How old is kay flock? Biography, Education, Career, Family and more!

How old is kay flock? Kay flock is 19 years old. Kay Flock, a rapper, singer, and musician who was born in the Bronx, has received praise from followers located all over the world. Not only is he well-known for his writing abilities, but also for his incredible voice. The rapper Kay Flock was taken into custody by the police on the evening of Christmas Eve on suspicion of murder in connection with the shooting death of Oscar Hernandez, 24, which occurred on December 16 outside of a Harlem barbershop. Here we will discuss more How old is kay flock.

How old is kay flock? Biography, Education, Career, Family and more!

Who is kay flock?

A complete introduction to this Kay Flock character would be appreciated. The Bronx-born rapper, singer, and artist Kay Flock has achieved international acclaim from her fans across the globe. She has gained notoriety for her controversial personality, media presence, and internet fame. He is well-known not only for his writing skills but also for his remarkable voice.

Biography of kay flock and how old is kay flock:

In real life, Kay’s name is Kevin Perez, born on April 20, 2003, making him around 19 years old. Full name: Kevin Perez. And given that he is now widely and well-known as a singer, rapper, controversial personality, musical artist, and media figure, he is doing very well for someone his age. He brings an incredible amount of passion to his singing and his work. He had spent many years honing his craft, and it was always his goal to become the most famous artist in the world.

Family of kay flock:

His sun sign is Taurus, and he is a racial and cultural mishmash. There isn’t much background knowledge about his family, and his mother is the only family member he’s ever mentioned in an interview. He says his mom has always been there for him and is proud of him for everything he’s accomplished. His mother was a caretaker, and his father was a low-wage worker in the construction industry.

Father of kay flock:

Also, Kya’s real dad’s name is Me. Mrs Perez is both Perez’s and her mother’s name. He is not an only kid; his parents also gave birth to a sister and a brother. Still, he hasn’t mentioned them by name on any of the platforms.

Who is Kevin Perez?

Kevin Perez, also known by his alias Kay Flock, surrendered himself to the 30th Precinct one week after the incident. Even at that young age, Flock had already amassed significant success. After the investigation was over, he was charged with murder as well as illegal possession of a firearm.

Hernandez’s level of interest in the business:

Hernandez was waiting for his haircut at a barbershop when Perez strolled up casually, opened the door, and questioned Hernandez’s level of interest in the business. Hernandez countered by telling Perez that he was distracted by something on his phone, which Perez believed to be accurate. An incident broke out between Hernandez and Perez after Hernandez confronted Perez outside.

Transferred to Mount Sinai Morningside Hospital:

Several news organizations have reported that the police have stated that as the two men were walking away from the scene, Perez pulled out a revolver and shot Hernandez in the back and the neck with it. He was transferred to Mount Sinai Morningside Hospital, where medical staff later confirmed his death. Because Hernandez and the other man were not acquainted with one another, Hernandez’s family said that they thought it was a mistaken identity and that they believed it was an accident.


Officials from the law enforcement agency have expressed their concern that the incident was tied to a gang. The New York Police Department has posted a wanted poster that reads, “On December 16, 2021, the pictured person, also known as Kay Flock, did shoot a 9mm pistol at the victim.”

What is the role of the Third side Gang:

The poster is located in a public place. Criminal has been convicted of gun-related offences in the past; treat as armed and dangerous. The culprit is known to be affiliated with the notorious Thirdside Gang. He had already made every attempt to fulfil this goal. Therefore, it is reasonable to assume that he has finally found success. Furthermore, the vast majority of his fellow citizens are aware of his skills. In addition, he has been bestowed with a sizable number of devotees.

The net worth of kay flock:

Kay Flock has had a lot of success throughout her career. Kay Flock has amassed a significant body of work throughout her career. You have arrived at the right location if you are one of the many individuals interested in learning about Kay Flock’s financial situation. According to Newsunzip, the worth of Kay Flock ranges between one and two million dollars.

When asked her age, Kay Flock answered:

On April 20, 2003, Kay Flock made her debut in the world. Kay Flock is now 19 years old, making her age total 19. Rapper, singer, and media personality Kay Flock is well-known in all three of these fields. Continue reading if you are one of the many people who have wondered how tall Kay Flock is since the answer is revealed here. Maintain contact with us so that we can keep you informed of the latest developments in the situation.

Maximum Number of Kays:

Kay Flock’s birthday was on April 20, 2003, which means that she is currently 19 years old as of this writing—performing and singing artist with a height of 1.73 metres, which is unusual for a rapper. Those interested could obtain a rough estimation of the value of Kay Flock’s fortune. This article provides a wealth of additional information regarding Kay Flock and her professional life.

He got them “flocking” to Kay’s swaying tunes.

Kay Flock, a native of the Bronx borough of New York City, is widely credited with maintaining and, more recently, reviving the drill subgenre of hip hop. Flock’s eclecticism complements the band’s signature aggressive and gritty sound perfectly. Even though every song has the traditional drill-heavy bass, Flock chooses different samples for each piece and does a great job of merely rhyming over them. He’s a genuine musician, not just a drill artist.


The fact that Brooklyn’s drill may be so saturated is shown by the names I mentioned above and any additional you may provide. It’s not bad, although it can get old for the average listener. Kay’s character is demonstrated by the fact that he can stay true to himself even while introducing a new borough to a musical style that has become New York City’s defining sound. From this article, you will be able to know how old it is, kay flock?


How old is kay flock?

How old is kay flock? Kay flock is 19 years.

What reason has Kay Flock been arrested?

Rapper Kay Flock was reportedly arrested in December 2021 on charges of murder.