Everything you need to know about Paia fish market Waikiki!

Paia fish market Waikiki: We are dedicated to providing our customers with only the most recent and locally-grown Hawaiian produce and merchandise. Because we rely on the daily catch they bring in, assisting the local fishermen is crucial. Come to any of our Pa’ia Fish market locations to stuff your face with freshly caught fish from the area, and our ‘Ohana’ assures you that you won’t be let down. On your way back from Hana or after spending the day at one of the many quiet beaches, don’t forget to stop at any of our Pa’ia Fish market locations for some fresh seafood. In this article, we will discuss more paia fish market Waikiki.

Everything you need to know about Paia fish market Waikiki!

What is Paia fish market Waikiki?

Paia Fish Market is in its namesake town. It’s a blue structure with many windows and double doors that are almost always open to let in the ocean breezes on the corner of Hanna Highway and Baldwin Avenue. Soon as you walk in, you’ll feel like you’ve arrived at a great fishing cabin. The walls are decorated with artwork inspired by islands and marine life, and the floors are lined with giant communal-style wood tables that look as if a true artisan had built them.

Paia fish market Waikiki only employs fresh:

The fresh Mahi Mahi, ono, snapper, and ahi available at Paia Fish Market on Kuhio and Dukes Lane are just some of the options for seafood lovers. You can have burgers, tacos, and salads during the daily happy hour from 3 to 6 p.m. Visit the gift shop while you’re there to stock up on Paina merchandise such as t-shirts, hats, and spices for the kitchen, in addition to tote bags and other items.

Big Obama burger:

Only the freshest ingredients are used to create the gorgeous and delicious dishes served at Paia Fish Market. Try one of their fresh fish tacos, served with salsa and tartar sauce cooked from scratch. The Big Obama burger is Ono slathered in wasabi butter and topped with Cajun seasonings. If you’re looking for something light and healthy, choose the seared ahi on a garden salad with cocktail shrimp and dressing.

Features of paia fish market Waikiki:

Aside from his managerial duties, Magnos Passos also serves as the head chef at Paia Fish Market. Did you know he’s the reigning bodyboarding world champion for Brazil? What a fantastic thing to hear! On that day, they will be celebrating their third year in business, serving delicious food to the people of Waikiki. Magnus is delighted to announce the opening of their newest store, and they can’t wait for you to see them there in Kailua.

Why Paia fish market Waikiki is popular?

The original Paia Fish Market on Maui was created by a family and has since grown to include shops on all other Hawaiian Islands. It’s not hard to understand why this is the case once you’ve even been to the flagship location on Maui. Because of the aloha attitude in which it cooks its seafood, this restaurant should be on the must-visit list of everybody and everyone who has an appreciation for seafood.

Restaurant’s bread and butter:

Hand menus are available, or you can peruse the enormous boards posted over the order counter while you wait. While seafood may be the restaurant’s bread and butter, it is far from the only deserving item on the menu. Other items like hotcakes include chicken-based meals, burgers, pasta, and salads. Most fish meals will let you pick whether you’d like the fish Cajun style, blackened, sautéed, or charbroiled when placing your order.

Paia Fish Market’s best-sellers:

Fish patty with a Cajun twist:

This flaky white fish is given a Cajun flavour boost, which brings out its greatest qualities. It is served on a bun with typical burger toppings, homemade slaw, and tartar sauce. Fries are available for an additional $2. The cost is approximately eleven dollars lower if you order the fish dish without the bread.

Quail quesadilla:

You can sandwich this delectable fish served with beans, cheese, and salsa you created at home between two pieces of a flour tortilla. The fish was served with beans, cheese, and salsa.

Smoked sashimi:

It is highly advised that you check further into the price of this starter before placing an order. However, Paia Fish Market aces it by lightly searing the sashimi in their Cajun spices before serving it on a nice bed of cabbage. That’s why both tourists and locals flock there in droves. You’d be hard-pressed to find a better dining establishment elsewhere in Maui if you’re tired of spending a fortune on meals but craving seafood.

Advice from the Front Lines:

Like other places with a counter-style ordering system, the wait time here varies depending on the volume of customers. As a general guideline, if the line is out the door, it’s best to go window shop at one of the numerous nearby establishments and try again after around half an hour. After that, you won’t have to wait in a long queue to place your purchase, and you’ll probably find that business has slowed down a bit.

Coffee at Paia fish market Waikiki:

Enjoying a glass of wine, a craft beer, or a pint of draft beer is a relaxing way to spend some time. The Paia Fish Market in Waikiki has excellent coffee, lemonade, and fresh-squeezed lemon juice. This business is in a convenient spot and is thus easy to find. Service that is both personable and expert is one of its main selling points. The pricing here is worth looking into because they are reasonable.

The proprietors of this restaurant ensure that all the seafood they offer is locally sourced and prepared, following the tastes of each patron. The food offered at the restaurant may typically be inferred from the establishment’s name. Fresh Catch plates are an excellent option for getting things started because they enable you to customize everything, beginning with the fish.


The pair fish market Waikiki is a fantastic location to take one’s children because of its warm and inviting ambience, which is geared toward families. The walls are covered in stunning surf photography, and the interior is decorated in a dive bar style with shared wooden tables. The excellent quality of the cuisine this restaurant provides with self-service counters explains why there is such a large queue of people waiting outside.


Does Paia Fish Market offer takeout?

Indeed, takeout is available from the Paia Fish Market.

What sort of meat is most popular in the Hawaiian Islands?

On Hawaiian tables, pork takes up more real estate than any other kind of meat. Pua’a, or pigs, was among the first goods introduced to Hawaii by foreigners more than 800 years ago.

Which fish species is the hardest to track down in Hawaii?

The Pacific sailfish is one of the rarest and most stunning fish in Hawaiian waters. This species doesn’t appear in Hawaiian waters very often, but you’ll know exactly what it is when it does.