Everything you need to know about East river pilates!

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History of east river pilates:

In the spring of 2014, Australian immigrant, dancer, and movement lover Kimmy Kellum opened East River Pilates on a rooftop overlooking the East River. Thanks to our A-list dream team, ERP has flourished since its inception, expanding to many studios in Brooklyn and becoming synonymous with the “feel good” exercise. Creating a welcoming environment for individuals is what drives me every day. Connecting with other people makes East River Pilates unique to me; that alone is crucial to our survival and feeling of community.

It was never in my plans when I first went to New York to start a Pilate studio. The opportunity to teach Pilates on the roof of my apartment building shifted my focus away from pursuing a career in dance. In instructing, I discovered how fulfilling it is to help others and how eager individuals are to explore movement and physical knowledge. That time I spent with you was one of the best times of my life.

Features of east river pilates:

The objective of Brooklyn, New York’s East River Pilates, a Pilates studio dedicated to sharing the transformative practises of the Pilates method, is to help individuals of all backgrounds realise their full potential. We are committed to assisting residents of Brooklyn and beyond in achieving their fitness objectives via our top-notch coaching, innovative programming, and encouraging environment.

Extensive Training Courses for Educators:

In 2019, ERP started its extensive Teacher Training Program, known for producing top-tier Pilates teachers via on-site and remote study. Recently, ERP introduced ERP Online, a video-streaming service that provides access to a library of hundreds of recorded and live online seminars, workshops, and course bundles.

Friendly environment:

Today, ERP is pleased to provide a warm and inviting meeting place for New Yorkers who are committed to healthy living and interested in making connections with people who share this interest from around the globe.

Most success as a company owner:

I’ve been in the company for eight years. Throughout that time, my most outstanding achievement has been assembling a superb team of self-assured and competent leaders who, working together, effectively overcame the obstacles presented by COVID. I am pleased to announce that we hit record revenue levels this summer, and we are ecstatic to be able to celebrate a complete recovery from the lockdown.

Being a company owner isn’t easy:

Providing financial and emotional support to my team, leading with confidence, and maintaining an optimistic outlook despite uncertainty are all challenging responsibilities as a business owner, but navigating financial stress and risk during unforeseen circumstances like COVID is one of the most challenging aspects of my job.

Helpful hints:

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Supreme concepts:

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The public learns about you and your company:

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Learning the benefits of physical activity:

In 2014, I earned a Master of Physiotherapy Practice and a Bachelor of Health Science. Also, I took the Comprehensive Pilates Course via the American Physical Therapy Association (APPI), which sparked my interest in the movement. After finishing my physiotherapy degree, I dove headfirst into a career treating injuries, leading rehabilitation programmes, and guiding clients to their desired physical activity levels at a Melbourne physiotherapy clinic.

Professor in Charge:

After gaining that knowledge, I moved to New York. I got a position at East River Pilates, widely considered the best Pilates studio in the city, as the teacher training and education director. As a Pilates instructor, I’ve spent the last decade seeing many clients’ lives transformed in profound ways, both physically and emotionally.

Go Chlo Pilates, from its inception:

After closing my dance studio at the start of 2020, I resolved to unleash my passion for dance on the digital landscape. I saw a shortage of resources enabling individuals to relocate safely and efficiently on their own, and I set out to fill that need by establishing a network of others in the same boat. So, I decided to start Go Chlo Pilates, and I haven’t looked back.

Happy-making trend:

Feeling strong and capable is the focus of Go Chlo Pilates. You’ll not only improve your stamina, flexibility, muscular strength, and power but also grow to appreciate the sensation of your own body’s strength and power. I want to encourage people to see physical activity not as a punishment but as a way to honour their bodies.

Physiology and Anatomy of Human Motion:

You will notice a change because of my expert technique and movement mechanics knowledge. Moreover, physical activity should be liberating and enjoyable—it is where my heart and soul are. To help you feel comfortable enrolling in the correct class level, we’ve compiled some guidelines for selecting between an All Levels class and an Experienced class. We’ve included some questions you may want to ask yourself. Most of the physical activities in an All Levels session are within my comfort zone.

Keeping Going Despite the Pain:

It would help if you considered participating in a Private Session, a Levels Class, or both. If you still have questions after reading this, please bring them up with your teacher at your next All Levels session. I’ve joined a class’s waiting list. Turn on the sound and text alerts. If you check your schedule on a desktop computer, you can see where you are on the waiting list. You may join the waiting list by clicking the corresponding button in the upper right corner, labelled “Waitlist.”

Class credit not yet transferred:

If you are not enrolled in the waitlisted course, the credit will be held in your account until you are registered in another system. There may be a chance that you might be added to a class up to an hour before it begins, and if that happens, you’ll get an email. Due to unforeseen circumstances, I will not be in attendance today.

However, life may also be full of surprises:

The reality is we know that life is often unexpected. It is much appreciated that you adhere to our 12-hour cancellation policy for all reservations, which was established out of consideration for our teachers and those on the waiting list. Cancellations and alterations must be processed online. The waiting list is a part of this.

App-based account:

To cancel, access your profile in the app or online and choose “Upcoming Classes” under “Schedule.” The cancel button will likely be located on the right. If you can’t make a class, please cancel your reservation or unenroll from the waitlist at least 12 hours in advance.


The developer supplied this data and may give future updates. Considering going into business for yourself in the health and fitness industry, but need more information? If so, you may be interested in reading our conversation with Kimmy Kellum, the owner and creator of East River Pilates in New York City. We provide modern Pilates classes designed to make you feel good by emphasising form, function, and flow.


Have you had any special deals for new customers?

New students may try out our Reformer and Mat lessons for the price of one by taking advantage of our introductory offer.

If I were to enrol in one course immediately, which one would you recommend?

Choose between our Mat All Levels sessions, which are appropriate for individuals with no prior experience, or our Reformer: Foundations lessons, designed for those who are new to the equipment and want to start at a more fundamental level.

Am I able to attend an All Levels Reformer class even if I’m new to Pilates?

Before class, notify your teacher and ask for help setting up your reformer.