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Stevie j net worth is $5 million as a hip-hop producer, musician, composer, DJ, and TV producer. He has also won a Grammy for his contributions to the field. He has recently gained widespread recognition for his part in the “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta cast.” Stevie J was responsible for the production of many tracks on Diddy’s debut album, “No Way Out,” including the tribute song “I’ll Be Missing You”, the third offshoot that comes from “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta.” Over its two seasons, “Leave It to Stevie” had sixteen episodes. Here we will discuss Stevie j net worth.

Biography of Stevie j:

His given name is Steven Aaron Jordan. His father, Moses, raised him in Buffalo when he was barely eight. The state of New York is home to both of these cities. A Pentecostal bishop, his dad, is a religious leader in the faith. Stevie J was a permanent member of the bass guitar for the R&B band Jodeci. In 1995, he was featured on “The Show, the After Party, the Hotel.”


It was Sean “P Diddy” Combs, in the early 1990s, who discovered Stevie J’s potential. Diddy enlisted Stevie J to join the Bad Boy Records Hitman team of producers and songwriters. One of his production credits was the R&B trio “Only You” single. They made a brief appearance on that track. Because of this, Biggie’s tracks “Til Somebody Kills You” and “Last Day” were all produced by Stevie J. Stevie j net worth is $5 million.

Contribution to Combs’ album:

A Grammy was awarded to him in 1997 for his contribution to Combs’ album. Around the middle to the latter part of the ’90s, he became widely recognized as one of the industry’s top record producers. He has won accolades for his work as a song producer with varied artists and Puff Daddy. Eve may have been inspired to pen “Gotta Man” by him. Jordan has fathered six children, all by different mothers. Dorian Henderson-Jordan, his son with Rhonda Henderson, was born in 1995.

Mariah Carey’s discography includes the songs:

Jordan has also worked on Mariah Carey’s tracks under an alias. In 1997, his contributions to the song “Butterfly” were seriously evaluated for a Grammy Award candidacy. He also produced the album‘s hit track, “Honey,” as well as “Breakdown” and “Baby doll.” The next year, in 1999, he produced for Mariah Carey’s album “1’s,” which had been published the year before. His singles were number one on the charts from June 14 to September 1997. He served as producer for every one of these tracks.

Quantity of pieces by several other artists:

Beyonce, J-Z, Lil’Kim, and Brian McKnight are just some of the artists whose music Stevie J has created. Stevie J has had a hand in producing over sixty hit songs, and he is still actively contributing to and shaping the hip-hop scene today. Love triangles involving him, Mimi Faust, and Joseline Hernandez were the focus of his storyline on the show. Aside from his long-term girlfriend, Mimi, he had a new girlfriend named Joseline Hernandez at the show’s start.

Most famous duos in the world:

Stevie J and Joseline have become well-known duo in the hip-hop world as the series has progressed. The VH1 series “Stevie J. and Jose Line: Go Hollywood,” a spin-off of “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta,” premiered on January 25, 2016. As they prepared to film “That Time of the Month,” the episode followed Stevie and Joseline as they navigated their daily lives in Los Angeles. One season’s worth of airtime was broken up into eight episodes. Atlanta” featured Stevie J in her debut television appearance that year.

Joseline managed to destroy:

Other expensive goods Joseline destroyed include $15,000 worth of Versace crockery, $20,000 worth of shoes, and a vintage Bad Boy jacket from Diddy worth $10,000. Mimi Faust and Michael Jordan welcomed their daughter, Eva Giselle Jordan, in 2009. On VH1’s premiere night, December 19, 2016, he hosted the premiere episode of his show Leave It to Stevie. In 1995, Sade Jordan, their daughter with Felicis Stover, was born. His children with his ex-wife were born in 1997 and 1998, respectively.

Bella Hernandez says this to Jose:

Bonnie Bella Hernandez was born in 2016 and is the daughter of Jose line Hernandez. He loaned Faith Evans $75,000 in 2014 so she could put down a down payment on a house. In the first months of 2016, Jose Line Hernandez did extensive damage to his property. When she found out he was in the studio recording with Faith Evans at the same time she was, she became jealous and attacked him, ruining his clothes and other items with bleach.

His wife, the singer Faith Evans:

Grandson Zion is the result of his union with Dorian, his son. Stevie J was given temporary custody of his kid with Hernandez after she uploaded a provocative selfie with her hand down her bikini bottoms with the message “Oh me so Horny” in August 2019. it was in response to Hernandez’s comment about the 1989 smash hit “Me So Horny”. To Stevie J, this was unacceptable behaviour from a small child’s mother.

The publication reports:

The publication reports that rumours of relationship trouble have been circulating for some time. After things reached a breaking point, the producer filed for divorce in Los Angeles Superior Court. Stevie, real name Steven Jordan, alias “Steebie”, later became an in-house producer for Bad Boy. It was ultimately decided to enhance the size of the payment to $8500. Having been pals for over two decades, he finally sealed the wedding with his longtime friend Faith Evans in 2018.

Child Support Issues for Stevie J:

In June 2014, Georgia authorities arrested Stevie J because he owed his ex-girlfriend more than $1 million in child support payments. Two children were born to Stevie and his ex-girlfriend: the first in 1997 and the second in 1998. Stevie J was forced to pay child support of $6,600 per month after the couple’s 1999 divorce. Sadly, Stevie stopped making payments in 2001, and over the next 13 years, he racked up an incredible $1.1 million in debt.


Stevie j net worth is $5 million. Whether through the release of award-winning records, his friendships with powerful figures in the industry, or his well-known affiliation with the legendary record label Bad Boy Records, Stevie J unquestionably contributed to developing the prevalent musical style during his era. His impact may extend far beyond the 1990s; many contemporary creators cite him as an inspiration.


What is Stevie j net worth?

Stevie j net worth is $5 million as a hip-hop producer, musician, composer, DJ, and TV producer. He has also won a Grammy for his contributions to the field.

Is it safe to assume that Stevie’s financial situation has improved due to Love & Hip Hop?

Stevie J is a part of the cast of the VH1 show “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta”, in addition to his other talents as a singer, producer, and composer. After rising to fame in the 1990s with the band Total, Stevie J has amassed a $5 million fortune.