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Judge Mathis net worth is $20 million. Greg Mathis serves as a judge. Your wage and net worth: Judge Greg Mathis is an American jurist who served on the Superior Court for many years and is now retired. Judge Greg Mathis, who previously served on the bench of the 36th District Court in Michigan and is now a motivational speaker and activist, is the man in charge of the reality court show Judge Mathis, which is syndicated. Continue reading to learn about Judge Mathis’s personal and professional lives, as well as judge Mathis net worth.

Biography of Judge Mathis net worth:

Greg Mathis, who would later serve as a judge, was born in Detroit on April 5, 1960. In all essential respects, he was brought up in the same setting as his younger siblings. Because Greg’s parents divorced while he was still a young child, his mother now has sole custody of him. People may think Greg had an exceptionally happy and stable childhood. However, this did not turn out to be the case because he dropped out of school and joined a gang.

Insights into the Career of Judge Mathis:

As soon as Judge Mathis completed his education, he ran into another obstacle in the form of a refusal to provide him with a licence to work as a lawyer due to the troublesome and criminal history he had in the past. However, his perseverance was rewarded in the end. In 1995, he was eventually successful in his bid to become the 36th District Court Judge for the state of Michigan, and as a result, he became the youngest person in the entire state ever to hold such a distinguished post.

A Look into the Judicial Career of Judge Mathis:

After receiving his Bachelor of Science degree, Judge Mathis looked for work in the administrative section of the City Hall in Detroit. After some time, he became a member of the Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity. During his time on the bench, which spanned five years, he earned a reputation as the most qualified Judge in the state and set a record for being the state’s youngest person ever to hold that office.

A career in acting:

He began his career as an actor by appearing in the television series Judge Mathis, which ran for 16 seasons. In addition to those works, he is the author of the books Street Judge and Of Being a Judge to Criminals and Such. It would appear that he has not yet been recognised or nominated for any awards or honours for his performance in the field he works in. On September 6, 2021, the show Judge Mathis will kick off the first episode of its 23rd season.

Intern for Clyde Cleveland:

Greg started in politics as an unpaid intern for Clyde Cleveland. It was the beginning of his career. In addition to that, he was a member of the city council. After receiving his law degree from the University of Detroit, he went on to win the election to the position of district court judge for the 36th district in Michigan. In 1988, Judge was selected to serve as the campaign manager for Jesse Jackson’s presidential candidacy in Michigan.

Success in the Judge Mathis Show:

In 1998, Mathis was appointed to the courtroom show’s bench, swiftly establishing itself as a fan favourite among millions worldwide. The show was such a massive hit that it has continued to air continuously since it first aired. Since September 1999, they have been producing new episodes regularly. Because of his prior run-ins with the law, Judge Greg can empathise and understand individuals on a much deeper level.

Who is Judge Mathis’ Wife?

Since 1985, Judge Mathis has happily married his long-time girlfriend, Linda Reese. The couple met in high school. Amir, Camara, Jade, and Greg Mathis Jr. are the couple’s four children, who currently reside in the United States of America with their parents. The pair is still married and has not divorced.

What is judge Mathis net worth?

Judge Mathis net worth is $20 million. The American reality show “Judge Mathis,” which is centred on the arbitration process, features Judge Greg Mathis, a former judge. He served on the Superior Court of the 36th District Court in Michigan. His fantastic life narrative of a street kid who went from “jail” to “judge” brings hope to millions of people who watch his award-winning television court program.

Life after Marriage for Judge Mathis:

Everyone has witnessed the dissolution of a marriage, especially in marriages involving prominent individuals. They never hold up, but Judge Mathis appears to be an exception in this case. Judge Mathis has been married to Lisa for a long time, and the couple continues to have a pleasant marriage. They have not moved on from their feelings for one another, and Mathis is wholly devoted to his wife.

Assets owned by Judge Mathis:

At the year’s conclusion, Mathis purchased a home in Tarzana, California, measuring 6,400 square feet, for a total price of $1.9 million. The construction of the Mediterranean-style home with five bedrooms and six bathrooms was finished in the middle of the 1990s. The house is situated on almost one acre of land and is enclosed on all sides by massive wrought-iron gates.

Source of income:

The home features a great room with double-height ceilings, several steps, marble flooring, and wrought-iron railings. In 2018, a listing for his Tarzana property at $3.2 million emerged on the market. In 2005, Mathis realised a profit of $5.9 million from the sale of a breathtaking Mediterranean mansion in Beverly Hills, California, which spanned 7,755 square feet and sold for $4.75 million.

Honours & Commendations Received by Judge Mathis:

Greg has received several honours and awards for his courtroom series Judge Mathis. thereforeTherefore, He received the 2018 Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Legal/Courtroom Program. The prize was awarded to him. His show has been nominated for an Image Trophy multiple times throughout its run, and in 2004, he was presented with the actual award.

Facts about Judge Mathis:

A person who is a part of the Seventh-Day Baptist Church

Judge Mathis net worth is $20 million

His mother, a devout member of the Seventh Day Church, was his exclusive caregiver throughout his childhood.

After beginning his studies at the university, he discovered a passion for political engagement.

It has a policy that prohibits lending money to close personal associates, including relatives and family.

Judge Mathis makes it a point to convey to his audience on his show that they have the power to alter the trajectory of their lives.

Are the allegations made against Judge Mathis true?

The standard format for Judge Mathis’ courtroom comprises the presentation of four cases in rapid succession over one hour. We are looking for legitimate litigants with legitimate claims in each of these instances. Under some conditions, the plaintiff and the defendant are required to enter into a legally binding agreement to comply with the decision reached by the show.


Judge Mathis net worth is $20 million. The selection of Judge Mathis to the position of district court judge in Michigan’s 36th district has recently brought him a lot of attention. Because of his hard work, even a television show that first aired in the middle of September 1999 was produced due to his efforts. The Judge is well-known for several things besides the Daytime Emmy Award-winning program.


Is Judge Mathis a qualified legal professional?

Because Mathis had a criminal history, he was not granted a licence to practise law for several years after he graduated from law school. In 1987, he graduated from the University of Detroit Mercy with a Juris Doctor degree.

What is judge Mathis net worth?

Judge Mathis net worth is $20 million.