Everything that you need to know about Kid Named Finger.

“Kid Named Finger” had received more than 3,800 upvotes in the rokbuddychicanery subreddit. To mock the habit of “Mikeposting” from Breaking Bad and the “Kid Named X” meme style, the fictional character Mike Ehrmantraut is sometimes referred to as “kid called finger” or “finger” for short. April 2022 until the end of that year, memes referring to Mike Erhmantraut as a “kid named finger” or simply “finger” went prevalent in the subreddit. Just two months after it was posted on April 4, 2022, a meme by Reddit user TheHigherUpsGotMe garnered more than 1,800 upvotes.

Everything that you need to know about Kid Named Finger.


On March 13, Redditor ToddChungus published a compilation of 20 memes chosen from the /r/animemes subreddit in which they replaced the punchline panel with images of the character Mike Erhmantraut fromĀ  With over 7,300 upvotes, this post went viral in the /r/okbuddychicanery forum and kicked off the Anime Memes Replaced with Breaking Bad meme craze, or Mikeposting. Reddit user Monday965 mimicked the Kid Named X memes in a Milepost on March 22.


After being uploaded to /r/okbuddyretard on the same day, the image gained over 6,600 upvotes and was reposted by user KearLoL.Reddit user TheSexualSocialist uploaded the cropped macro to /r/okbuddychicanery on March 30, 2022, where it quickly became viral with more than 920 upvotes. Two memes by user Banker Cheese on March 31 and April 1 with the caption “child named finger” as a reference to Mike received more than 310 and 1,200 upvotes in the subreddit.

Land Vertebrate Fingers:

The pectoral fins of fish serve as a phylogenetic ancestor to the five-rayed anterior limbs of terrestrial vertebrates. The basic pentadactyl design, and consequently the Kid Named Finger and phalanges, undergoes various changes within the genera of the terrestrial vertebrates. The various fingers of terrestrial animals share a common morphology. While both birds and bats use wings for flying, they are not directly comparable to one another. The phalanges, however, are all the same.

Nerves And Muscles:

Since the nerves for the Kid Named Finger and the ring finger are so entwined, it is extremely difficult for most people to bend the little finger independently. In this case, a citation is required. Additionally, the fifth finger is controlled by nine muscles: Three muscles make up the hypothenar eminence, two flexors, two extensors, and two more intrinsic muscles make up the forearm.

Hypothenar Eminence:

  • The muscle that divides the thumb and index finger
  • The muscle that abducts the little toe is called the abductor minimi.
  • The short flexor digitorum minimi muscle.
  • Two flexors are found on the outside of the body.
  • The superficial flexors of the fingers
  • Extensor flexor digit minimi
  • There are two external flexors:
  • Minimal Finger Extensor Muscle


For young people in the United States, a promise is seen to be more binding if it is made by wrapping one’s pinky finger around another’s pinky. Link your pinkies and stamp your thumbs together to produce a yaksok, a gesture used in China and Korea (promise). A member of the Japanese yakuza (organized crime) may have a portion of a finger severed as punishment for various offenses (known as yubitsume). A widespread myth is that the little finger should be extended when drinking from a teacup.


Traditional cultures in the United Kingdom, Australia, and Europe continue to adhere to the practice of donning a signet ring on the smallest finger of the left hand. The signet ring is an essential piece of regalia for many European monarchs, including the Pope, and is worn on the smallest finger of the left hand. While the little finger is still the most common place to wear a signet ring today, the tradition has softened somewhat in recent years.


A smartphone user’s little finger is common to support when typing with one hand. The thumb is used for typing while the three middle fingers support the phone and rest it on the user’s chin. Doctors coined the term “iPhone pinky” or “smartphone pinky” to describe the dents and hand pain experienced by certain users due to prolonged use. The indentations on the skin reportedly faded after a few days without cell phone use. Thus there was no need to worry.

How Do Hands Work?

Consequently, the muscles and joints in the hand gain a tremendous deal of flexibility and agility. There is the optimal distribution of the various forces as well. This design allows you to do everything from guiding a small thread through a tiny eye of a needle to firmly gripping an object and lifting big weights. But hands are also particularly susceptible: Only a small layer of muscle and fat separates the skin from the tendons, nerve fibers, and blood vessels.

Bones And Joints:

Twenty-seven bones come together to form a human hand. There are eight carpal bones, five metacarpal bones, and fourteen “finger bones” (called phalanges), all of which are joined by joints and ligaments. The hands include approximately 25% of the total number of bones in the human body. Based on its joints, the hand can be broken down into three distinct regions: It is just the palm that has an aponeurosis, a protective pad of tendons that allows for a firm grasp.


In the wrist, a joint connects two bones that move together to form a single, functioning structure. As a result, we can move our fingers and thumbs in various directions and flex and extend our hands. The palms of our hands can also be tipped laterally, either toward the ring or the little finger. This joint has two parts: one is between the two rows of carpal bones, and the other is between the two rows of metacarpal bones.


Kid Named Finger, The little finger (or pinkie), also called the fifth digit, ulnar finger, or simply the smallest finger is the second-to-smallest finger on the human hand. In the hands of most Tetrapods, including humans and other primates, you’ll find a collection of digits that serve as a manipulation and sensation organ. Few marine and freshwater vertebrates have four toes (Pentadactyl). The format began to expand beyond the /r/okbuddychicanery subreddit about the middle of May 2022.


What Are Kid Named Finger Called In Biology?

There are fourteen bones in a human hand: two on the thumb (the middle phalanx is absent) and three on each of the four digits (together referred to as the “digits”).

How Did The Pinkie Finger Get Its Name?

As a diminutive of the Dutch term pink, which means “small finger,” “pinkie” is a direct borrowing. As a phrase, “pinkie” dates back to 1808, when it was first used in Scotland.

Why Is A Thumb Not A Kid Named Finger?

Phalanges, or phalanxes, are the three bones that make up each fingertip and are connected by two joints. There is only one joint in a thumb and two phalanges.