Everything that you need to know about Kaidou saiki k.

Kaidou saiki k: The Disastrous Life of Saiki K’s Kaidou Shun is one of the key characters. After meeting a chuunibyou upperclassman called Mineo Nobuaki in his first year at PK Academy, he’s had the chuunibyou syndrome ever since. With the help of Kusuo, Riki, Kineshi, and subsequently, his new best buddy Aren Shun spends a lot of time at PK Academy hanging out with these four friends. He is Yumehara Chiyo’s new love interest, even though he is completely devoid of romantic feelings. He is a member of the Occult Club, which Kusuo heads.


Shun wore his hair down and banged, covering his eyes his first year at PK Academy, as well as a typical male uniform. To protect his “powers,” he wore spiky hair and scarlet bandages until he met Chuunibyou Mineo Nobuaki. For his new chuunibyou look, he also donned a set of contact lenses and an outfit tailored specifically to his new hairstyle. He prefers to wear black apparel and gothic accessories in his everyday attire.

The personality of Kaidou saiki k:

Shun was a quiet, introverted freshman at PK Academy until he met an upperclassman who completely transformed his life. After meeting Mineo Nobuaki, he became afflicted with the “chuunibyou syndrome,” which led to the emergence of his dual personality. Shun, like other chuunibyou, is prone to hallucinations and has a vivid imagination. He is sure that his “Black Beat” talents will be protected if he wears red bandages. Even when his mother is nearby and feels hopeless, Shun acts like an average adolescent.


In his first year at PK Academy, he met Mineo Nobuaki, a student who taught Shun the basics of chuunibyou Jutsu. He finally became friends with Kusuo because he believed that Kusuo was unique somehow. Even though Kusuo initially refused to work with Shun, he was forced to when he learned that Shun had observed him teleporting near his home. Shun wanted to get close to Kusuo because he desired a companion and considered a fellow outcast an ally, which was subsequently revealed.

Relationships of Kaidou saiki k:

Saiki Kusuo:

For Shun, making a friend with Kusuo was a top priority. As an outcast himself, he considered Kusuo a good buddy and sought to join him in his chuunibyou antics, but to no avail. Despite Kusuo’s displeasure, Shun continued to follow him. Shun appreciates spending time with Kusuo and regards him as a trustworthy and friendly friend. It is very uncommon for Kusuo to intercede when others take advantage of Shun’s ignorance.

Riki Nendo:

As soon as they met, Shun and Riki got into a battle over who will take Kusuo. It wasn’t until they started hanging out at Kusuo together that the two became close friends. For some reason, Riki keeps calling Shun “small man” or “chibi,” much to the displeasure of Shun.

Kaidou shun:

The moment Shun saw Aren engaged in a brawl with a group of criminals, he knew he had to keep his distance. Before Aren saved Shun and Saiki from a gang of criminals trying to steal their money, Shun was afraid of him. Kaidou referred to Aren and Shun as his “sworn pals” due to their close bond and use of the first names “Aren” and “Shun,” respectively.

Kaidou’s mother:

When it comes to school and studying, Shun’s mother is an extremely stern disciplinarian. She may be a bit of a snag when he isn’t working hard enough, in her opinion, and she initially disapproved of Riki and Kusuo as his pals since she believed they were lousy students. Shun’s chuunibyou is a mystery to her, and he makes every effort to keep it that way.

Mineo Nobuaki:

During his first year, Shun first encountered Mineo, a fellow chuunibyou. Shun’s alter-ego, The Jet-Black Wings, was inspired in part by Mineo. The following year, Shun gave a speech at Mineo’s graduation, reminiscing about their happy times as chuunibyou, battling for the world, and he felt enormous shame about it.

Saiki k characters:

According to saiki k characters Shun, like the majority of the other students at PK Academy, is speechless whenever Kokomi is there. When she explained Shun’s bandages to him, he immediately took them off and was cured of chuunibyou due to the power of her beauty. When shun mentioned Kusuo’s name to get Kokomi to go on a cruise with them, it was implied that Shun was aware of Kokomi’s affections for Kusuo.

Kaidou saiki k voice actor:

Kaidou saiki k voice actor is Micah Solusod in the English dub, and Nobunaga Shimazaki in the Japanese dub of The Disastrous Life of Saiki K. He was voiced by Nobunaga Shimazaki in the Japanese version, who voiced Eugeo in Sword Art Online. Alicization and Yuno in Black Clover, and Micah Solusod is the English version who voiced Best Jeans in My Hero Academia, and later by Zach Aguilar. He voiced Genos in One Punch Man Tanjiro Kamado in Demon Slayer.

Quotes of kaidou saiki k:

Only to be friends with Saiki-Kun was all Kusuo wanted.

Introspective: “That’s not going to happen. To keep the planet safe, I will do my best! That’s because I’m The Jet-Black Wings.

“Nendo, I was wrong about you! Do not touch those fragile tiny kids with your hands!”

Aren, I’d like to speak with you. “I have no interest in your past. Who you are now and who you will be in the future are what is important in life.”

Interesting facts about kaidou saiki k:

Japanese teleportation is what inspired his name.

Aren is the only person to call him by his first name apart from his family.

A chihuahua is his guardian spirit.

His energy has a chipmunk-like quality to it.

Salami is one of his favorite foods.

In Episode 18, he performed “Bloody Moon” as his character’s theme song.


Kaidou saiki k  has been labeled a chuunibyou by his schoolmates. Shun, who calls himself The Jet-Black Wings, believes that the Dark Reunion, an evil organization, is in charge of the planet and its events. He’s an outcast in his high school class, but he’s also a coward when faced with danger. He will, however, put himself in danger for others he cares about if necessary. As a central character in the story, Shun plays a significant role. In the live-action film, Yoshizawa Ryo portrayed him.


What is kaidou saiki k height?

Kaidou saiki k height is 159 cm.

Is Kaidou friendly with Saiki?

Before Aren saved Shun and Saiki from a gang of criminals trying to steal their money, Shun was afraid of him. Kaidou referred to Aren and Shun as his “sworn pals” due to their close bond and use of the first names “Aren” and “Shun,” respectively.

Is Kaidou Shun a powerful character?

Despite not having any powers, he creates his own, incredibly inventive. However, it doesn’t work when he saves others.’

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