Evelyn Lozada net worth, Biography, Education, Professional career, and more!

Evelyn Lozada net worth is $4 million. As a cast member on the VH1 show “Basketball Wives,” as well as the ex-girlfriend of NBA star Antoine Walker, she rose to popularity in the public eye. They had a brief marriage in the year 2012 before divorcing. Following their split in 2013, she started dating Major League Baseball player Carl Crawford.

They co-parented a son who turned out to be named Carl Leo. In 2017, they decided to break off their engagement. In addition, she is the mother of Shanice, who is the product of a prior relationship. After an instance of domestic violence in 2012 that got extensive media notice, the couple went their ways and finally divorced. Here we will discuss Evelyn Lozada net worth.

Biography of Evelyn Lozada:

The $4 million net worth television star lives an extravagant existence. She entered the borough of Brooklyn, New York, on December 10th, 1975. Nengo Lozada and Sylvia Ferrer’s youngest child, Evelyn, is the youngest of their five children. She and her mother spent their formative years in the Bronx, while her sister was raised elsewhere. Evelyn’s ancestors are from Puerto Rico. 2007: She moved to Miami.


Evelyn Lozada will have amassed a $4 million fortune by September 2022. In 2020, she sold her West Hills, California home for $1.4 million. The 3,900 square-foot house featured five bedrooms and five full bathrooms. By 2020, Evelyn had sold the mansion and purchased a $1.6 million porter ranch. Her first marriage produced two children. Earlier in her life, Shaniece Virginia Sabina Hairston had a child with her ex-boyfriend Jamal Hairston.


Evelyn has made significant contributions to various organizations throughout her career, which has enabled her to support those organizations considerably. She has been very generous with her time over the years, volunteering it for various organizations. In 2018, Lozada also took a trip to the Bahamas, where she posed in a skimpy swimsuit to show off her incredible physique.


The idea of traveling the world has always fascinated Evelyn. She can go worldwide without worrying about her finances, thanks to her reality TV shows. To increase her quality time with her children, she also enjoys taking them on trips. As of 2019, she has been to Costa Rica with the cast of her reality show. She went to a pool party and had a great time overall. Plus, Evelyn has been to Tahiti.


She started as a secretary for a famous lawyer, but she and a business partner eventually opened their shoe store in Coral Gables. Lozada shot to fame as a participant in the VH1 reality series “Basketball Wives,” which originally aired from 2010 to 2013 and is currently in its second season. NBA players’ significant others (current and former flames) were the focus of a reality show. Lozada has appeared in every one of the show’s seven seasons.

The Wrong Mr. Darcy:

That Which Is Within” Lozada and Parker contributed to this book, which was published. The second book by Lozada, which bears the title “The Perfect Date,” was written in conjunction with Holly Lorincz and will be released in 2019. In the year 2020, Lozada and Lorincz are planning to release their third novel, which will be titled “The Wrong Mr. Darcy.” It is anticipated that the book will be published.

Within the confines of one’s private world:

Evelyn’s ex-husband has two of their children. In 1993, Lozada gave birth to Shaniece Virginia Sabina Hairston. Lozada dated Antonie Walker from 1998 until 2008. In 2012, Evelyn tied the knot with NFL star Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson, who became a media sensation. They tied the knot in July 2012, but Chad’s alleged assault on Evelyn in September led to their divorce. Evelyn allegedly found proof that Chad had purchased condoms as a receipt.

What is Evelyn Lozada net worth?

Evelyn Lozada net worth is $4 million. In September 2022, Evelyn Lozada amassed a massive $4 million in assets. It was in 2015 that she developed the web series Livin’ Lozada. Sixteen episodes aired between 2012 and 2016. She also offers her goods and accessories via a website. She recently debuted a brand new line of jewelry that includes earrings and bracelets. However, she thinks that physical well-being is invaluable. Therefore, she has devoted a lot of time to improving herself.


Lozada has increased her income by taking advantage of endorsement arrangements. Because of her notoriety, fashion businesses regularly want to secure her services as a spokesman for their brands. It doesn’t matter where Lozada goes; she always has her “Hermes” purse with her. She was seen for an article in cosmopolitan wearing a pair of shoes by the brand “Giuseppe Zanotti.”


In preparation for a future advertising campaign, it was agreed to employ a collection of photographs highlighting her. Turn Hurt into Joy is a fundraising project that Lozada started in September 2017 to assist victims of sexual assault and domestic violence. “transforming pain into joy” is what “c.i.j.” stands for as an abbreviation.

Grandfather Evelyn’s child’s father:

Crawford is a member of the Los Angeles Dodgers right now. However, the father’s name was revealed in an interview with omg! Insider, the star of Basketball Wives’ spokesperson, said, “She did not openly accept that he is the father.”


Evelyn Lozada net worth is $4 million. Evelyn Lozada is an American reality star who rose to fame thanks to her appearances on “Basketball Wives.” She co-wrote a book with Courtney Parker titled “The Wives Association: Inner Circle.” Not only did she pen “The Wrong Mr Darcy,” but also “The Perfect Date.” The average estimate for Evelyn Lozada’s wealth in September 2022 is $4 million.


What is Evelyn Lozada net worth?

Evelyn Lozada net worth is $4 million. The TV star and broker amassed her fortune by selling high-end properties in New Jersey and launching a women-only fitness center.

Did Evelyn accept the prom invitation?

Bloomfield, Michigan, senior Anthony Nelson from West Bloomfield High School asked her to prom on Twitter in 2013. She accepted the invitation with enthusiasm.

What triggered Evelyn’s weight loss?

She used an organic diet and weight training to shed pounds. She lost 45 pounds after giving birth in 2014 and maintained that weight loss with the same diet and exercise plan that had worked before she had IVF.