New Milford ct motorcycle accident! (Step by step guide)

New Milford ct motorcycle accident was a fatal motorcycle accident involving a guy on New Milford’s Route 7. The cops also identified a Lexus as being involved. In the Faith Church area last night, New Milford and Brookfield officers responded to a report. Bethel’s 73-year-old female driver walked away from the collision unscathed. The motorcyclist’s death was verified by medical staff at Danbury Hospital; he was found to be Ryan Laedke, 34, of Brookfield. According to the authorities, he wore a helmet to protect his noggin from the impact. Here is all about New Milford ct motorcycle accident.

When did the new milford ct motorcycle accident happen?

Every parent dreads the day their kid dies unexpectedly. On May 1, 2022, in New Milford, Brandon Forlastros, the Forlastros’ son, was killed in a motorcycle accident. Brianna Medina, Brandon’s girlfriend and passenger was also severely injured. Brandon’s death at age 22 was a tragedy, but his memory will not be forgotten. Hundreds of people attended memorials and vigils in his and Brianna’s honour.

What was the reaction of the family?

In truth, he and I have been attending the same Christmas and New Year’s Eve parties together for the last several years. The news of Brianna and Brandon’s deaths shook the family. I turned to Erica, my wife. What should I say or write about this on my radio show? She pleaded for everyone to forget their differences and work together to become Brianna’s family. This horrible event has been why I have remained silent until now. I couldn’t track down the right note.

How can parents get over such a devastating tragedy?

The Forlastros have formed a group they call “Gears in Heaven” to fulfil their duty. The father of my friend Brandon, Jeffrey, sent me an email about a month ago to elaborate: “Howdy, Lou, My son, Brandon Forlastro, knew you back in high school. Please join me in remembering him and supporting Brianna as she deals with this terrible event. We aim to help other families who must go through the same unimaginable tragedy as ours.

Charities in Brandon’s honour:

When they inquired as to the intended use of the funds, Jeffrey provided the following explanation:


Motorsports are all about building a sense of community, which includes showing care and support for one another. They give to honour the lost while collecting money for the sport they love. Those in need are helped by the funds donated by people like you and me, as well as corporations big and small. Facilitate our communication with potential funders and sponsors. All around us, you will find individuals willing to provide a hand. To help lessen their pain, we coordinate their efforts with the families themselves. Join us for some refreshing human interaction.

Public Service via Voluntary Action:

To have a significant impact, we organize a group of volunteers. Work with us, and you’ll witness what happens when you put a dedicated group of people together and have them concentrate on kindness and aid. Assistance with running errands or light housekeeping to attending funeral services is welcome.

Development of Gears in Heaven:

Forlastro continued to update me on the development of Gears in Heaven thanks to the efforts of himself his wife, and the volunteers, telling me.  In addition, we could reserve 24 places on the FCP Euro Proving Grounds section of the course. Get behind the wheel; you only need four healthy tyres and a safety belt.”

State of Connecticut:

We filed paperwork with the IRS and the state of Connecticut to establish Gears in Heaven Inc as a tax-exempt organization. This event on June 25 is planned to increase participation, strengthen ties with sponsors, and spread our message to as many people as possible.

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Philadelphia-based motorcycle accident:

There is little doubt that motorcyclists will use the many miles of public highways and roads. Generally speaking, you can relax and have fun on the open road. While taking a motorcycle out on the open road in a rural or grassy area is preferable, this is sometimes an option. Take in more of the city’s sights, sounds, and scents on foot than you ever could in a car. Philadelphia-based motorcycle accident attorneys discuss the most dangerous areas for two-wheeled transport.

Motorcycle collisions:

If you are riding a motorbike, you should take extra safety measures when approaching a crossroads since this is the location of over 70% of all motorcycle and other vehicle accidents. Watch out for cars that might unexpectedly emerge in front of you from a driveway or a side roadway. The timeframe for this might be relatively short. Because of this, you won’t run into anything.

Highest reliability in the business:

According to Consumer Reports, the list of safest motorcycle brands are Yamaha, Kawasaki, Honda, and Suzuki. The other two potential manufacturers should be included here. Why do certain consumers place greater trust in a particular brand than another regarding health and safety? The following is a list of typical safety features that might be found on bicycles produced by any of the four companies mentioned above, or they might not. No manufactured bike is required to provide these safety features.

Motorcyclists’ Safest Urban Areas:

While most of the country’s most dangerous cities are clustered along the east coast, most of the country’s safest cities can be found in the Midwest, the Southwest, and the Mountain West. Motorcycle riders in Fort Collins, Colorado, have a 28.8 per cent lower chance of being involved in a collision with another vehicle than riders in any other city on this list. Boise, Idaho, comes in second place, with an average of 13.9 years between collisions and a 28% reduction in collision likelihood, only slightly behind Fort Collins.

Terrible for Brianna’s family:

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, comes in third with a 21.8% lower risk of being in a New Milford ct motorcycle accident. The fifth and sixth place are Brownsville, Texas and Madison, Wisconsin, respectively, both of which have seen a decrease in accidents of over 20%. It pained me to bring up a terrible topic for Brianna’s family and very upsetting for Brandon’s.


What happened to the motorcyclist in Torrington?

In Torrington, a 24-year-old man was killed after he collided with a school bus. Zachary Zecchin, of Winsted, was the victim, according to police in Torrington.

What truck driver killed seven motorcyclists?

The driver, Volodymyr Zhukovskyy, claimed to police he caused the collision, but a jury acquitted him of manslaughter, negligent murder, and reckless conduct in less than three hours.

Which motorcycle subcategory had the most fatalities?

The Highway Loss Data Institute reports the lowest fatal accident rates for normal motorcycles, touring bikes, cruisers, and sport-touring motorcycles. Super-sport new milford ct motorcycle accident and sport bikes account for the lion’s share of motorcycle accidents.


Sunday morning in New Milford ct motorcycle accident, Connecticut, a motorbike and a car collided. New Milford Mayor Pete Bass said the incident occurred near the Windmill Diner. According to Bass, the road work that had blocked Highway 7 near the Windmill Diner has been completed. Locals can plan for delays and are advised to avoid the area. Police say that speed may have played a role in the incident but that the investigation is ongoing, and they are still looking for witnesses.

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