Everything you need to know about Range beauty!

Range beauty: The CEO of Range Beauty, Alicia Scott, came on episode 14 of season 13 of ‘Shark Tank,’ hoping to secure an investment deal with one of the show’s namesake investors. The company produces a range of cosmetics designed specifically for the needs of people of colour, who often have extra-sensitive skin and are more likely to have problems like acne and eczema. With its cruelty-free, vegan, and high-quality ingredient-based products, Range Cosmetics aspires to spark a revolution in the beauty business and make it a more accepting and inclusive area. Learn all you need to know about the founding and development of range beauty right here.

Range Beauty’s rapid:

Range Beauty’s rapid expansion is predicted thanks to Alicia’s savvy business moves and the products’ innovative formulas and benefits. These narratives highlight the immense power, drive, and humanity that Black women possess. Since Black women’s contributions are vital, Unbothered has joined forces with them to celebrate their achievements.

Who is Alicia?

Teenage entrepreneur Alicia came up with the idea to rebrand her products after a prominent figure praised her creation on Twitter and retweeted her message with the caption, “Now that’s what you call Range.” The original name of Alicia’s product was “Range.” As a result, the firm reintroduced itself to the market in 2018 under the brand Range Beauty. If you have sensitive skin or a darker skin tone, you shouldn’t have any problems using this foundation since it won’t irritate your skin.

Product’s messaging for Range of beauty:

Alicia changed the product’s messaging based on feedback she received throughout the competition. Her current pitch is that the lotion may help with eczema and other skin issues. She then won a pitch competition and received a two hundred thousand dollar investment. She was also given a $50,000 grant because of her impressive pitching skills and products. Range Beauty has expanded its services to include primers, face powders, and body oils made with solely natural ingredients.

Price for range beauty:

In 2017, she launched Skinny Dip Cosmetics with a $300 seed capital. Before that, she created the branding and set up the company as a limited liability business. Alicia made $1,000 in sales within the first three months of her business’s existence, at which point she began cultivating an online following through Twitter and Instagram. By the end of 2020, only three years after its inception, Range Beauty had generated an astounding $367,000 in revenue.

Who are they, and what do they do?

Range Beauty’s creator, New York native Alicia Scott, Science in Fashion Merchandising. She had a career in the fashion sector before enrolling at VPI. She has always wanted to be her boss, and she uses her personal experiences as inspiration for her business. Alicia has had eczema since she was a college student, but her allergy to makeup goes back to her childhood. So, she couldn’t put cosmetics on her face since she was allergic to talc, colours, and scents.

When it comes to aesthetics, it is the question of the Range.

In addition, Alicia spent several years in marketing roles inside the fashion business, coordinating fashion presentations and photo sessions for the press and fostering strong connections with the models. She noted that, unlike white models, non-white models always seem to have their makeup and apply it themselves. Alicia investigated and learned that the makeup artists lacked the resources and expertise to transform those with darker complexion tones effectively.

Makeup artists for increasing range beauty:

The makeup artists also lacked the proper Range of tones for their work. Further, she read an article in the Journal of the Dermatology Nurses’ Association that said more than a third of Black women have acne and other skin disorders. The various problems often linked with cosmetics prompted Alicia to create a line of makeup that is easier on the skin. In 2014, she uprooted to Sandy Springs, Georgia, for better job opportunities.

All-natural products for Range of beauty:

2017 began her extensive internet research adventure, during which she uncovered the website Cosmetic Index. After that, she began working with the head of a cosmetics factory focusing on all-natural products to create new cosmetic formulations with ingredients, including French clay, calendula flower extract, and chamomile extract. Alicia then used the completed formula to make a starting kit and, using her kitchen, churned out many shades of the brown base.

What happened to the beauty of the open Range?

Alicia Scott started entering pitch and grant contests shortly after rebranding her company as Range Beauty and promoting it publicly again. The competitions were held to compete for financial support. After competing in a pitch competition hosted by the Fearless Fund, which eventually became a significant investor in Range Beauty, she won one of two $5,000 grant competitions that YouTube star Jackie Aina organized. Jackie Aina is the one who is responsible for managing these competitions.

Online possibility for range beauty:

Target, which found Alicia in 2019 and requested her to join the team in 2020, will also carry the cosmetics on its website so customers can buy them from either location. In 2019, she also stopped working for an IT staffing business so she could devote all of her time to growing her cosmetics company, Range Beauty. The Black Lives Matter movement boosted Range Beauty’s status as an African-American and female-owned business, contributing to the firm’s success.

Intentions Bronzing Primer:

The $22 True Intentions Bronzing Primer comes in ten distinct shades and is just one example of the many products on offer. The True Intentions Hydrating Foundation retails for $25 and is offered in 21 shades. This concealer is a top seller for the company. Shark Tank Bundles are available for $69 to $105, and shipping is free on purchases over $60, among other ways to save money on the site. They will likely also be sold on Amazon whenever they become available there.

Why don’t black women have more organic and natural cosmetics?

Black women have traditionally been overlooked and undervalued in almost every economic arena. Black women have been at the forefront of the movement to end racial discrimination, which has just recently come to light. Unbothered is collaborating with the retailer Target to highlight the efforts of individuals working to promote acceptance, dispel stereotypes, and put the importance of mental health first.


Scott claims that “white women lead the companies in the clean beauty industry, and their product lines are neither diverse nor welcoming to people of colour.” “Considering that Black women are the ones who are routinely exposed to the most harmful chemicals, the fact that most BB creams and foundations only come in three shades is very problematic. Having additional options available would be helpful.


How would you describe the Range’s appeal?

To put it simply, Alicia Scott is the brains behind the Range Beauty Foundation. My noggin is smaller than a nat. Therefore I don’t recall where or when I first heard this comment.

Why range beauty popular on social media?

It seems to have been uploaded on Instagram. This beauty company caught my attention since it is owned and operated by a black woman, which naturally piqued my interest.