The Honey Paw – menu, Reservations, Transforms Asian, And More!

The Honey Paw is a slick steam-heated “scratcher” that is gentle on the skin. At the time, and even now, I thought that was very cool. The device is compact and portable. The heated unit is gently rolled over and dipped down into all the peaks and valleys of the drawn honeycomb. The honey extractor leaves behind furrows from which the honey will eventually emerge.

Within 15 minutes, the honey had flowed (pretty standard time). The finest thing was that the drawn comb did not have completely disorganized wax. It’s aesthetically pleasing and leaves behind fewer damaged cells, reducing the bees’ recovery time before sealing. I had him try my hot knife for a while and then switched him to the Honey Paw.

The Menu:

The Honey Paw is a new restaurant in Portland, Oregon, and its premise can be summed up in three words: non-denominational noodle bar. It’s a temple dedicated to the twirlable, slurpable comfort food of all cultures, from Japanese ramen to Italian bigoli. Andrew Taylor, Mike Wiley, and Arlin Smith, who already run Portland’s acclaimed Eventide Oyster Co. and Hugo’s, have created a worldly menu for their newest venture. The popularity of noodles is recognized worldwide, as Taylor puts it. To top it all off, we’re doing it ourselves.


Reservations for our communal table are currently being taken on a first-come, first-served basis for groups of 4-8 persons, 14 days in advance. Please immediately use the RESY app or the button below to make a reservation. The NOTIFY button is not used at our institution. Don’t panic if there are no open rooms when you check! If there is a delay, have someone in your group contact the host, and we’ll send you a text when your table is ready.

The Honey Paw Uncapper:

The previous year was the first time I bought and utilized a Honey Paw Uncapper. It serves its purpose effectively but was a hassle to acquire. Nothing like sending a couple of hundred dollars to Narva, Finland, on the strength of a video and some feedback from beekeeping message boards. Everything worked out perfectly. The most challenging aspect of the process was making the purchase. I had a buddy who had a massive extraction setup, and he helped me when I got a few hives.

How The Honey Paw Uncapper Works:

The device has two hose connections, one for taking in steam and the other for venting the water that has been heated. Water enters and leaves the unit internally. We can avoid ruining the honey by accidentally soaking it. Wax can be melted with a quick sweep over the frame using a Honey Paw, but there’s no need to linger. It’s tricky to capture on camera because even while some of the combs may appear to be uncapped, the honey isn’t actually beneath them. I, too, was taken aback by this.

Sticking With The Honey Paw:

Just by its name, The Honey Paw, a brand-new eatery in Portland’s central business district, is attracting attention. The minute a diner enters the establishment, they are surrounded by a buzzing hive of activity. The hexagonal stools and honeycomb lamp shades complement the honey color scheme and the sunflower yellow walls. The restaurant has a bar, a communal island in the middle, and seating around the outside, with floor-to-ceiling windows for people watching. Earning the title of “restaurant of the year” from Eater in Kentucky.

Honey Paw Transforms Asian Classics:

Honey Paw is the latest approachable eatery from one of Portland’s most successful chef-restaurateur duos, Andrew Taylor and Mike Wiley. The restaurant is decorated with pictures of Italian noodle-makers and old menus from Hong Kong dim sum parlors. Hugo’s and Eventide Oyster Co., run by managing partner Arlin Smith, had already established themselves as staples of the Middle Street strip in the Old Port. After the Honey Paw’s April 2015 opening, it lived up to the neighborhood’s high hopes.

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My experience at the Honey Paw was unlike any other eatery. Because of its singular character, the new Portland eatery cannot be lumped into generic restaurant classifications like “modern American” or “fusion.” It avoids identity crises by keeping its offers as brief as possible, although its menu and atmosphere boast an impressive number of features combined without apology into a streamlined eating experience. Together with chef-de-cuisine Thomas Pisha-Duffly, chefs Andrew Taylor and Mike Wiley have created a rotating menu of about twenty dishes.


Who Was The First Person To Make Honey?

Although ancient Egyptians were the pioneers in industrial honey production, they were not the first to profit from honeybees’ efforts.

Why Was Honey Popular In Ancient Times?

Honey was believed to be an elixir that could prolong life and keep the dead from decaying. Pythagoras was a Greek mathematician who lived to nearly 100.

Does Honey Expire?

In most cases, honey won’t go bad. However, if it’s tainted or stored improperly, it can spoil. Honey should be thrown out if it shows mold or has a sour or soured aroma.