Everything you need to know about Poison mushroom cookies!

Poison mushroom cookie has been obtainable as an Epic Cookie and can be used as a playable enemy in Cookie Run: Kingdom. Their primary role is in the Middlepos web Middle position, and they are of the Bomberclass web Bomber type. Devsisters created the video game Cookie Run: Kingdom, the latest installment in the Cookie Run series. You can choose from a broad selection of cute cookies in this platformer-running battle game, with more than 200 levels to beat. A group of courageous Cookies embarks on a quest to uncover the lost Vanilla Kingdom and free its residents from the terrible Dark Enchantress Cookie. Here we will discuss more poison mushroom cookies.

Explanation of the Game:

The health benefits of mushrooms vary widely depending on the type. Think of the purple cap mushroom as an example.  The consistency seems rich and tasty. As a result, Cookie, who was quite hungry, ate it. You have correctly named it a Poison Mushroom Cookie. There was never a tense moment, and she was always daydreaming. The Poison Mushroom Cookie isn’t poisonous. Therefore Poison Mushroom Cookie greeted these erroneous Cookies as long-lost palstherfore. Therefore everyone got a beautiful mushroom.

Licorice Cookie uses Poison Mushroom Cookies:

In the Timeless Kingdom Episode, Licorice Cookie used a poison mushroom on Pure Vanilla Hallucinations were induced by Cookie to assist the other Cookies of Darkness in capturing their target. Poison Mushroom Cookie was eager to share their mushrooms with other Cookies, seemingly unaware of the fungus’s harmful effects on normal Cookies. The kind Poison Mushroom Cookie can’t wait to pass along her treats. In Grandberry Market, Licorice Cookie uses Poison Mushroom Cookie’s spores to spike fruit punch, turning most drinkers into maniacs.

The appearance of Poison Mushroom Cookie:

Poison Mushroom Cookie is a tiny cookie with brown dough and a dark violet tunic with long periwinkle sleeves. Cookie is the species that includes the poisonous Mushroom Cookie. On top of their heads, they sport a big purple mushroom cap speckled with fuchsia. Their sunken purple eyes and zigzag-shaped “lumpy” mouth set them apart. Their headgear and facial expression were meant to evoke a human skull, and their “lumpy” W-shaped mouths symbolized the stylized alveolar process and upper row of teeth.

Licohead seems strong:

It was just an early draft of the design being considered. Even if the skull component was nearly fully excised from ultimate form, it’s possible that the peculiar curve of their lips was preserved. It would have been better if the skull motif on Poison Mushroom Cookie’s head had been more noticeable. The chemistry between them and Licohead seems strong. Web Having found a best friend in Licorice Cookie, she is constantly at his side and participating in his schemes.


Poison Mushroom Cookie is Dark Enchantress Cookie’s servant, and it is their job to carry out whatever orders Pomehead or Dark Enchantress Cookie gives them. Although she is under her group’s employ, Poison Mushroom Cookie displays no sign of malice or even knowledge of the group’s achievements. They act like children and playfully accept even massive defeats and make friends with everyone they meet, including those who are supposed to be their enemies.

How to acquire a Poison Mushroom Cookie?

The Poison Mushroom Cookie can be won in the Gacha if you’re lucky. There is a 0.096% chance of winning a Poison Mushroom Cookie when playing the regular version of Cookie Gacha. Instead of spending 300 Crystals on a single Gacha pull for Cookies or 3000 Crystals on ten pulls, you can use the Cookie Cutter Summons awarded at various points in the game. You can spend real money in-game to purchase crystals, but the game is so lucrative that it is not necessary.

Cookie’s Soulstones in the Gacha:

However, you are free to spend money if you so choose. You can amass crystals by winning battles, fulfilling quests, doing other tasks, and taking advantage of the daily rewards. The developers may provide you with free crystals if there is a special event or if they are in a particularly generous mood. If you’re lucky enough to win the Cookie’s Soulstones in the Gacha, you can also use them to unlock that Cookie. A total of 20 Cookie Soulstones are required to release the Cookie.

The ultimate DMG damage:

The CRK is best played with an ATK DMG Build that utilizes Poison Mushroom Cookie Toppings. It is the most effective build. To ensure that your Poison Mushrooms take the most damage they can, you will equip them with Searing Raspberry Toppings X5 with this setup. Because of its superior structure, the Poison Mushroom cookie will be able to inflict a greater amount of damage on its rivals.

Poison Mushroom Cookie Toppings Skills:

When the Poison Mushroom Cookie has fully developed into a mushroom, it will exude a highly toxic substance with a bluish-purple color. This substance will be seen when the cookie has matured. Even though poisoned foes become more confused and absorb more damage, Poison Mushroom Cookie is emphatic that this is not the effect they intended for their poison to have and that they did not intend for it to have this effect.

Poison Mushroom Cookie Toppings:

While certain mushrooms in the Cookie Run Kingdom are good for you, some can be quite dangerous. You’ll want to don the Purple Cap as part of the game. Mushrooms, for example, can fool you into thinking they’re full of meat. That’s why Cookie, who was ravenous, ate it all. Since you asked, I’ll answer with CRK’s Poison Mushroom Cookie.


CRK Even though the Poison Mushroom Cookie has historically been misidentified as a mushroom, these cookies have never been malicious. Yes, the Poison Mushroom Cookie greeted the erroneous Cookies as if they were long-lost friends or family. They gave each person a bright and sweet mushroom on the ride home. Just one small sample, please… After all, that kind, reassuring eyes couldn’t possibly harbor malice. According to the legend, Poison Mushroom Cookies pose no health risk.


What is Pancake Cookie?

Pancake Cookie is a naive and demanding young Cookie, always vying for the spotlight and demanding more Acorn JelliesIt’s related to other Cookies. Despite enjoying flying and chatting, he’s particularly interested in Acorn Jellies.

Is the Hollyberry Cookie the mother of Princess Cookies?

Concept art from the Kingdom artbook shows that Tiger Lily Cookie and Princess Cookie had a cousin named Hollyberry Cookie. Once a playable version of Hollyberry Cookie was released, it was clear that this prediction had come true.