J prince net worth, Biography, Education, Professional career, and more!

J prince net worth is $25 million as a result of the success he has had in the music management industry as well as other commercial efforts. Since James Prince was born on October 31, 1964, he is fifty-seven years old. His birthday is October 31, 1964. October 31, 1964, was the day he was born. He has tremendous expertise in the entertainment sector and a net worth of $55 million.

He continues to own the Houston ranch, where he grows Angus cattle, which brings in approximately $4.5 million in revenue annually for his business. Here we will discuss j Prince net worth.

J prince net worth, Biography, Education, Professional career, and more!

Biography of j prince:

Prince constructed Rap-a-Lot in Houston, Texas, USA, in 1986. He opened up shop in the building’s loft space and performed auto repairs. He launched the record label to keep his younger sibling occupied and out of mischief when alone. They used to be a record label called Smoke-a-Lot Records, and that name has stuck. Moving to New York in 1988, he kept tabs on the influential friends of Def Jam Records alumni Russel Simmons and Lyor Cohen.


Recently, J Prince spoke to students at Tennessee State University (TSU) about the wisdom he’s gained during his career. He has also served as a film and documentary producer. Prince also mowed lawns and worked as a welder. To help young people understand the need to stay healthy and not contract HIV, he began an awareness campaign in February 2007. After that, he bought a run-down Shepherd building and turned it into Smith Auto Sales.

J. Prince’s Personal Property:

A magnificent two-story entry is included in Prince’s Mediterranean masterpiece. His home has a spacious open layout, with awe-inspiring views of the pool waterfalls, multiple outside covered areas designed for entertaining, and an outdoor fireplace. 5 bedrooms, 6.5 bathrooms, and a total of 6.5 servants’ quarters are spread out across roughly 8,300 square feet in what is reportedly a $4.2 million masterpiece. In addition, Mr. Prince owns a $2.2 million Dallas area home that he and his soon-to-be-wife, Ms. Sanders, currently share.

J. Prince’s Autobiography:

J Prince, who is just 5 feet 7 inches tall, is the CEO of Houston’s rap-a-lot recordings and works as an executive and promoter for the music industry. James Prince is his full name; astrologically, he is a Capricorn. His birth and current location are in the United States. . Strong motivation and favorable conditions led to his accomplishment. He broke down barriers between underground and mainstream rap.

Houston hip-hop and rap:

The Houston hip-hop and rap community have long credited him as a major influence; in 1986, he launched his record label. As a rapper, he has achieved widespread recognition. Raheem the Vigilante, his debut album for Rap-A-Lot Records, was widely acclaimed. Rapper Drake was discovered by J. Prince Jr., the son of J. Prince Sr. His contributions to music have helped others. The businessman’s first recording artist was his younger half-brother Thelton, a rapper known by his stage moniker, “Sir Raps-A Lot.

In light of His Extraordinary Achievements:

He worked several jobs during his twenties, substantially increasing the family’s financial stability. He became well-known in the 2000s as the manager of boxers Andre Ward and Floyd Mayweather Junior. He also continued to work for the auto sales and real estate companies, earning a sizable supplementary income that he invested in the ranch. You may read about his life and where he came from in the memoir The Art and Science of Respect.

Underprivileged areas of the city:

The year 2019 marked the publication of this book, which has already garnered numerous glowing reviews and sold thousands of copies. Prince has been a musician and promoter on the Houston rap scene for the past twenty years. He is concentrating his efforts on the city’s most underprivileged areas. As was mentioned earlier, Prince got his start in the business by selling used automobiles.

Becoming the leader of rapAlot:

As was also mentioned earlier, he endeavored to turn a profit in this industry by effectively using the many contacts he maintained. Despite this, the beginning of his career in the music industry ultimately led to him becoming the leader of rapAlot. The other people involved in the hip-hop culture saw him as an arbitrator. The Mayor and City Council of Houston bestowed an award honoring his contributions to the community in recognition of his twenty years of service.

Some Context:

In addition, he has opened up new opportunities for young people and sought to raise awareness about the risks of HIV/AIDS. Rap-A-Lot Records released his first proper album in 1988 under the name Raheem the Vigilante. Over the past 35 years, J. Prince has worked to improve underserved neighborhoods and cultivate Houston’s thriving cultural community. The Art & Science of Respect is the title of his first book, which he penned to explain how he earned people’s esteem via genuineness, loyalty, and dedication.


Prince has been an advocate for the rap culture and musicians in Houston for the past two decades, and he is now making an effort to help the development of rap in other underprivileged places. He had only recently started constructing a community center in the 5th Ward, the neighborhood he had once called home, intending to assist adults, adolescents, and younger children in realizing their full potential.


J prince net worth is $25 million. Prince claims that his older brother Sir Rapa Lot inspired him to found the musical company Rap-A-Lot Records. After making a name for himself as the hip-hop community’s go-to peacemaker, Jay Prince packed up and moved to Los Angeles, California. He eventually became CEO of a rap record label in Houston, Texas, which allowed him to establish a prosperous career and amass a fortune in the millions. He became interested in the vehicle sales industry and eventually found a job there.


Do you know if it’s true that J. Prince supports local causes?

On June 20, 2022, J. Prince released a message on Instagram denouncing a gang member from Houston who, according to the police, was responsible for the murder of his ex-daughter girlfriend out of spite.

What is j prince net worth?

J prince net worth is $25 million.

Does one know if J. Prince likes sports?

To answer your question, yes, he did play football while he was in high school. The federal government did investigate his record label. However, the prosecution could not find any proof of wrongdoing and ultimately dropped the charges.