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Mike Judge net worth is $75 million. He entered this earth on October 17, 1962, and his full name is Michael Craig Judge. For those wondering, that was the year of his birth. He is well-known not just as an American musician and singer but also as an actor, animator, writer, producer, and manager. Another animated TV continuation he made was Beavis & Butthead: The Animated Series. He not only helped conceptualize King of the Hill: The Stick of Truth, but also produced it. The Goodes and a plethora of other fictional families just like them. In this article, we will discuss mike judge net worth.

Biography of Mike Judge:

Judge married Francesca Morocco in 1989, and the couple had two daughters and a son before divorcing in 2009. Judge and fellow animator Don Hertzfeldt have sponsored their national touring show “Animation Show” since 2003. Throughout the tour’s first season, it made stops at over 200 different theaters across North America, screening everything from new works of computer animation to cherished classics.

Filmography of Mike Judge

Judge’s directorial debut was a feature-length version of his highly acclaimed MTV sitcom, Beavis and Butthead Do America. With a modest $12 million budget, the picture grossed over $63 million worldwide and significantly boosted Mike Judge’s wealth. Within a short time, Judge started thinking of the bleak comic “Office Space.” In 1999, Judge launched his debut film as a producer, and it was a live-action film. Several well-known actors made appearances in the film.

Character in the novel:

The novel’s main character is a member of civilization in the far future that lacks both intelligence and a sense of social responsibility. Those living in this society are only concerned with making a buck and could care less about anyone else. As with the rest of Judge’s canon, the novel was an instant success and quickly became a classic among a dedicated fan base.

Work in Idiocracy:

Released in 2006, “Idiocracy” was the third full-length film directed by the Judge. Previously, he had a part in Robert Rodriguez’s “Spy Kids” franchise, a film series aimed at children and families and both written and directed by Rodriguez. This film featured the acting chops of Luke Wilson and Maya Rudolph, who both had roles in the film’s dark comedy. Despite a lackluster opening weekend, the film has proven to be a hit.

Directed the picture Extract:

The Judge also directed the picture Extract, which starred a slew of A-listers. It’s common to compare this film to “Office Space,” a comedy from 2003. It was well received by critics and audiences and did well at the box office, earning a respectable sum. Shortly, Judge will portray various characters, including Henry from Jackass 3D, Sandy Wexler from Punching Henry, and Wexler from The Front Runner.

Extracurricular Activities Mike Judge Enjoys When Not at Work:

It all started in 1989 when Francesca Morocco and Judge wed, and it all started to end in 2009. Both of these occurrences happened in the United States. There are three children, two girls, and a boy, in about equal proportions. They’ve got every right to be pleased with their parenting. The family owns residences in both the California city of Malibu and the Texas capital of Austin. These two locations are both found in the USA.

What are you two, Beavis and Butthead?

Beavis and Butt-Head are two socially awkward and naïve adolescent offenders from Texas who are fascinated with heavy metal music. Beavis and Butt-Head appeared in a 1992 short film made by Judge and named “Frog Baseball.” This video was directed in 1992. This short served as the basis for the animated television sitcom Beavis and Butthead, which ran for ten seasons from 1993 to 1997. The first episodes of the show’s subsequent seasons debuted in the years 2011 and 2021, respectively.

King of the Hill:

The animated series “King of the Hill,” debuted in 1995, was co-created by Greg Daniels, a former writer for “The Simpsons,” and Judge. It has received widespread acclaim as one of Judge’s most well-known and lauded works. Fox originally aired the show’s pilot in 1997. It followed a make-believe Texas farming community populated by a family who identified as Methodists and lived there.

Show’s principal characters:

Judge not only created the show’s principal characters, concept, and pilot script but also voiced Hank Hill’s next-door neighbor, Jeff Boomhauer. In addition to being the brains behind the idea, Judge was also largely responsible for its execution. Throughout its 13-season run, viewers and critics alike found the show entertaining and enjoyable.

What I sMike Judge net worth?

Mike Judge net worth is $75 million. Additionally, he is well-known for the contributions that he has made to the musical world. Mike Judge is a well-known American actor and director who works in the film industry. Mike Judge is known not only for hosting “Mike Judge Presents Tales from the Tour Bus” but also for his involvement in the development of “King of the Hill,” “The Goode Family,” “Silicon Valley,” and “Mike Judge Presents.”


Mike Judge net worth is $75 million.  Mike Judge is a comedian, actor, animator, screenwriter, director, musician, and cartoonist. He has a $75 million fortune. Mike Judge’s notoriety extends beyond his acting career because of his musical accomplishments. Mike Judge’s musical talent is a valuable asset contributing to his overall fortune.


How much cash does Mike Judge have at his disposal?

Mike Judge is a comedian, animator, musician, screenwriter, and actor. He reportedly possesses $75 million. Mike Judge earned fame as the creator of “Beavis and Butthead” in the 1990s.

What is Mike judge net worth?

Mike Judge net worth is $75 million.

How exactly did Mike Judge manage to become so well known?

Author Greg Daniels, who had previously worked on The Simpsons and Judge, created the concept for King of the Hill in 1995. Fox broadcast the pilot episode in 1997, and almost soon afterward, both audiences and critics praised the show.