The fittest whole beast protein review 2023

The fittest whole beast protein There has been a recent uptick in “nose-to-tail” eating, in which all animal, including the organs and skin, is consumed. It is done to improve health by consuming more nutrients and adopting “ancestral” lifestyles once again. It’s also worth noting that a protein smoothie called The Whole Beast promises to include every part of the animal, from nose to tail.

The cattle protein base of Whole Beast is supplemented with the organ proteins of the colostrums, bone, liver, heart, kidney, pancreas, spleen, and blood to create the “most complete protein supplement in existence,” as claimed on the product’s packaging and in advertisements. The Fittest Ever, the company behind an innovative performance supplement, was motivated by the animalistic methods of traditional outdoor survival and hunting. Here we will discuss the fittest whole beast protein.

Detailed Description of the Whole Beast:

Brian Johnson uses his company, The Fittest, to market a protein combination called The Whole Beast, which includes every part of an animal from nose to tail. You’ve probably heard of the Liver King since he’s amassed a sizeable online following because of his brutal videos and blog articles advocating for a primal diet and fitness. Because it contains high-quality, nutrient-dense protein sources like beef, colostrum, bone, heart, blood, and more, The Fittest says The Whole Beast is the most comprehensive protein supplement available.

The idea of the Whole Beast:

The idea of The Whole Beast is to simulate how our forefathers ate: to consume the entire animal for sustenance. In addition, no artificial hormones, antibiotics, or pesticides were used to produce any of these items. They use freeze-drying to keep the ingredients’ nutritional value intact. The primary goal of The Whole Beast is to provide modern people with access to nutrient-dense, primitive food sources that will allow them to become stronger, healthier, and more vital.

The Makings of the Whole Beast:

You just witnessed a variety of ingredients, from nose to tail, in The Entire Beast. There are 21 grams of protein, 1 gram of fat, and 2 grams of carbohydrates in just one scoop of The Whole Beast.

Balance of the Whole Beast:

Mixed Powder of Beef Organs:

Beef Organ Powder Mix, which includes the heart, liver, kidney, spleen, pancreas, bone, and blood, is the most interesting component of The Whole Beast. While it might not sound very tasty, these components are undoubtedly nutritious and include some elements that many people need to get more of.


For example, the heart is rich in iron, zinc, selenium, and various B-complex vitamins, such as folate, B2, B6, and B12. Heart-healthy eating may provide additional benefits, such as enhanced energy, brain function, and cardioprotective effects.


The kidney is rich in vitamin B12, selenium, and omega-3s, which may aid thyroid health, energy levels, and inflammation.


Immunity-boosting peptides and heme iron are both found in abundance in the spleen.


Pancreas is a great source of vitamin B12 and digestive enzymes, both beneficial to digestive tract health.


Bone contains important minerals like calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, and others, all working together to improve bone density and skeletal health.


Heme iron, vitamin B12, vitamin D, and CoQ10 are all abundant in the blood. The health of your heart, vitality, immune system and blood may all benefit from these nutrients.

Does the Animal As a Whole Function?

The amino acid-rich proteins aid muscle protein synthesis, strength, and healing in The Whole Beast. All of the parts of the animal, from nose to tail, contain substances that are beneficial to health, including vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and other chemicals. When everything is mixed, it’s impossible to know how much organ or other material is included, much less the micronutrients. The Whole Beast would gain more of our confidence if it detailed those ingredients, but even without that information, it appears to be a reliable protein supplement.

What exactly is Liver King Protein Powder?

Liver King, or 45-year-old Brian Johnson, is famous for eating a diet high in raw and unprocessed flesh. In the family’s way of life, he is the leader. His nine tenets of rest, eat, move, protect, associate, cold, sun, battle, and security encourage people to return to a more primitive way of life. As the prominent American podcaster Joe Rogan commented on him, a few titles were established. Specialists believe this lifestyle is hazardous and prescribe a natural diet and supplement plan instead.

Arguments versus Evidence:

Although there are many purported advantages to using The Whole Beast, the supplement is merely made to improve general well-being and boost vitality. The Whole Beast has been shown to promote muscle growth and strength and increase energy and well-being. Although the organs and animal parts contained in The Whole Beast may contribute to the cardiovascular, nervous system, hepatic, Haematological, skeletal, and immune system health, etc., we cannot make any guarantees without first determining the precise quantities.

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Which Subset of People Does This Serve Best?

Those interested in a “nose-to-tail” diet and finding a protein supplement to help them gain muscle, strength, and an overall sense of vitality, health, and vigour should go no farther than The Whole Beast. Those interested in supplementing their protein intake with organ meats should go for The Whole Beast. Although Ancestral Supplements and One Earth Health’s competing products provide organ meats, only the former includes protein.

In contrast to Carnivor Beef Protein Powder, part of a larger line of protein powders, organ meats are not included in standalone protein powders. The alternatives are less expensive but don’t provide synergistic benefits like The Whole Beast.

Risks and Adverse Effects:

There should not be any major health concerns associated with consuming The Entire Beast. It has been independently tested and found to be pure and effective. Ingredients in The Whole Beast products are always sourced from naturally grown animals, meaning no added hormones or antibiotics. In addition, there are no added fillers, flow promoters, or allergies.

Where Can I Get the Whole Animal?

The Entire Beast can be purchased from The Fittest’s website and Amazon. Per jar, you’ll get 30 individual portions. The pricing for a one-time purchase is $64.00; however, if you select “Subscribe and save,” the price drops to $57.60

Reviews about the fittest whole beast protein:

More than a few people have vouched for The Whole Beast Protein. Consumers love this product because of its high quality, excellent flavour, and obvious strength and energy increase. Customers who reviewed the product on The Fittest Ever’s website were pleased with the results, saying they experienced no bloating or bubble intestines after using the supplement.


According to the conclusion of the fittest whole beast protein, High-quality, head-to-tail components are included in The Whole Beast to improve muscle, strength, health, and vitality. We recommend it for anyone curious about this diet because of its short ingredient list. Supplements and missions like the fittest whole beast protein Supplement provide us with more than exchange when it comes to reaching the desired physical end on our fitness path through the combination of the correct products, information, support, and regimen.


Where Can I Get All Natural Protein?

People are developing these forms of protein to keep themselves healthy and secure. You may be surprised to learn that more than 10,000 species of bacteria live in and on your body.

How are protein powders made, and what are their functions?

Protein supplements, which help you, increase muscle and strength, often contain a protein powder made from the meat of complete animals. Several protein supplement products may be found online, providing something slightly different.


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