Everything you need to know about Roku parental controls!

Roku parental controls have access to hundreds of streaming entertainment channels, but some content may not be suitable for viewers of all ages. Roku parental controls allow guardians to restrict their children’s access to inappropriate content and prevent them from adding channels or subscriptions without their knowledge or consent. In this piece, we’ll show you how to go into the Roku settings and set them up to your liking. Roku devices’ parental controls are weaker than competing streaming media players. This article will teach you all you need to know about roku parental controls, as well as those of any other streaming app you could use.

How Can Parental Controls Be Managed on a Roku Device?

The Roku Channel, a cost-free video streaming service, comes pre-installed on each Roku streaming media player you purchase. Over ten thousand shows, movies, and other media are available for streaming. The Roku Channel is the only application on a Roku device that enables the setting of any form of parental control. Despite the availability of this avenue, its scope remains limited. There are three main categories into which the Roku Channel’s parental controls may be organized.

The setting of Little Kids and Roku parental controls:

The settings range from “Teens” through “Little Kids” to “Young Kids.” The fourth setting, “Off,” enables users to watch any content from the Roku Channel. Viewers have access to this option. Pick a 4-digit PIN to access these preferences. Using this straightforward method, you can easily set up a PIN for parental controls on your Roku Channel. To roku from any device and log in to your Roku account.

Fire TV from Amazon and Roku parental controls:

Amazon’s Fire TV is an Alexa-enabled streaming platform available on Amazon’s own Fire TV devices and Amazon Fire Edition TVs made by other companies like Insignia and Toshiba. Fire TV has viewing restrictions comparable to those of other streaming devices; however, these restrictions only apply to Amazon’s video material and do not apply to the content of any third-party apps like Netflix. However, you may restrict the use of specific programs if you want.

Parental controls on your Fire TV:

You’ll need to enter your five-digit Amazon PIN to use the parental controls on your Fire TV. Sign in to your Amazon account using a web browser or the Amazon Video app on your mobile device and follow the on-screen steps to set this up.

Apple TV:

The Apple TV’s parental controls, known as Restrictions, need you to set up a unique ID and password before you can use them. Here’s how to get it done straight from your Apple TV. With the Apple TV remote, you can scroll to the bottom of the screen to get the Settings icon. Afterwards, choose “Restrictions” from the General drop-down menu. You’ll need to select a four-digit personal identification number (PIN) if you haven’t already.

Enter verification:

Please re-enter the verification number and click OK to continue. It will activate the Restrictions settings page, where you may implement various forms of parental supervision.


The company essentially promotes Roku streaming devices because of its extensive content library, which includes over 5,000 channels and apps. However, Roku’s parental restrictions only apply to the Roku Channel; the streaming media player’s free service. If you have a Roku TV, you may restrict or modify the channels you see on your screen while using an antenna.

Roku streaming media players:

Users of Roku streaming media players may make use of this function. If you don’t want your children to access certain content on your Roku, you can use the parental controls to remove channels you deem inappropriate or hide Roku’s TV and Movie stores from the home screen.

Guide to Creating a Roku PIN:

It has already been established that you will need a parental control PIN to configure the Roku channel’s parental controls. However, nobody can make purchases in your name from the Roku Channel Store if you have a Roku purchase PIN. This feature might double as a kind of Roku parental control; since it will help you avoid spending money unnecessarily. Instructions for creating a PIN for making purchases on a Roku are provided below.

1: Visit the mobile site or PC version of roku and log in to your Roku account there.

2: Go to “PIN Preferences” in the menu to update your PIN settings.

3: To need a PIN every time you add or replace an item in the Channel Store, choose the corresponding box.

4: Enter a four-digit number that you choose when prompted.

5: You may check your PIN by selecting the “Verify PIN” button.

6: When you’re done reviewing the T&Cs and clicking “Save Changes

7: Take notice that this PIN has nothing in common with your Roku channel’s parental control PIN.

Can roku parental controls Be Added to a Roku?

Only the Roku Channel has the option for parental controls. Your first four-digit PIN will unlock more functionality and remove certain restrictions. In this instance, you’ll need to set up parental controls for each third-party app. If, for example, you’re worried about what your child could see on the Hulu app available on Roku, you can create a “Kids Profile” for them in your Hulu account, which they can then use on their Roku device.

Does Roku Offer a Filter to Remove Offensive Language?

It’s easy to understand why many parents and other caregivers want parental control on Roku because of the prevalence of vulgarity. A profanity filter has been requested by Roku users several times, but unfortunately, Roku does not have one. The “Netflix profanity filter” plugin for Google Chrome is a solution if you’re dead bent on watching Netflix on Roku despite its NSFW content. If we take Roku out of the mix, Chrome may still be able to work with Netflix.

Can you tell me how to organize the channels on my Roku player?

Using your Roku player, you may add or remove channels from your current lineup. To prevent your child from seeing content, you find objectionable, you may disable access to the media in question. After that, they won’t be able to reinstall the software since the purchase PIN will have been installed. Here is an overview of everything you’ll need to know to get rid of any channel on your Roku:

Step 1: The first step is to use the Roku remote’s “Home” button.

Step 2: Find the channel you want to get rid of and click on it in the list on the right.

Step 3: By hitting the “Star” button on the remote, you may bring up the “Options” menu.

Step 4: Click “Remove channel” now and provide your affirmative response when prompted.


Remember that although not all streaming devices will allow you to restrict content based on ratings, many streaming services will let you set limitations inside the app itself, either via the app’s settings or by creating a kid-friendly profile for your account. The Android TV: Each family member may have their profile on an Android TV, making it much easier for parents to limit the content their children can access. Ensure that everyone who needs restricted access to your device’s apps has their own separate, regional profile.


What about blocking YouTube content on roku parental controls?

YouTube includes several filtering features to help you find the kind of video you’re searching for. However, YouTube’s parental controls, included in the app’s “Safety mode,” are only accessible via a web browser.

How to put parental restrictions on youtube on roku?

Roku TVs include parental controls geared at kids and millennials. Roku’s hundreds of streaming multimedia channels don’t all provide all-age material. Roku parental controls have instructions for enabling YouTube parental controls.