Jeannie mai net worth, Biography, Education, Professional career, and more!

Jeannie mai net worth is $5 million. Jeannie Mai came into the world on January 4, 1979. therefore she was given the name Jeannie. She spent her childhood in the city of San Jose, California. Olivia, her maternal grandmother, is of Vietnamese ancestry, while James, her paternal grandfather, has both Chinese and Vietnamese ancestry.  By the year 2022, Jeannie Mai had accumulated a wealth of four million dollars. Here we will discuss Jeannie mai net worth.

Jeannie mai net worth, Biography, Education, Professional career, and more!

Mai has become a household name and achieved enormous success in the entertainment industry, a show about makeovers and similar themes. Because of her appearance on the popular chat show The Real, which has viewers worldwide, she has also found a lot of success. As a result of her status as a go-to fashion authority, she has been featured on countless episodes of popular shows, including Today, Extra, Entertainment Tonight, and many more.


Jeannie Mai received her high school diploma from Milpitas High School in San Jose, where she also spent her formative years. She graduated from high school and received her diploma from the institution where she had attended all four years of her education. Soon after, she enrolled in a course to learn how to apply makeup properly, and she also began appearing as a guest on other television shows. This status is largely due to her exquisite fashion sense.

Vietnamese ancestry:

She has Vietnamese ancestry. They came to America a long time ago. For as long as Mai could remember, she had aspired to have a career in the fashion industry. After finishing college, she moved into the entertainment industry and rapidly became known for her skill as a makeup artist. A lot of people look up to Mai because she is such an inspiration to them.

Occupation and List of Accomplishments:

In 1998, Jeannie Mai embarked on a career in the cosmetics industry. She started the beauty business by joining the MAC branch in her former hometown of San Jose. Shortly after that, she launched a profession as a trainer and set off on travels around the world. At the beginning of her career, she worked as an assistant to famous singers like Christina Aguilera and Alicia Keys.

Good Day Sacramento and Total Request Live:

In 2003, she first started auditioning for hosting gigs on various television programs. J. Cantu, Jeannie Jeannie Mai, or “Mai” as she prefers to be addressed, is a very accomplished American citizen. Her professional moniker has made her famous around the world. Mai entered this world on January 4, 1979, in the American city of San Jose. Because of this, she was invited to join the casts of other popular television programs like Good Day Sacramento and Total Request Live on MTV.

Mai and her family originally:

Mai and her family originally hail from California, where the youngster grew up. She doesn’t talk much about her family in public, but we have a good idea that she doesn’t have any siblings because of this. About her personal life, she appears to have a conventional stance. Mai’s parents are not of the same ethnic background.

Mai has appeared on How Do I Look?

In addition to her many other television appearances as a makeup artist and fashion adviser, among the many channels available on it are “The Real,” “Today,” “Extra TV,” and dozens more. Among the many awards, she’s won NAACP Image Awards and Daytime Emmys. She worked for various programs and outlets before finding her footing in the industry. She has hosted numerous high-profile shows, including the American Music Awards and the Miss Universe Pageant.

How much money does Jeannie Mai have?

Jeannie Mai is a globally renowned fashion icon and television star who has amassed an impressive fortune thanks to her amazing abilities. In both fashion and television, Jeannie Mai has established a strong presence for herself. Currently, Mai is a highly skilled stylist in the fashion industry. In addition, she is the host of several other television programs and is frequently featured as a fashion expert.

Property owned by Jeannie Mai:


Jeannie Mai, an American actress, has garnered a lot of praise for her work in various roles. She was born in the United States of America and has spent her entire life there; she is settling in a lovely mansion in the middle of Los Angeles. She not only owns a home in the state of California, but she also owns a home in the city of Las Vegas, where she usually goes on vacation.

Automobiles gathered together:

The number of automobiles that Jeannie Mai has in her collection is limited, but the ones that she does have can be considered pieces of art. It is impossible not to be envious of her collection. She has various high-end automobiles, including a Mercedes-AMG GT-R, a Range Rover, and a Chevrolet Corvette. Mai is well-known all around the world as a result of her excellent work as a host on numerous television programs.

What is Jeannie mai net worth?

Jeannie mai net worth is $5 million because of her success in the United States. When it comes to her job, Jeannie Mai, a Personality of America, has achieved a respectable level of achievement. Jeannie Mai’s private life is as impressive. She has achieved widespread fame as a stylist, and her work with cosmetics and makeovers has been featured prominently in several hit television shows.


Jeannie mai net worth is $5 million. Jeannie Mai is a famous TV host and expert stylist who has achieved remarkable success in her field. Given her impressive list of credits, it would be an understatement to call Mai just a wonderful celebrity. Before becoming a host, she became well-known for her work as a makeup artist. She became well-known after collaborating with several A-list celebrities. She is currently well-liked and has a big group of loyal fans.


What is Jeannie mai net worth?

Jeannie mai net worth is $5 million.

What would you say if you could tell me Jeannie Mai’s age?

At this moment in her life, Jeannie Mai has reached the ripe old age of 43.