How To Connect Ps4 To Hotel wifi – Third-Party, Settings, Configuring, login, And More!

How To Connect Ps4 To Hotel wifi, The first step in connecting your PS4 to the hotel’s wifi is standard fare. If you want to play PS4 games in your hotel room, you’ll need to connect it to the TV. That is, ensure the power cord and the HDMI cable are correctly connected. Guarantee that everything is safely fastened in place.

When ready, power up the PS4 and begin the setup process. Here’s the deal: if the hotel’s wifi is open (i.e., it doesn’t require a password), the PlayStation 4 may connect to it without your input. Otherwise, remember to write down the wifi’s SSID and password. There might be a point in the procedure where you must enter both even if your message was delivered successfully. Here we will discuss How To Connect Ps4 To Hotel wifi.

How To Connect Ps4 To Hotel wifi Via A Third-Party?

If your guest doesn’t have wifi access but a smartphone or laptop, they can try connecting to the internet using a public wifi network as the last option. Connectify is a free virtual router that allows you to share your laptop’s wifi connection with other devices; this option is a little more complicated because visitors will need to utilize the service. It’s quite likely that the hotel you’re staying at will have extra safeguards for its guests’ internet connections.

Select settings:

Begin the procedure by selecting various settings with the use of your controllers. If you wish to make any changes to the settings that are associated with the network, you will need to navigate to the settings menu. Once you have entered the settings menu, seek the toolbox icon, and when you have found it, hit the “X” button to delete it. If this occurs, and you are presented with a choice of possible options, pick “network settings” from that list.

Configuring network settings:

After accessing the network settings menu, several options for network configuration will be displayed. A “Set Up Internet Connection” button is also accessible from this options menu. If you want to use the hotel’s wifi but need other ways to connect, click this link. When the following page loads, look for the wifi enabling tab and click it. Establish a network connection using the default settings rather than creating a new network profile. You will be able to avoid the error notice.

Login to the hotel wifi page:

After that, you will immediately be sent to the sign-in page for the hotel’s wifi service, and you may begin using it. When inputting your credentials, make sure you follow the identical steps that you used when you were setting up the original connection. Before you start playing games online, the next thing you need to do is verify that your connection settings are correct. If it occurs, you’ll be prepared to engage in some intense online gaming.

How To Connect Ps4 To Hotel wifi Find the Network:

Connect the PS4 to electricity and the hotel’s television first. After powering on, navigate to the system’s configuration menu by going to Settings > Network > Set Up Internet Connection > Use wifi> Easy. The name of your hotel probably serves as the network’s identifier. If you don’t see it in the list of available networks, check the card in your room or contact the front desk for assistance. When prompted, choose the “Guest” network option. The PlayStation will immediately begin attempting a connection when the network has been selected.

Complete the Connection Though the Browser:

Select the Details menu item from the error screen to access the browser login. Examine the box’s suggested actions section. A link to the hotel’s sign-in portal should be available. In cases when the page’s identity can’t be confirmed, the browser will ask if you wish to go anyway. The correct answer is Yes. Once the hotel’s wifi login screen loads, the PS4 can connect. Type in the hotel’s given login information. Don’t worry if you lost it or didn’t receive one.

Use Mobile Hotspot:

Don’t iPhone and Android have a setting that lets you turn on mobile hotspots? If your PlayStation 4 has trouble connecting to the hotel’s wifi, you can use this feature to access the internet. There is much less complexity involved than you may think. The PlayStation 4 may share the internet connection with your phone if you turn on the hotspot feature. In a matter of seconds, you will have full network connectivity.

How To Connect Ps4 To Hotel wifi With An Ethernet Cable:

Use the ethernet cable to link your PlayStation 4 to the internet in your hotel room. The ethernet port of the PS4 may be found on its rear. You should be able to find an ethernet port in your hotel room. However, it may be hidden. If there are no desks in the room, the hotel probably has an ethernet hookup behind the television. The PS4’s “Settings” menu may be accessed by navigating to the far right of the home screen, past the power button.

The Bottom Line:

We think these measures are sufficient to provide a reliable internet connection in a hotel room when traveling. We’ve gone through many different options, but unless your hotel has a spotty wifi connection, you probably won’t need too many of them. It means that most of the time, setting up your PlayStation 4 on the hotel’s wifi will take no more than a few seconds. Do you have any idea how to go past hotel rules? You can share your thoughts with us below.


You might not have had the chance to inquire at the front desk about linking your device to the in-room entertainment system and wifi if the hotel utilized a contactless check-in process. This video is an excellent visual guide showing guests how to connect their PlayStation 4 to the hotel’s wifi. If you learn best by taking baby steps, check that your property’s wifi is active and that the visitor has access to the network’s password before proceeding with the step-by-step guide. Then, show your visitor how to do it.


How Do I Connect My PS4 To A Hotel wifi?

Your PS4 will not be able to connect to the hotel network automatically. To do this, you’ll need to use a third-party facilitator, such as HotelWiFidotcom.

Why Is PS4 Not Connecting To wifi?

It is time to reboot the modem and router. It is recommended to power cycle the modem and wireless router. Then, before deciding, the PlayStation 4 is broken.

How To Connect Ps4 To Hotel wifi To Hotspot?

A PS4 may be linked to a hotspot in just two easy steps. Establish a mobile hotspot on your phone and make sure your PlayStation 4 can connect.