Malaysia Pargo net worth, Biography, Education, Professional Career, Family life and more!

Malaysia Pargo net worth is $4 million. The acting was Malaysia Pargo’s entry point into the entertainment world; nevertheless, she did not achieve broad notoriety until she starred in the reality television series “Basketball Wives: Los Angeles.” Malaysia made the final decision to file for divorce in 2014 after being married for a total of eight years. She was also a player in the National Basketball Association and was formerly married to former NBA player Jannero Pargo. Even though they are no longer together in marriage, they continue to share parental responsibilities for their three children. Here we will discuss Malaysia Pargo┬ánet worth.

Malaysia Pargo net worth, Biography, Education, Professional Career, Family life and more!

Biography of Malaysia Pargo:

Laquisha Pargo is a well-known and highly accomplished American businesswoman. Malaysia Pargo is her professional name, which is more widely known. Pargo and her family used to live in Compton, California, where Pargo spent most of her formative years, along with her parents and younger brother. But on the last day of 2013, her brother was shot and killed by a police officer. Her sibling had recently turned twenty.

Who is Malaysia Pargo?

Malaysia Pargo is a well-known American individual with a long list of accomplishments. She has won awards for her television hosting and jewellery creation. A long time ago, when she was in her early twenties, she began working in her field. She also started dating NBA player Jannero Pargo; the couple eventually tied the knot the following year. The current estimate places Pargo’s fortune at $4 million.

Family of Malaysia Pargo:

There was a time when she and her family went through a really difficult time. She continues to make a good living due to her jewellery line and many guest appearances on television shows. However, she makes the bulk of her living from the companies she co-founded and manages, particularly the jewellery line she created and is the face of Three Beats Jewelry. Her collaboration with the furniture and upholstery firm Hedgecock Creed also played a role in her business’s success.

The career of Malaysia Pargo:

She has launched two successful companies in the beauty and skincare industries: Vanity in the City and Virgin Hair Fantasy. The business Urban Skin RX is another place of employment for her. By 2021, the valuation of Malaysia Pargo is predicted to reach around $4 million. Complete independence is the company’s top priority. At the time of the settlement, the NBA player had a net worth of $4.5 million. He was required to pay his ex-wife 50% of his pension and 401

Basketball Wives brought Malaysia Pargo fame and fortune:

Malaysia has been a part of Basketball Wives: LA’s cast since the first season. There have been rumours that Malaysia earns enough money to party whenever she pleases, and she has never apologized for her love of money and luxury things during her time on the series. As reported by the website Celebrity Net Worth, Malaysia is estimated to have a net worth of $3.5 million. Even though she is compensated for her time on Basketball Wives, her first popularity had nothing to do with the show.

Does anyone know if Malaysia Pargo is dating anyone right now?

Reports suggest the reality star is still on the hunt for love, even though Malaysia’s financial condition has improved since her divorce. On an episode of Couples Court TV in 2017, she voiced her remorse, saying that she and Jannero should have tried marriage counselling first. I wish I had backed off and sought counselling for us as a couple because we still deeply care about and cherish one another is something I regret not doing.

Property owned by Malaysia Pargo:


Malaysia Pargo is an American citizen who currently resides in Los Angeles, where she owns a beautiful property. She was born and raised in the same California neighbourhood where her stunning mansion now stands. According to Bossip, the judge granted Malaysia a significant monetary settlement during the divorce proceedings between Malaysia and Jannero in 2014.

Automobiles gathered together:

Malaysia Being a successful businesswoman, Pargo has a garage full of fast cars to pick from whenever she feels like going behind the wheel. Pargo owns a wide variety of luxury vehicles, including several Range Rovers, Toyotas, and Fords.

What is Malaysia Pargo net worth?

Malaysia Pargo net worth is $4 million as a famous jewellery designer and TV personality. Malaysia, a reality TV star and jewellery designer, Pargo has become a household name in the United States. All during her career, she has been showered with praise. Jannero Pargo, a famous basketball player, began dating Pargo, who was suddenly propelled into the spotlight. In her career, she is truly excelling.

What she shares about her upbringing?

Malaysia’s Educational System Pargo is picky about what she shares about her upbringing. It is why she has kept quiet about her formal education up until this point, including her high school and college. Everyone is in the dark because she has been able to keep everything a secret. She may or may not have formal training in jewellery design, but her skill in the field is undeniable. In addition, you may find Pargo all over the place on various social media sites.


Malaysia pargo’s net worth is $4 million. Malaysia Pargo is a woman who has accomplished a lot and reached the top of her field. She has a high profile in the media and is also an entrepreneur who operates her own company and creates her jewellery line. Pargo is well-known worldwide because of her marriage to Jannero Pargo, who has amassed most of her wealth. Even though they have been divorced for a long time, she still owes him a large portion of her wealth.


What is Malaysia Pargo net worth?

Malaysia pargo’s net worth is $4 million. Reportedly, she was awarded a sizeable amount of Jannero’s money, along with $800 to cover the costs of child care and roughly $15,000 in monthly child support payments.

What is the age of Malaysia Pargo?

Malaysia Pargo will become 41 years old.

How much money does Malaysia Pargo make?

It is projected that Malaysia Pargo will have more than three million yearly revenues.