How To Reset Ps5 Controller?

How to reset ps5 controller? Reset your controller by pressing the little reset button on the back of the device. To activate the button, insert a small tool into the opening. For 3-5 seconds, keep pressing the button. Press the PS button on the controller after connecting it via USB to the PS5 console. Here we are going to discuss how to reset ps5 controller.

To correct analog stick drift on a PlayStation 5 controller, follow these steps:

  • It’s important to make sure their controller is up to current. When the DualSense is first connected, users are notified whether there are any new controller updates available. Get them up and running!
  • Disinfect the gaming console’s controller. Maintaining a clean analog stick can assist prevent drift, as long as you don’t do anything that would breach the warranty.
  • Return the analog sticks to their proper positions. Lifting the analog sticks slightly, they’ll pop out of their default position. If the problem persists, try re-inserting them after giving them a good shake.
  • In some games, you can use the Deadzone features. The Deadzone can be configured to allow users to alter the sensitivity of the analog sticks. Reduce the sensitivity of the switches to keep them from swaying.
  • After resetting your PS5 controller, reconnect it. Press the reset button on the back of the controller with a paper clip or pin. For 10 seconds, hold the button down.
  • As a last resort, I would contact PlayStation Support for additional assistance and a replacement.

How to Reset PS5 Controller to Factory Settings?

  • Turn off your PS5 by unplugging the controller.
  • Check out the back of the PS5 controller for a little hole that can be found. For five seconds, insert a straightened paper clip or other pointed object and press the button.
  • The controller needs to be re-synced with the console. Use the provided USB-C cable to connect the controller to the PS5 and press the PS button.
  • Resetting a DualSense Controller on PlayStation 5 is unnecessary.

How to Reset PS5 Controller For Fixing The Following Issues:

First Step to Reset PS5 Controller:

The PS5 console and controller cannot be connected. Therefore The inability to play music wirelessly is due to a malfunctioning Bluetooth connection. You’d want to connect your PS5 controller to another computer or smartphone. PlayStation 5 controller reset: Here’s how to turn your PlayStation 5 controllers on and off. Soft resets, which involve turning the controller on and off and back on, are occasionally effective in resolving connectivity problems. The controller will also be turned off if you shut down the console.

Second Step to Reset PS5 Controller:

One controller can be used as a switch to turn off the other. Disconnect the controller from the console by pulling the plug out. To open the Control Center menu at the bottom of the screen, use the other controller’s PS button to navigate to the Home screen. At the very bottom of the screen, click on Accessories (the controller symbol). To turn off a controller, choose it from the list. Select the option to disable. The controller’s LED light should go out.

Try These Workarounds If Resetting The Controller Doesn’t Help:

First Workaround:

Ensure that nothing stands in the way of the Bluetooth controller connecting to the console.  To update your system software, go to the following locations: Settings > System > System Software > System Software Update. To connect a DualSense wireless controller to PS5 consoles, follow these instructions. To utilize a controller for the first time, you must connect it to your console.

Second Workaround:

Make sure your PS5 console is on. You can connect the controller to your gaming system using the USB cable. Press the PS button on your controller if it’s switched off. The player indication lights up after the light bar blinks. You can use your controller remotely once the battery life on your controller has been sufficiently extended. There is only one PS5 console your controller may be connected to at a time. You’ll need to pair your controller with the new console if you want to use it on another one.

Third Workaround:

With four controllers in use, you’ll be able to play simultaneously, obtaining power for a DualSense remote. Selecting Accessories from the control center lets you see how much power is left in your controller. Your controller’s battery recharges as soon as you attach it to your PS5 via the USB wire. The battery icon animates as it is being charged.

Charging in Standby Mode:

You Can Charge Your Controller While Your Console Is In Sleep Mode:

You can change the supply of power to the USB ports to always or for three hours in rest mode by going to Settings > System > Power Saving > Features Available in Rest Mode. The LED bar on your controller gently blinks orange when charging when your console is in rest mode. The LED bar turns off when charging is complete.

DualSense wireless controller and audio parameters can be changed:

There are several options for adjusting the control center’s audio and voice chat settings. To access the control center, press and hold the PS button for a few seconds. Then pick Sound and make your selection. Using your controller, press the button on your mic to mute and unmute your microphone at any time. To silence your microphone and speakers, press the button on your controller. All speakers’ sound output is disabled, and your microphone is silenced while the button blinks.

The Following Are The Default Values For The Controller’s Various Settings:

Select Settings > Accessories > Controllers from the home screen. This menu allows you to alter your volume, vibration intensity, trigger effect intensity, and controller indicator brightness.

How To Wirelessly Connect Additional Controllers:

You can wirelessly pair an additional controller with your PS5 console once you’ve already done so with one. Before you begin pairing, make sure the light bar on the additional controller is turned off. Press and hold the PS button until the light bar shuts off if it is on. Go to Settings > Accessories > General > Bluetooth Accessories on the associated controller. To pair an additional controller, hold down the PS button and the “create” button simultaneously on that controller.

How to Do A Software Update For A Dualsense Wireless Controller:

The wireless controller device software may be updated when you connect your controller. Make sure your PS5 console is connected to your controller through the USB cord provided, and follow the on-screen instructions. Go to Settings > Accessories > Controllers > Wireless Controller Device Software to manually start an upgrade. You may also make software updates to your DualSense wireless controller using a PC. For more information, see the resource list beneath this one.


Having a PS5 controller that doesn’t work might be aggravating. You may want to try one of the methods in this tutorial before you buy a new one. If the issue remains even after a reset, it’s probably best to get in touch with a professional. “How to reset PS5 controller” works in most circumstances, although there may be some odd cases when no reset techniques work. If you’re a PS5 owner experiencing controller-related issues, this is the time to visit an authorized Sony Playstation Service Center immediately.


Can the PS5 controller drift be fixed?

Lifting the analog sticks slightly, they’ll pop out of their default position. If the problem persists, try re-inserting them after giving them a good shake.

So, how exactly do you do that and How To Reset Ps5 Controller?

A little reset button near the L2 shoulder button on the controller’s back. To activate the button, insert a little tool into the minuscule opening. For 3-5 seconds, keep pressing the button. Press the PS button on the controller to connect it to the PS4 console using a USB cable.

What’s going on with my PS5 controller and my PS5?

Ensure that the controller has been paired with the ps5 to fix an issue with the ps5’s DualSense controller. Using a USB-C cable, connect the PS5 controller to the computer. To turn the controller on, press the “PlayStation” logo button.

How to Reset PS5 Controller for factory reset?

You can access your account by logging into your account. Navigate to the Preferences menu. Make sure you select Initialization, then click on Initialize PS4. To complete the factory reset, select “Initialize PS4” and “Full” on the subsequent page.