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The true piece perks tier list can be useful for players of the popular game “One Piece Treasure Cruise.” We’re glad you stopped by to learn more about the various Roblox game advantages available to players of the true piece tier. Our ranking system is based on the board game True Piece.

Like in the original game, players set sail on a virtual version of the Seven Seas in this Roblox classic. This actual piece benefits tier list is predicated on my judgment, first-hand experience, and data I gathered from the internet. True piece perks tier list ranks the various perks that can be obtained through the game’s True Piece system, which allows players to enhance their characters in unique ways. This article will give you all information about True piece perks tier list.

How can I use True Piece Perks to my advantage?

The good news is that using True Piece advantages is a breeze. Indeed, you’ll be prompted to activate your rewards even before you step foot in a lobby. Two perks can be equipped for each character. These slots allow first-time users to spin for their bonuses randomly, and they can be used twice more. Each bonus slot machine offers two complimentary spins. True Piece bonuses are useful enhancements to the game that raise your character’s capabilities.

Top true piece perks tier list:

Before separating these bonuses into their respective tiers, we must define them. In general, perks are skills that give one person an advantage over another. In the context of our actual piece perks tier list, perks are playable enhancements to a player’s existing set of skills. In addition, depending on the perk’s specifics, players gain new skills. Following is the True piece perks tier list.

S tier:

As far as any ranking system is concerned, the S tier always represents the absolute pinnacle of excellence. Our existing Piece benefits tier list will likewise adhere to this regulation. The best in-game benefits available to players will be found in the S tier of this list. In addition, the game’s acute scarcity of perks meant I could only find a suitable benefit for this tier.

A Tier:

The A-level of actual piece benefits is next up on this scale. You probably already know that the A-level has the best of the good but could be better. In plainer language, it is a collection of highly regarded things in their respective fields. However, these organizations do not carry out as well as those in the S category. Hence, A-tier organizations consistently outperform their lower-ranked counterparts. This criterion shall subsequently be applied to the progression of this ranking system.


The Advanced Kenbunshoku perk comes first on this entire piece perks tier list. This feature ensures the continuation of the ties to the One Piece Universe. Using less “Haki” to avoid opponent attacks is made possible with the Advanced Kenbunshoku perk. You’ll need to be familiar with Haki before appreciating this perk. Like the “stamina” or “block” mechanics found in other role-playing video games, this mechanic primarily prolongs a battle’s length. For serious gamers, this item is essential.

Up-to-Date Busoshoku:

An additional legendary benefit is up next. This fabled benefit is referred to as high-level Busoshoku. It is a great defensive bonus that will help you win more often. It allows the player to wear the entire Busoshoku armour set when equipped. This benefit, however, comes with a catch. To use this perk, the player must have earned 400 or more Busoshoku mastery points. As a bonus, the unlocked armour significantly boosts the user’s initial health. It is a very difficult perk to earn.


The next level up in this genuine piece perks tier list is the Rankyaku perk. In the Roblox game True Piece, this is one of the unusual bonuses that can be found. In addition, as Rankyaku is a technique that appears in the One Piece universe, it also remains faithful to that setting. In True Piece, however, Rankyaku is a bonus that increases the player’s Rankyaku damage. Rankyaku is a perk that decreases the ability’s cooldown and its other benefits.

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Weapons of the Future:

Continuing with the A-level perks, we now have Advanced Weapon Busoshoku. In True Piece, Advanced Weapon Busoshoku is a legendary class benefit. It is one of the few bonuses that don’t directly affect the player. When activated, this perk temporarily increases the effectiveness of the player’s primary weapon. This advantage is also very noticeable when a player wears it. A shimmering halo surrounds the player’s weapons when this perk is activated. Because of the player’s Haki, the weapon’s aura is enhanced, and the weapon’s power is increased as a result.

B Tier:

Let’s move on to the next level of real-piece rewards! There is no doubt that this is the second-best level. I think it’s safe to assume that most of you are familiar with the “B-tier” concept, but I’ll go over it briefly anyhow. Among the better and the finest, the B tier includes the good. In other words, this level contains organizations that are slightly better than average within their field. The term “perks” applies to these elements in our context.

Elevated Moonwalking:

This genuine piece perks tier list continues with the B-level bonuses. The enhanced moonwalk ability is up next. Its function is obvious from the name: it enhances a preexisting ability. In True Piece, the ability to moonwalk is a must-have skill. There is a cost associated with using this ability, which restricts its utility. Here’s where the bonus shines. There are two parts to this that we’ll look at now. It initially replenishes the player’s power of the Moonwalk skill, extending its duration.

F Tier:

Tier ten concludes our list of the benefits available to those who purchase a tangible item. Everyone knows that things at the F level are the worst of their kind. Moreover, a similar principle applies to this ranking system. One may safely assume that the F-tier bonuses will be the worst. There are just two bonuses at this tier, and they’re both fairly frequent. There’s no need to go into detail about the F tier, so let’s jump right into its perks.


The Runner Perk is the last benefit on our list and the best. It concludes the trio of standard bonuses in the Roblox game True Piece. This tier’s benefits could be more sophisticated, but they’re similar to those of other standard packages. The name of this benefit makes its connection to the player’s motion abundantly clear. As the name implies, the runner Perk grants the player a modest boost to their running pace.


Top perks on the True Piece Perks Tier List include increased attack power, improved critical hit chance, and reduced damage. If you want to maximize your time in True Piece, one of the most in-depth Roblox experiences, check out our True Piece benefits list. You’ll want to familiarize yourself with the variations between the many True Piece perks accessible at launch since they each have their unique rarity and impact on the game.


Can You Tell Me the Secrets to Obtaining Greater Quart Perks?

You can acquire some True Piece benefits for free, but once you’ve used those up, you’ll have to pay to get any more. Since the first few spins are free, you’ll need a good supply of Robux to keep attempting for the rarest rewards.

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What is True Piece?

True Piece is fun to play independently, but it becomes even better when you take advantage of the game’s special abilities! The enhanced performance you get from your perks helps you move through the game more swiftly. For gamers, this is a major plus.