choice Award for Choice Summer TV Actor, all for his work on “Stranger Things.” Unfortunately, he was not successful in gaining any of these honors. ‘Stranger Things’ won every prize possible.

Oscar-nominated actors:

Gaten Matarazzo will have $5,000,000 at his disposal in 2022. David has achieved widespread recognition and acclaim as a prominent personality in the show business. Screen Actors Guild presented “Stranger Things” with the award for “Outstanding Ensemble in a Drama Series” in 2017, and Gaten Matarazzo was a part of that. During the same year, he also won the Shorty Award for Best Actor, making this a double win.

Relationships, Dating, and Girlfriends:

Matarazzo is single at the moment. Almost a year has passed since he first started seeing Lizzy Yu. Lizzy Yu, a musical theater star, has a sizable following on the photo-sharing app Instagram. All of Gaten’s notoriety is entirely accidental. His sister was approached by a stranger who desired to speak with him. What made Gaten famous was not only his generosity but also his desire to put others’ happiness ahead of his own.


Gaten Matarazzo is a short yet incredibly charismatic actor in Hollywood. He’s not just pleasant to be around but also pretty handsome. Those cheeks and grins are too cute for words. He has an amazing body. In terms of his height and weight, Gaten Matarazzo is about average for his age (54 inches tall, 59 kilograms). His hair and eyes are the same shade of brown. Get down into a squat position where your knees are bowed.

Data and Gaten matarazzo net worth:

The condition known as cleidocranial dysostosis prevents Gaten’s jaw and collarbone from developing normally. Therefore, it was necessary to perform the surgical intervention. He finds great satisfaction in enlightening others about his CCD and working to save animals. A wanderer who is also a devoted follower of the Star Wars saga. Sushi and the Lincoln Navigator are two of his favorite things.


Gaten Matarazzo net worth is $7 million. Hip-hop artist and actor Gaten Matarazzo has also put out songs. In 2022, Gaten Matarazzo will have access to $5 million. He made it big in show business due to his singing and acting. He began his career in 2011 and has since acted in films, music videos, and stage productions. Gaten played Dustin Henderson on “Stranger Things,” a Netflix original series, and hosted “Prank Encounters” on Discovery.


What is Gaten matarazzo net worth?

Gaten matarazzo net worth is $7 million.

To what extent does Matarazzo’s wealth extend?

A report from states Five million dollars are currently in Gaten Matarazzo’s possession. The 19-year-old has appeared in a wide variety of films, including Waffles + Mochi, The Blacklist, and The Angry Birds Movie 2.

Gaten Matarazzo has a girlfriend or boyfriend?

Dustin Henderson, the Stranger in Things, and his partner, Lizzy Yu (who plays Joyce in the show), are doing fine. In March of 2021, they reached the age of 3.