What are The palms Waukee, and what facts about it?

The palms Waukee: If you’re looking for a great time at the movies in the city, go no farther than The Palms Theatres & IMAX! Dine and recline comfortably while seeing a film in the regular theatre, the Premium Large Format, or IMAX 3D! Our UltraLux Loungers, which recline entirely and come with optional heating, are available in each theatre. Our full-service restaurant and bar, Rick’s Café Americain, is conveniently located near the auditoriums housing our Dine & Recline movie-viewing packages. The Operating Room Arcade, conveniently located off the lobby, is a hit with young gamers. Here we will discuss the palms of Waukee and different facts about the palms of Waukee.

What are The palms Waukee, and what facts about it?

Most modern and spacious theatre:

Waukee, Iowa, is home to the newest and biggest cinema in all of Iowa, the Palms Theatre and IMAX. All fifteen (15) auditoriums in the theatre have laser projection and heated chairs, and the sound is state-of-the-art Dolby Atmos. The theatre has the state’s tallest and widest IMAX screen at 85 feet.

Digital XL Size and The palms Waukee :

A 75-foot widescreen and 56 Dolby Atoms speakers characterize Fridley’s top-tier large-format XL Digital brand. The restaurant called Rick’s Café American, after the bar in the famous film Casablanca, services eight of the auditoria as full-service dine-in theatres with the wait staff. Stop by today for some fresh, popping popcorn and show your support for the neighbourhood cinema.

Complete bar service and The palms Waukee:

There is a complete bar inside Rick’s Café Americain, a 220-inch television, two (2) floors of ceiling water features, a unique glass-blown chandelier, and an outside terrace with a fire pit. There is now a self-serve soda section stocked with unique Stubborn Soda varieties and Starbucks coffee, gourmet popcorn, and ice cream sold in the remodelled concession stand. One thousand five hundred solar panels on the roof and parking garage provide sustainable energy for the theatre.

Completely staffed architectural practice:

TK Architects, founded in 1981, is a one-stop shop for all your building needs. We provide structural engineering, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing design, and our core architectural services. We do not indicate the presence of closed captioning or other screen-based visual explanations. Talk to the theatre manager near you to learn more about our many assistive listening devices.

System design for amusement:

Cinemas, bowling alleys, bars/lounges, and restaurants/retail complexes are just a few entertainment facilities the company designs and builds across the globe. When it comes to serving their clients, architects always know what they need and when they need it: tenant Improvements, Refurbishments, and Maintenance for Brand-New Buildings.

Fridley Theatres of Des Moines:

In Waukee, Iowa, Fridley Theatres, headquartered in Des Moines, has finally begun construction on its much-anticipated IMAX and multiplex cinema. Each of the theatres in the 15-screen complex will be outfitted with deluxe recliners, and some of the screens will even have in-seat eating options. In November, The Palms Theaters will open to the public. These symbols next to the scheduled performances indicate the availability of aids for the hearing and visually impaired.

Reduced Real Estate Taxes:

About $1.64 million will be returned in property tax rebates, said that incentives were provided to cover the $1.1 million in construction costs of the new roadway. He stated that last year, the municipal council had decided to pursue bringing a theatre complex to the area actively. Near Hy-Vee, on 15 acres of ground between Northeast Dart moor Drive and Northeast Westgate Drive.

Tickets or gift cards from Fandango:

We regret that we cannot take Fandango gift cards in our theatres or on our website. However, if you buy your tickets on Fandango and pick them up at one of our locations, we will gladly accept your gift card as payment. First, you’ll need to choose the venue for watching your Fandango tickets. The TheaterEars app allows Spanish-speaking family members to enjoy films in their preferred language without switching to subtitles.

Films by Merchants:

Check out our Merchant Movies or Dollar Matinees sites for the most recent updates. Don’t hesitate to contact the General Manager at your store or email us via the Contact page if you are interested in being a sponsor for our merchant movie. Newly released films are not eligible for usage with certain passes and reduced tickets.

Incredibly convenient the palms Waukee:

Fridley Theatres’ director of operations, Russell Vann or Del, said, “It is a terrific asset for the city of Waukee, but eventually, we anticipate it to lure all of Des Moines and central Iowa.” The Des Moines area will soon have two IMAX theatres. Council Bluffs and Davenport also provide IMAX cinemas for Iowans to enjoy. To submit your request, please go to the Party & Rentals page. For further information, the GM of the location you listed will contact you.

Geographical Focus on Central Iowa:

All have a six-story, 180-degree screen. He also noted that a bigger screen reduces the number of available seats and the quality of the experience. Vann ors Del said that a giant screen was a priority so that everyone could see and hear everything, even in the front rows. Until the expiry date, these goods should be used. We also gladly accept Fandango tickets, provided they were initially bought for the venue you want to see a performance at.

Laser GT IMAX:

The IMAX Laser GT at The Palms Theatres will measure 85 feet in width, making it the state’s giant screen. The original concept, released in September 2016, planned for an IMAX screen seven floors tall and 9712 feet wide. However, issues finance and the project were scrapped. The Palms Theatres will also include 14 extra screens, all of which will be equipped with plush chairs.

Beverages and food and The palms Waukee:

Similar to Flix Brewhouse in Des Moines, up to eight theatres will have full-service wait staff serving patrons in their seats. All cinemas can use the concessions available from the modest restaurant and bar. A table and cup holder will be installed on each chair. You may choose the conveniences you want to use in this establishment, as stated by Vann or Del.

Collaboration for future development:

Under the terms of the development agreement, Fridley Theatres must make an initial investment of at least $10 million, without any furnishings or fittings; Vann ors Del thinks the structure alone would set you back $15 million. He would not commit to a dollar figure, so I asked him for one. Fridley Theaters has started digging at the property as of last week. On January 3rd at 11 a.m., there will be a groundbreaking ceremony.

Showings at the theatre on that day:

Exceptional situations are the only times we ever shut our theatres. It’s possible that we haven’t finalized our titles and showtimes for the date you’re interested in. Our movie schedule is completed the Monday before the first Friday of the month and posted online by Tuesday night. Gift card balances may be checked at any of our theatres during regular business hours.


As building progresses of the palms Waukee, the business said it would provide additional details about the Palms Theatres’ features. Our visitors’ thoughts and ideas are essential to us. Therefore we appreciate hearing from them. If you’d like to get in touch with us, please use the form on the Contact page. We intend to respond to your inquiry as soon as possible. Please go to the Gift Card website and click the “Check gift card balance” option.


When does my local movie theatre open and close?

Our theatres open 30 minutes before the day’s first performance and shut around 15 minutes after the day’s final showing.

Which discounts and passes do you accept?

Any vouchers or passes issued by the main office are valid. You’ll find the “Fridley Theatres” logo. We’ve been working on them. Don’t hesitate to contact the theatre to confirm if you have any doubts.

Was it wondering whether you have a Rewards programmer set up?

Red Carpet Rewards is presently available to patrons of the Copper Creek 9 and Palms Theatres & IMAX. As time goes on, we anticipate expanding it to other areas.