Everything you need to know about Karla Mccoy!

Karla McCoy, 49 years old, got her prize on September 10, 2022. Jacksonville is her place of residence. The woman’s daughter, Rykia Lewis, also participated in it in an operational capacity as a group member. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that people have many questions about their relationship and any information they choose to make public since they are curious about both of those things. Karla McCoy has gained a considerable amount of fame due to her participation in the third season of the Smothered. Let’s talk about all there is to know about THL’s Karla McCoy, who plays the part of the smothered character in the third season of the program.

Biography of Karla McCoy:

Karla McCoy is a native of the city of Cuba, Alabama, having been born there on July 12, 1976.

Family of Karla McCoy:

Her parents had a significant influence on her professional life. Karla has two sisters and brothers, who go by the name Quenesha Green. Dormeka and Quenesha Green. She shared on her Instagram account, which can be found at savvy tusker fitness, how she and her siblings endured challenging conditions while growing up. She also thanked their parents and other relatives for their support and guidance during the ordeal.


Her sister Dormeka obtained her graduation from both Sumter County High School and the University of West Alabama, where she received her education. Since 2018, she has been working for Medical Solutions as an employee. She worked as a certified nursing assistant at East Mississippi State Hospital-RP White Nursing Facility and Rush Foundation Hospital.


Karla McCoy received her degree in special education and teaching from the University of West Alabama, where she also completed her undergraduate studies. After that, Karla decided to further her education and ultimately earned a master’s degree in Special Education and Teaching from Grand Canyon University.

Certified phlebotomist:

At Rush Foundation Hospital, she was also a qualified phlebotomist in addition to her other responsibilities there. The other member of Karla’s family is now pursuing a degree at the University of Maryland Global Campus while working for the United States Navy as an information systems security manager. To return to Karla, she attended the University of West Alabama for her undergraduate and graduate degrees. She received a Bachelor of Science degree in science from the institution, focusing on special education and teaching as her areas of study.v

The appearance of Karla McCoy:

Karla McCoy is a little over five feet tall and weighs thirty pounds. Her height is five feet and eight inches. She started taking better care of herself and becoming more serious about her exercise routine just before her grandmother died from heart illness. She is a fitness fanatic who spoke about her experience with losing weight. On January 2nd, 2021, McCoy informed everyone that she had shed over 50 pounds.

She was able to maintain a healthy level of cholesterol as well as blood pressure by controlling her weight. Her cholesterol level dropped from 60 mg to 40 mg after she started this diet. In her professional life, Karla McCoy works as a personal trainer and specializes in helping people lose weight. She received her particular education diploma, and then she picked her profession. She maintained her career as a teacher and eventually became a personal trainer.


In the third season of the TLC program “sMothered,” Karla McCoy and her daughter Rykia Lewis starred, and McCoy became a household name. People observed how strong their friendship was to the point that they freely revealed the private facts of their life, which some people find “bizarre” and “strange.” This was shown on the program, allowing people to see how close their bond was.

The mother and daughter combo revealed on the television that they do bikini waxes on each other. In this post, let’s find out more about Karla, such as her age, bio, marital status, spouse, and net worth, along with many other details.

Karla McCoy Estimated Net Worth:

Karla McCoy works as a personal trainer and specializes in helping people lose weight. Although she received her degree in Special Education and Teaching, she decided to pursue a different line of work once she completed her education. She decided to pursue a physical fitness hobby rather than embark on a career in education.

In 2015, Karla completed the requirements to become a certified personal trainer and launched her own company, Savvy Tusker Fitness and Lifestyle. As reported by several sources, she reportedly brings in a considerable sum of money every year.

Status of the Relationship:

Karla McCoy is a married lady, but she does not discuss the specifics of her marriage with anybody. She never once shared any information about him on any social media platforms. In August 2017, Karla sent a message on Twitter saying that her spouse had left a love letter for her. She is the mother of two, a boy named Robert and a daughter named Rykia. The third season of Smothered included guest appearances from the daughter and mother.


Karla McCoy is a married lady who has been married to her spouse for a significant amount of time. However, she has kept her spouse and any information about him private, and as a result, we have been unable to locate any information on him. She has not written anything about him or revealed his name on her social media accounts.

She also has a daughter called Rykia Lewis and a son named Robert Lewis with her spouse. Both of their names come from the Lewis family. Her second daughter, Rykia, is now serving as a surrogate mother for another couple and is four months pregnant.

Daughter of Karla and Rykia:

Karla and Rykia, her daughter, made an appearance on sMothered, where they discussed their strong relationship with one another. There, they even talked openly about exchanging personal records with one another.