Interesting facts you need to know about Isohunt!

IsoHunt users who want to snoop around and get their hands on the goods they want can run into a few snags. Gaining entry to the data may probably become difficult, but there’s always a method to circumvent the ban. The usage of IsoHunt is now prohibited in several nations; if it is not already banned in your country, it may become so shortly.

In addition to having often updated content, Isohunt also provides other download methods, such as torrent files, hashes, and magnetic links. There should be no issues with using the uTorrent client to download files. And if that wasn’t enough, you may join its community and send it requests to get your hands on all kinds of data. Here we will discuss more Isohunt.

What is Isohunt?

The website IsoHunt indexes and stores torrent files for users to download. Therefore Canadian citizen Gary Fung launched the company in 2003. I’ll define it for anyone who isn’t already familiar with it. More than a decade passed during his tenure as the website’s manager. It all came to an end, however, when the founder of isoHunt reached a decisive point in his years-long legal battles with aggregations of IP rights holders over accusations of copyright infringement.

Exactly what Sets Isohunt Apart from Similar Services?

Subscribing to an online streaming service to watch your chosen digital entertainment may be out of reach financially for many of you. If you try to find this information online and fail repeatedly, you may feel like you’ve wasted valuable time. It’s possible that you stumbled across these sites, even though most of them are probably blocked by your internet service provider due to many copyright and digital content infringement issues.

How can you get around Isohunt’s filters and view restricted files?

As we have indicated before, your country may prohibit access to Isohunt. Because of this, if you cannot use isoHunt because of restrictions in your country, you should sign up for a VPN service. If you still have trouble getting to the content on isoHunt, you can try using the isoHunt Proxy or one of the isoHunt Mirror Sites. Visiting one of these sites will prevent your ISP’s server from accessing any data kept on the central server.

Alternatives of isohunt:

Not shortly after the original isoHunt website was taken offline, mirror sites such as and popped up. is only one of several websites that pretend to be isoHunt but are fake. Here are some alternates to isoHunt:

Proxy ExtraTorrent:

As one of the top five torrent sites, Extratorrent offered users access to a wealth of media, including the latest releases in film and gaming, as well as collections of television episodes and software. Since 2017, however, access to the original site has been prohibited in several countries, forcing users to rely on Extraterrestrial Proxy and Mirror sites instead. These sites are near-identical replicas of their parent sites and provide nearly similar software, media, and entertainment.

Rarbg Proxy:

A vast library of high-quality content is available for download at no cost. If you’re looking for a place to share files with others through the BitTorrent protocol, RARBG is a website that provides magnet links and torrent files for that purpose. The site is trustworthy and secure, making it easy to get fresh content on your gadgets. For the simple reason that there is a plethora of downloadable media from which to choose, including but not limited to movies, music, TV shows, premium software, games, and e-books.

1337x Proxy:

There has been a rise in the popularity of torrent sites, and 1337x has become a significant player in this space. It has the most available stuff, including recent movies, sports, books, videos, and music. The site’s user interface is also very distinctive, split into various tabs. However, due to regional restrictions, the actual site can only be accessed remotely via a service like a proxy or VPN.

Proxy for LimeTorrents:

The function that Limetorrent performs is comparable to that of a search engine, but about torrent data. It links to various torrent websites so that its database can index the content found on those websites. It is now relatively easy to locate a torrent file unavailable elsewhere. It has the most exhaustive list of connections to the most recent and exciting developments in the entertainment industry, be they in the film industry, the sports world, the literary world, the media, or any other field.

Piratebay Anonymous Proxy:

The Pirate Bay, the Internet’s first BitTorrent site and a Swedish creation, went live in 2003. File sharing through the BitTorrent protocol is supported here. By far, most people use it. Its contributors collectively speak over 35 languages and span the spectrum from inexperienced to seasoned linguists. However, you should know that The Pirate Bay has been taken down several times and that the only way to access its server now is through a proxy service like Piratebay Proxy.

Torrentz2 Proxy:

As of 2016, this torrent metasearch engine had the most extensive user base in the world. This service indexes and aggregates search results from millions of different torrent sites. There is a chance that access to the site will be limited because it hosts material obtained dishonestly. Your country might outlaw it tomorrow or even today. For this reason, many servers provide access to many Torrentz2 proxies.

YTS Proxy:

The peer-to-peer (P2P) distribution group YTS is well-known for offering high-quality movies for free. High-definition video in a portable format was used for their distribution, which attracted many viewers from all around the world. However, it was eventually scrapped after numerous copyright notifications and legal threats. To get around this, you can use the YTS proxy or one of the torrent mirror sites to view the site’s content.

Devil’s Agents:

Among other things, Demonoid is a BitTorrent tracker with a searchable index and a forum for talking about file-sharing and related issues. Media of all kinds, including movies, video games, TV shows, and more, can be found in the website’s massive database of files. Despite their similarities to the original isoHunt, each site presents its categories slightly differently. If you click on any of the torrents these sites host, you will be redirected to a new page where you will be required to download the suitable torrent client for your device.


Although access to isoHunt, the most extensive online index and repository for torrent files, is restricted in many countries, users can get around these restrictions by using a service called isoHunt Proxy, an anonymous proxy service. The preceding list contains every isoHunt mirror site, and each has been tested to ensure that it is operational and performs appropriately. You can search, browse, download, and upload torrents of any number of entertainment files while in a safe and secure environment.


What is isohunt?

IsoHunt began as a Bit Torrent tracker in 2003. That’s a Bit Torrent-listed website. Hence it offers torrents. The music torrent archive is available online, along with many other media types, digital libraries, and digital resources.

What is the use of Isohunt?

When the executive team made the discovery that led to the law’s suspension, they were pressed for time. Consumers were disappointed. Isohunt directed users to the correct URL despite lacking a copyright database model.