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Jerry Buss net worth is $600 million. Entrepreneur and American sports team owner Dr Jerry Buss. Jerry Buss passed away on Monday. Thanks to his high IQ, he finished his Bachelor of Science in slightly over two and a half years. Following that, he returned to Los Angeles to pursue further studies at the University of Southern California. At 24, he earned both a Master of Science and a Doctor of Philosophy in physical chemistry. As a single parent in 1990, Puppi Buss sued Jerry for child support, alleging that he was the father of her son. In this article, we will discuss jerry buss net worth.

Biography of Jerry Buss:

His parents divorced while Jerry Buss was young, and his mother, Jessie, took care of him. Salt Lake City is the place of Jerry Buss’s birth. His dad, Lydus, taught statistics at Berkeley and was a professor there. The region when he was nine years old. After three more years, his mother remarried, and the family moved to Kemmerer, Wyoming. Jerry Buss was able to attend the University of Wyoming on a full scholarship.


Buss is who was widely known as a womanizer. John “junior,” “Jim,” “Jeanie,” and “Janie” Buss were the offspring he and his first wife, JoAnn Mueller, welcomed into the world. In 1972, the couple officially separated. They raised four children during their marriage. Buss’s subsequent children with fiancĂ©e Karen Demel were named Joey and Jesse. Each of his children has remained an active part-owner and executive with the Los Angeles Lakers over the years. The case, however, was resolved amicably.

Jerry Buss net worth Source of income:

Jerry Buss net worth is $600 million. In his senior year of high school, Buss got a job at a motel and made $2 a day. He worked for the railroad for a while, then acquired a bachelor’s degree and a doctorate in chemistry from two different institutions: the University of Wyoming and the University of Southern California. In the beginning, he dropped out of school to start a job in railroading.

From Small Beginnings:

Jerry Buss was the embodiment of the American Dream, having worked his way up from poverty to fortune through sheer determination and hard work. As a Wyoming native and child of the Great Depression, Gerald Hatten “Jerry” Buss knew firsthand the challenges of a working-class upbringing and the need for an early start in the workforce. He started the Greyhound bus line. At a young age, Buss began his career as a plumber at his stepfather’s company.


Following graduation, Jerry worked as a chemist for the Bureau of Mines in the mining industry and then for the aerospace industry. After graduating, he put his knowledge to use by joining the USC faculty in the field of chemistry. Jerry Buss made his initial fortune in real estate and continues to collect the bulk of his fortune in this field. The real estate investment firm Mariani-Buss Associates was founded by Jerry Buss and Frank Mariani, a well-known figure in American business.

Purchase and Lakers Ownership:

To the tune of a then-record $67.5 million, Jack Kent Cooke sold Jerry Buss renowned Chrysler Building, and a huge ranch was part of this. This bundle also included access to the Forum. Buss took over as general manager of the Los Angeles Sparks in 1996 and the team’s sole owner in 2002. For Buss to afford the acquisition of the Lakers, he had to put up much of his real estate company as collateral.

Analyzing the Wild West:

The Great Western Forum in West Los Angeles, where the Lakers play their home games, was originally owned by Buss until 1999 when he sold it. Jeanie Buss has been assigned the role of the governor for on-board governors for the National Basketball Association (NBA). Not only that, but he also produced the critically panned picture of the Black Eye. In addition, he was the proprietor of the Phoenix Playboy Club.

Loss of Jerry Buss:

In 2012, Buss reportedly sought medical attention at Cedars-Sinai for an undisclosed intestinal issue. Many people were worried about Jerry Buss’ health, and as a result, he lost much control over the Los Angeles Lakers. He missed every Lakers game in 2012 and 2013, citing health issues. On February 18, 2013, Jerry Buss passed away due to complications from kidney failure. Then, in 2016, it was revealed that Jerry had been battling cancer since 2012. His children now hold a combined 66% of the Lakers after each was given a part in the company.

Leader in the property development industry:

American chemist, business mogul, and philanthropist Dr Jerry Buss also established himself as a prosperous property developer. The Los Angeles Lakers basketball team, which plays in the National Basketball Association, is named after him because he was the team’s owner before his untimely death. Dr Jerry Buss is widely recognized as an early innovator in the National Basketball Association. He had a knack for creating a thrilling brand of basketball that helped propel the NBA to stardom.

Keep Dr Jerry Buss in mind for the following reasons:

Dr Jerry Buss passes away, being true to himself so as not to dampen the spirit of the sporting extravaganza he no doubt helped create. He did it so the spotlight wouldn’t be taken away from the big day. He despised the idea of being the center of attention. He cared about nothing else but coming out on top. To compound the insult, he acted violently. His Lakers club won ten championships during his 34 years as owner, making 16 trips to the NBA Finals.

Teenager with huge eyes:

He had finally achieved the pinnacle of success in the United States. Today, we honor his legacy and remember his countless contributions to the growth of Los Angeles and the sporting world. Dr. Jerry Buss was an unparalleled businessman who will go down in history as one of the owners of the most successful sports in Los Angeles, if not the world. His impact will be felt for all time. In 18 years, Buss turned a $6,000 investment into a $350 million real estate empire.


Jerry Buss net worth is $600 million. New York reports that Buss earned and worked in aerospace technology for a while before finding his true calling amid a Los Angeles real estate boom. A real estate tycoon, Buss rose to prominence at this time. Dr. Buss, a self-made billionaire, was frequently spotted watching games from the general admission sections of the stadium, wearing a casual ensemble of torn trousers, white socks, and an unbuttoned dress shirt.


Is it true that Jerry Buss had a billion dollars?

During the Lakers offseason, Jerry Buss would frequent the Galen Center in Downtown Los Angeles to watch USC play basketball.

How much does the Buss family have in savings?

Own 66% of the Los Angeles Lakers and have amassed personal fortunes of several billion dollars. There is a good chance that the Buss family could obtain more than $4 billion if they placed the team up for sale today, and a bidding battle might drive the price even higher.

What is jerry buss net worth?

Jerry Buss net worth is $600 million.