Is social rebel co legit? (Step by step guide)

Is social rebel co legit? Using Social Rebel, you can easily make real money, not just virtual currency. Lawson and Evans established it in 2018. Social media and apps like Facebook and Instagram, headquartered in the Netherlands, are being used to spread word of mouth about their website. They provide a 10% account bonus by advertising free designs and popular brands on mobile and desktop. That’s a great platform, and it’s also a lot of fun to play with. According to the experts at Socialrebel co, it’s the best way to maximize your earnings with less effort. Social Rebel says you may make hundreds of dollars with minimal effort and receive a $50 sign-up bonus.

It pays much more than other reward websites for the same time spent. SocialRebel is a global get-paid-to platform accessible from 140 different countries. There is a substantial $50 sign-up bonus, and the company advertises that users can earn $500 quickly. You may sign up for the site and make money in less than a minute. Here we will give you all information about social rebel co legit in detail.

What end does Social Rebel exist?

When you join Social Rebel, you must provide your email address, full name, and password. The United States, Canada, Australia, and a sizable portion of Europe are among the more than 140 countries where it is currently available. Sign up for Social Rebel, and you’ll have access to a wide range of quick and easy ways to earn money, such as:

Filling Up Surveys:

Numerous paid surveys out there promise payouts of $100 or more, and Social Rebel says that you may make $100 per survey you complete.

Application Testing:

Like Mistplay, you may check in with your mobile device and get paid to play mobile games and other apps.

YouTube Subscriptions:

Subscribing to Social Rebel on YouTube and activating notifications presently pays $12.

Publishing on Social Media:

Social Rebel recommends spreading the word about referral links on your social media accounts to increase your earnings.

Possible Substitutes for Acts of Social Rebellion:

There are several legal rewards sites where you may get paid to accomplish easy chores online; however, Social Rebel is a suspicious site that is most likely a scam. You can earn money by playing video games, taking surveys, and watching advertisements on the following websites:


You may earn prizes at InboxDollars for playing games, completing surveys, reading emails, and more. There’s a bonus of $5 added to your account right away. Yes, this is a real website that uses PayPal and Amazon e-gift cards as payment methods.


Swagbucks is a well-liked online rewards program. You can start making money when you sign up by watching movies, filling out surveys, going online, and so on. You can cash out your Swagbucks for PayPal cash or e-gift cards to places like Walmart and Amazon.

Addicting Surveys:

To get paid for your opinion, check out Survey Junkie. Create an account and fill out your profile with information about yourself, including your location, gender, and age. After that, the site will pair you with survey opportunities that are a good fit for you. If you’ve accumulated enough points, you can cash them for PayPal money or e-gift cards. The minimum withdrawal amount is $5.

Can You Trust Social Rebel?

The Social Rebel site is not a legitimate loyalty program. The promise of huge sign-up incentives and rewards lures potential members. The website is a scam and a waste of time because there is no way to withdraw your money. It would help if you got 15 people to click on your links, invite five people, and make $220 in commissions from offers. As a result, the $50 sign-up bonus and the initial earnings from the suggestions you complete do not legally belong to you but are held in escrow by Social Rebel. Another major red flag about the Social Rebel website is that online payment evidence is unavailable.

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Other Social Revolutions:

I decided to sign up for Social Rebel to understand the site better. In addition, you can’t legitimately generate money from this website. In addition, if you look at customer evaluations for Social Rebel, you’ll notice that no one has ever made a withdrawal using this platform. It will normally mark you as an inactive user or devise an excuse not to pay you when you try to withdraw your funds.

Does it pay to be a Social Rebel?

Users are not compensated in any way by Social Rebel. It is the primary point of criticism for the platform. The moment you reach the point where you may withdraw money, the site flags you as an inactive user and has you complete more activities before you can start. Yet even if you do all that, it says your account is inactive or needs more time to validate your information before it pays you.

What is the social rebel scam?

If joining Social Rebel is free, how can it be considered a scam? Swindling victims do not always have to involve monetary gain. For example, Social Rebel may be gathering user data for marketing purposes. Businesses are willing to pay a high price for customer information that will allow them to serve their clientele better. You can’t make money on Social Rebel without disclosing some of your personal information.

Excessively High Withdrawal Limit:

You’re probably familiar with cashout thresholds if you’ve used reward sites like Survey Junkie or Mistplay. At this point, you will need to have earned this much to request a payout. According to Social Rebel, there is no minimum withdrawal amount required. Yet this is not the case. The Social Rebel minimum payout amount is displayed on the dashboard. First, you must have a monthly income of at least $220.

Absence from all social media:

Despite boasting over 500,000 members, Social Rebel’s online profiles have yet to reveal anything. There are no social media accounts associated with the business. Only anti-Social Rebel communities exist online. A genuine company would have an active social media presence bolstered by positive user reviews to increase its customer base. There are numerous red flags associated with Social Rebel, the biggest of which is the lack of social media presence.


Can We See Any Receipts for Social Rebel Funding?

There is no way to verify the claims made on Social Rebel’s website as to whether or not they receive payment. Even after being caught, the con artists behind SocialRebel continued to operate. They decided to change the name of their website.

What is a social rebel company?

Social Rebel is a social media marketing firm catering to organizations and small businesses. We’re a novel type of social media firm because we provide packages for a nominal monthly charge.


There is no legitimacy to Social Rebel, and it is a complete hoax. Our review should be enough to warn you away from this side hustle, which I would not suggest. The service is similar to FlashRewards in that it gives the impression that you may quickly earn hundreds of dollars. Still, in practice, withdrawing any of your earnings is extremely difficult, if possible. Some options for making money without actively doing anything are using incentive apps, genuine GPT sites, and researching passive income opportunities.

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