Everything that you should need to know about Susie deltarune.

Susie deltarune rune is a deuterogamist and, based on the prophecy, the monster Hero of Light. Susie assumes the role of the party’s tank because she wields an ax and has the greatest health. This purple monster has a reptilian-looking face with freckles and yellow teeth, and she stands around six feet tall. In addition, she has bright yellow eyes. As we saw in Chapter 2, she has a tail that wags now that she’s happy, but she’s ashamed of it and tries to keep it private. Wearing a purple coat over a white shirt and torn pants with blue trim for the evening out with her friends, Susie outfits for the occasion.


Susie’s first appearance in the Dark World is a bully at school. Other pupils describe her as unpleasant and aggressive, threatening to “bite [one’s] face” if they don’t get her way. Despite her lack of friends, she appears to believe everyone dislikes her.  To begin with, she acts violently toward all of her opponents in the Dark World, refusing to negotiate quietly with them.


Kris’s classmate Susie, who lives in Hometown, attends the same school. When she was younger, Toriel was her instructor. It isn’t much else we can say about Susie’s life before the events in Deltarune.


Susie’s past is unclear, although it is likely that she was born with a cruel attitude or was bullied as a child and never made any friends. Assumedly, she has a less than ideal relationship with her parents. Her parents are informed that she will be spending the night when Toriel advises her to call them and tell them that she will be staying with them.

Facts about susie deltarune

In Deltarune and Undertale, there is a wealth of unanswered questions and speculation fueled by the games’ rich lore and mysterious setting. It cannot be easy to keep track of all the game’s circumstances and story. Many important things can be missed in the first gameplay. Following are facts about susie deltarune:

Before Undertale, Toby had several ideas for Deltarune:

Deltarune and Undertale developer Toby Fox has shared some of his early concept drawings for the game’s major characters on his Twitter account, which he dates to between 2014 and 2015. Many fans were surprised to learn that this would put them in a period before the release of Undertale. It’s clear from the artwork that Toby had a clear picture in his mind of the characters in Deltarune and the overall plot.

Toby’s Team Is Now Complete:

On Twitter, Toby announced the addition of a new group of developers to help create Deltarune. When he was working on Undertale, he was largely responsible for the project independently, with some help from his friend Temmie Chang. For Deltarune’s sake, this new group has been assembled to move the project along more quickly while preserving the high quality and unique vision.

Even though it takes place in the same universe:

To what extent Deltarune and Undertale take place in the same universe remains a mystery. All of them are possible, but it’s safe to say that it isn’t a traditional prequel or sequel.

Susie deltarune chapter 2 sprites:

There is a lot of disagreement between Susie and Ralsei because of their differing views on violence and nonviolence. When Susie joins Lancer, Ralsei becomes a new target for her taunting, but as time passes, she warms up to him, and her relationship blossoms. Raleigh cures Susie in a flashback in Chapter 2 when they finally get to know each other better.

Susie deltarune sprites:

After talking with tobyfox, he remarked, “I would prefer it if she used ore,” which made me a little nervous because “the game is set in an adult world with pixel sprites, so the players might think she’s just another girl.” – Kazarian on Tumblr, November 07, 2018.

Susie deltarune chapter 1:

After Susie arrived late in the class, Kris and the two spares had to form a team of their own for the assignment. An incomplete supply cupboard is a problem for instructor Alphys, so he calls out for help from students Susie and Kris. Kris finds Susie munching a chalk stick as she enters the school hallway. Even though Kris does not respond to Susie’s warning that they will be held against a locker, Susie grabs them and yells, “It’s time.” “I’m not a fan of individuals who aren’t talking.

Susie deltarune chapter 2:

On the day of her return from the Dark World, Susie shows up on time to class. She makes fun of Kris’s tardiness and Alphys’s attempt to correct her. Before going back to school, she carries Kris out of class and asks if they’ll always be friends no matter what happens during their journey into the Dark World. Susie is astonished when Noelle approaches them and invites him to study with her and Berdly at the library.


Rather than a lengthy black vest with purple trim, the characters in the Dark World don baggy plum pants, a purple blouse with golden trim, and black boots with golden trim. Stashed bracelets decorate her arms, and she wears a black belt with a heart-shaped gold buckle. Her hair is hiding her face in most of chapter 1. Immediately following the King’s battle, she shows them and displays them for most chapters.


Is Susie’s tail long enough for her?

However, Susie does not have a tail, despite her reptilian appearance. When Susie is given the Jevilstail, she adds that she had hoped to one day grow one.

How old is susie deltarune?

The answer of how old is susie deltarune? In 1980, Susie Davies, a 10-year-old girl, was murdered in Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria on Halloween night.

Is Susie a demon or just a normal human being?

Because of her eerie demeanour, Susie considered a monster among girls.

Is Susie infatuated with Kris?

Contrary to popular belief, Susie was Kris’s favorite person during the events of Deltarune.

What is susie deltarune gender?

Susie deltarune gender is a girl who “Won’t do anything but fight.” She becomes a Dark Knight after rejoining the party. “Uses dark energy to inflict harm.

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