Rick Springfield net worth, Biography, Professional Career, Family and more!

Rick Springfield net worth is $12 million. While Springfield’s work was often written off as trite teen idol material, its finest moments have aged remarkably well. They now stand among the most accomplished examples of 1980s mainstream power pop. The Australian singer-songwriter and actor Rick Springfield is worth $10 million. His portrayal as Dr Noah Drake on “General Hospital” and his 1981 hit ballad “Jessie’s Girl” is likely his two most enduring legacies. He initially portrayed Dr Drake from 1981 to 1983 (when on the road with his band) and then again from 2005 to 2008. Here we will discuss Rick Springfield net worth.

Rick Springfield net worth, Biography, Professional Career, Family and more!

Biography of Rick Springfield:

On August 23, 1949, Rick Lewis Springthorpe, better known as Rick Springfield, was born in Sydney, Australia. While his mother’s family came from England, his father’s roots were in Scotland. Springfield’s father, Lt. Cornell, served in the Australian Army. Therefore the family regularly relocated to different military stations in Australia and the United Kingdom. The young man picked up the guitar at age 13 and quickly became proficient.

A career at Zoot:

Several bands in the UK and Australia used him as a teenage member. As a youth, he was a part of several bands, the most notable being Zoot, which he joined in 1969. Springfield came up with the concept to play only in pink satin outfits as part of a marketing campaign dubbed “Think Pink—think Zoot,” hoping to generate interest in their music and attract new fans. Although the ploy successfully attracted more young female lovers, it ultimately cost the band their credibility as rock stars.

Rejection from Columbia:

A year later, they burned all of the pink decorations to shake their pop image, but their following record was a commercial failure regardless of the stunt. He left the group to 1971itestablished a solo career as a musician. Since Columbia had rejected his 1974 album, he chose to devote the rest of the 1970s to acting instead of trying to make it big in the music industry. After studying with renowned acting teacher Vincent Chase, he could perfect his American accent.

Independent Work in the United States:

His first single, “Speak to the Sky,” was a hit in Australia and the United States when he left Zoot and experienced a brief time of success. After releasing his first album, 1972’s “Beginnings,” he relocated to the United States. In 1973, he joined Columbia Records to make his second album, “Comic Book Heroes,” which was a failure. His songs were included in the 1974 US educational children’s show “Mission: Magic,” in which he portrayed the lead character.

The Six Million Dollar Man:

The album of bubblegum pop songs from the show was released in Australia, where it also aired. After signing with Universal Studios, he started getting minor roles and cameos on various TV shows. He was on several television shows, including “The Young and the Restless,” “The Rockford Files,” and “The Six Million Dollar Man,” however his parts were usually small and recurring. He never stopped loving music or writing songs. Thus his output didn’t stop either. In 1981, he released his second album and began appearing regularly on the ABC serial drama General Hospital.

Superstar Status for Jessie’s Girl:

RCA Records published “Working Class Dog” in February 1981, and its single “Jessie’s Girl” became an international smash. Even though it took a while, the song became his most significant commercial success. It topped the Billboard Hot 100 and ended the year as the publication’s fifth most popular song of the year.

Jessie’s Girl:

Springfield’s “Jessie’s Girl” from 1982 earned him a Grammy for Best Rock Vocal Performance. The tune is still frequently used in media like TV and movies. It has been included in countless films and TV shows, including a 2010 episode of “Glee.” VH1 put it at number 20 on their list of the greatest songs of the 1980s in 2006.

Star of the soap drama as a singer:

Born to two parents who served in the military, Richard Springthorpe entered the world on August 23, 1949, in Sydney, Australia. Rick spent much of his childhood living in Australia and England, making it difficult to form deep connections with individuals in either place. While still in high school, he started playing in bands and joined a ’50s revival outfit called Rock House. After that, he became a member of the teen band Zoot in 1968. Through 1971, Zoot’s string of chart-topping songs ensured that they were consistently regarded as one of Australia’s most popular bands.

Indicators of Wealthy People:

When preparing this list annually, the magazine considers upfront cash, profit splits, residuals, endorsement deals, and advertising. The wealth of the Aussie singer-songwriter-actor is pegged at $185 million. He amassed his wealth through wise stock investments, a growing real estate portfolio, and lucrative endorsement partnerships with CoverGirl. He has a football team, vodka, a best-selling perfume and a clothing line, all of which cater to the young adult demographic.

American achievement:

Rick Springfield went solo after the breakup of the band. He re-recorded his Australian hit single “Speak to the Sky” the following year, and it became a massive hit in the United States. His final major hit was this song, reaching #14 on the Billboard Hot 100. For reasons having to do with their record label, Springfield did not release any new music after 1976, and their subsequent albums in the 1970s did not fare well financially. The 1970s saw Springfield enrol in acting lessons, sign a contract with Universal Studios, and make multiple TV appearances before 1980.

Everyone gets hit over the head with a hammer:

The demos he sent to RCA won them over, and he signed with the label soon after Universal terminated him as a recording artist. He was cast as General Hospital’s eligible young doctor, Noah Drake, in 1981 while recording his Working Class Dog to gain an audience and lead to its final release.


Rick Springfield net worth is $12 million. Springfield has been the host of a radio programme on SiriusXM titled Working Class DJ, which references his 1981 album of the same name. He incorporates a different musical theme for each show. “Unhealthy Relationships” and “Animals” have recently been popular topics. His first album, Beginnings, was released in 1972, and its lead single, “Speak to the Sky,” achieved modest success in the United States. Through 1976, he put out three additional albums, but it wasn’t until 1981.


Who is Richard Springthorpe?

His birth name is Richard Springthorpe, but an early bandmate rechristened him “Rick Springfield” because he didn’t think it sounded “rock and roll” enough. His mom wanted to call him Howard, but his dad thought it sounded too much like a “coward.

When did Rick Springfield stop sounding like he belonged in Australia?

Also, despite his American accent, Springfield is Australian; his accent is barely detectable in a few places. He recalls, “In 1975, I went to a vocal coach to get a genuine American accent.

What is rick Springfield net worth?

Rick Springfield net worth is $12 million.