Everything you need to know about The Row Sandals

The Row Sandals stylish barefoot sandals make me feel like a million bucks – I get to look cute AND feel comfortable. What else is there to ask for? When I originally decided to stop wearing sandals that hurt my feet, I assumed that meant I’d also have to stop wearing sandals that look cute. But luckily, there are a plethora of chic barefoot shoes available, so you may look and feel your best this spring and summer. You can even discover some exquisite barefoot sandals for weddings! This article discusses fashionable barefoot sandals for ladies. I have two more sites if you want to learn more about barefoot sandals for kids or athletic use.

What About Slides & Flip Flops?

Let’s chat briefly about slides and flip-flops before I share my recommendations for the most fashionable barefoot footwear. Those shoes slide and flip just like their name implies. Nothing holds them in place, so you must walk strange or clench your toes to keep them on. Therefore, all the items here feature an adjustable strap across the back. Do you long for some barefoot-friendly slides to take with you on fast visits outside, to the beach, and to public showers?

The Row Sandals 10 Best Stylish Barefoot:

While I have provided a ranking of my preferred options, it is important to remember that your preferences may differ from mine. I have provided details such as size/fit, cost range, material composition, and store location. So as not to leave anything out, I’ve included some honorable mentions and some of my favorite inexpensive barefoot sandals and vegan barefoot shoes. The Vibe includes a velcro strap over the ball of the foot. And both are available in a vegan version.

Labor Leather:

The Labor Leather barefoot sandals are my go-to and a major style staple. Because they are consistently adorable, supportive, and portable, I always pack them on my trips. The strap can be worn long and wrapped around the wearer’s ankle or shortened and worn as a slip-on (see the video in this post to show how to tie it). They are top-notch in every way. Because I was so taken with this company, I contacted the proprietor, Labor Leather, last summer.

The Row Sandals Coupon:

The timeless elegance of a pair of Coupon sandals is matched only by the luxurious feel of the leather against your skin. Coupons barefoot collection features shoes with a thin, flexible sole, but the stitching and leather are strong enough that you won’t wear them out after a warm season. When I transitioned to being barefoot, I found that many popular sandal brands I used to wear were no longer comfortable or functional. Still, Coupon Sandals have become my new go-to.


Like my other go-to barefoot sandals, the Tikki Sandal is feathery and pliable, with a roomy forefoot. And naturally, they may be worn in various ways and are fashionable. Tikki refreshes its color palette annually, yet I find myself returning to the classic neutrals yearly. They’re understated enough that I can pair them with anything without sacrificing comfort. Two types of barefoot sandals are available from Tikki: the Vibe and the Soul. The Soul is a toe ring-style sandal.


The cotton fabric and cork insole of a pair of Feelgrounds make them breathable and comfortable to wear. Thanks to the velcro strap at the back, they’re simple to put on and look great whether you’re dressing down or up. These are not quite as lightweight or flexible as the alternatives, but they are still great barefoot sandal due to their rubber outsole. The cork gets dirty quickly, but the good news is that the dirt can be easily scrubbed away.

Be Lenka:

Be Lenka makes fashionable barefoot sandals in various colors and designs. It’s simple to dress these up because of the low-profile outsole, and they’re quite attractive to boot! Be Lenka often updates its catalog with new hues and designs, giving customers a wide variety of options. The sole is lightweight and pliable, although it is a bit more substantial than the soles of Tikki and Labor sandals (or any sandal on this list that uses the Vibram Cherry outsole).

The Row Sandals High Feels:

Those sandals are really lovely! They’re subtle, flirty, and sexually alluring; a great replacement for strappy heels. They’re the most versatile of the bunch, as you can dress them up whatever you like but still spread your toes. They also have various hues (I have Black Beauty and Brown Sugar). They’re rather pricey for a sandal, but this is it if you’re looking for a high-end heel alternative. There is a buckled adjustable toe ring.


You can tell I enjoy lightweight sandals because Zeazoo also makes fashionable options. Both traditional styles, like the Siren pictured above, and more unusual ones, like the Freya and the Olymp, are available from this brand. Anya’s Shop carries a few different styles of Zeazoo sandals, but if you want to play around with color and find even more alternatives, head to the Zeazoo EU homepage! Sandals by Zeazoo are offered in narrow, standard, and broad widths, although they all share the same sole.


For some reason, I enjoyed them last year. I reached for it frequently due to its adorable simplicity and lightweight. They’re a dead ringer for the typical summer shoe. Furthermore, I adore the freedom my toes have while wearing these. The buckles aren’t even necessary because I can slip them on and off. The front of the sandal hung down a little bit from my foot, which caused me to catch it occasionally.

Xero Jessie:

Jessie’s primary appeal is its low price for such a stylish shoe. They’re not too plain, not too flashy, but just right, so you can wear them with anything. Add a Swarovski crystal to them if you like, or wear them as they are. Because there isn’t much to keep your foot in place, the sole may be lighter. Despite this, I can still wear them without any discomfort. However, I won’t wear them on outdoor excursions or runs.


The Row Sandals company’s mission since the establishment of our first resort in 1981 has been to provide you with the most relaxing and comfortable vacation experience possible. Gordon “Butch” Stewart, the founder of Sandals, set himself apart from the competition by providing an all-inclusive experience, unlike any other Caribbean resort. Help us toast 40 years of mutual trust and love! Sandals have provided couples with the ultimate romantic getaway for over 30 years.


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