Edward furlong net worth, Biography, Professional career, and more!

Edward furlong net worth is $5,000. The total amount of wealth owned by Edward Furlong is $5,000. Edward Furlong is an extremely well-known and accomplished actor who has appeared in several critically acclaimed and commercially successful films. His work in television is particularly noteworthy since he has been in a significant number of films and programs that have been broadcast on the medium. In his first picture, Terminator 2: Judgement Day, Edward Furlong enjoyed a great deal of commercial and critical success. Here we will discuss Edward furlong net worth.

Edward furlong net worth, Biography, Professional career, and more!

Biography of Edward Furlong:

On August 2, 1977, in the state of California, in the United States of America, a human being named Edward Walter Furlong, commonly known as just Edward Furlong, entered the world. He is a member of the Furlong family. The city of Glendale, located in the state of California, is where Edward Furlong’s life began and where he spent his childhood. But as things turned out, his aunt and half-brother were awarded custody of him, and after that, he moved live with them.

It was a terrible turn of events.

Life in the Working World for Edward Furlong:

Edward Furlong is a well-known and esteemed actor who has contributed to several films that have been commercially successful and critically acclaimed. Since Terminator 2, Edward has participated in various projects, including Saturday Night Live, CSI: New York, and Perception. Edward’s music videos have helped his reputation. Furlong’s job has helped him amass a $200,000 net worth.

Career Path in Adult Acting:

Even as an adult, he continued to act alongside other talented actors. “Before and after,” starring him, Meryl Streep, and Liam Neeson, was a commercial flop in 1996 The movie concentrates on Edward Norton’s repentant neo-Nazi character and his efforts to dissuade his younger brother, played by Furlong, from committing the same mistakes he did. Critics liked the film, but it underperformed at the box office and lost money.

Oscar for his work:

Norton was Oscar-nominated for his performance. During the same year, he was selected to lead in the comedy-drama film “Pecker.” In the 2000s, his star power waned, and he mostly appeared in TV movies. He started the decade in Steve Buscemi’s “Animal Farm.” In 2005’s “The Crow: Wicked Prayer,” he played the lead opposite Tara Reid. Due to low demand, the film was withdrawn from cinemas and distributed solely on home video. Next, he starred in “Jimmy and Judy.”

The part of John Connor:

When Edward Furlong was only 13 years old, he appeared in the movie playing the role of John Connor, which marked his debut in the entertainment sector in grand fashion. In addition, Edward Furlong’s car has been nominated for and awarded many prizes thus far. The beginning of Edward Furlong’s career in television was spent working on Saturday Night Live. After that, Edward Furlong performed roles in shows such as CSI: New York and Perception, amongst many others.


Edward Furlong had a highly successful acting career in the past, but his career was derailed in subsequent years. In the past, Edward called his home in California his primary residence. Aside from that property, none of his other holdings are currently being highlighted in the media. In terms of his acting profession, he is still seeking a way to make a comeback. Edward’s success might also be attributed to his being featured in a few music videos.

Collection of automobiles:

Edward Furlong is hardly mentioned in the press since his career is on the verge of being over. His poor habits ultimately led to the demise of his acting career, even though he was once considered a very talented actor. There is no information available regarding his automobiles at this time. It is not entirely apparent whether or not he possesses any of them.

Consuming both booze and illicit drugs:

He was there for some time with them. Because of his drug and alcohol use, Edward has had significant negative consequences. Early involvement in the activity was the root of his problems later in life. He went to treatment centers two or three times, which assisted him in overcoming his addiction to that substance.

Career and Honors Achieved by Edward Furlong:

Although he did not have any prior acting experience, he proved to be a great candidate for the role of John Connor in the movie Terminator 2: Judgement Day.

Awards Given to Young Artists:

Edward has been in several additional films, including A House of Our Own, Aftermath, and Awakened. His time spent working on television has also been fruitful. He has appeared on numerous television shows, including CSI: New York, Perception, and Saturday Night Live, amongst others. Several prestigious prizes have been bestowed upon Edward Furlong, including Saturn Awards, MTV Movie Awards, and Young Artist Awards.


Edward Furlong received his primary and secondary education and his diplomas from South Pasadena Middle School. He went on to graduate from both institutions. Because he began his acting career at such a tender age, he was never given a chance to continue his education at a traditional institution of higher learning, such as a college or university. He began his career as an actor at the young age of 13, appearing in a variety of films and television shows.


Edward furlong net worth is $5,000. Edward Furlong is an actor who has been in several films, including Terminator, American Heart, A House of Our Own, and many others and has done some truly remarkable work. In addition to that, he has been on numerous shows. Even though he is a talented actor, his poor habits have led to the destruction of his career. Drug and alcohol addiction ended the addict’s marriage. He’s attempting a professional comeback.


What is Edward furlong net worth?

Edward furlong net worth is $5,000.

Why didn’t they keep Edward Furlong on board for Terminator 3?

Edward Furlong was originally cast as John Connor. In December 2001, he was removed from the picture due to substance abuse. Nick Stahl replaced him before April 2002 filming.

In the movie “Twilight,” who else will assume the role of Edward?

Catherine Hardwicke said Robert Pattinson, Jackson Rathbone, Ben Barnes, and Shiloh Fernandez were considered for Edward. Ben Barnes and Shiloh Fernandez were also nominated. Rathbone played Jasper’s villain.