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Travis Barker:

Of all, hardly everyone who picks up a pair of drumsticks can claim to be as skilled as Travis Barker Nude. He was the era’s perfect drumming star, who restored the drums to their rightful place in popular music (Rolling Stone called him “Punk’s first superstar drummer”). Barker, a child prodigy, has been playing the drums since he was four. With continued practice, he eventually reached a level of proficiency that put him on par with the greatest drummers in history.

Childhood & Early Life:

Travis Barker was born to Randy and Gloria Barker on November 14, 1975, in Fontana, California. His father worked as a mechanic, while his mother was a babysitter. At age four, Barker got his hands on a pair of drumsticks. Soon after, he began studying drumming with Thomas Hogan, who introduced him to various drumming techniques and rhythms. In addition to music, he was into other extreme sports like surfing and skating. But playing the drums gave him a sense of inner peace and mastery.


After Travis Barker finished high school, he became a trash guy until he was invited to join the punk band The Aquabats in 1994. In due time, the band made him a permanent crew member. His debut album with The Aquabats, titled “The Fury of the Aquabats!,” was released in 1997. During his time with the group, he became known as “Baron Von Tito.” In 1998, he had his big break when he was asked to stand in on drums for the punk rock band Blink-182.

Major Works:

In June of 1999, Blink-182 released an album called Night. Led “Enema of the State,” which would become a massive smash and propel the band to the top of the pop-punk charts. All three of the singles that were put out did exceptionally well commercially. The group eventually won several prizes for those singles. Over fifteen million copies were sold off the record, impacting subsequent pop punk generations. He also owns the apparel and accessories firm Famous Stars and Straps.

Personal Life & Legacy:

Their marriage lasted from September 2001 till August 2022. He was married to Shanna Moakler from 2004 to 2008. Alabama Luella and Landon Barker are the names of Barker’s two kids. Specifically, he asked Kourtney Kardashian to marry him on October 17, 2021. After the 64th Annual Grammy Awards on April 3, 2022, in Las Vegas, Travis and Kourtney tied the knot. Their wedding occurred in Santa Barbara, California, on May 15, 2022. Afterward, on May 22, 2022, they had a religious wedding ceremony in Portofino, Italy.


This well-known American drummer from the band Blink-182 is terrified of airplanes. Worse, he is one of just two people to survive a plane accident in 2008, which only reinforces his fear of flying. The band finally got back together in 2011 and released their sixth studio album, “Neighborhoods.” The new album saw the same success as its predecessors, reaching #2 on the Billboard 200. While all was going on, he finally released his long-awaited solo debut, titled “Give the Drummer Some,” that same year.

Career Information:

In the early years of music (1993–1998):

Following his graduation from Fontana High School, Travis Barker Nude worked as a trash man in Laguna Beach while also performing with the Fontana-based punk rock bands Snot and Feeble, where he met Chad Larson. In 1994, Larson co-founded the Aquabats, a ska punk band. They played local gigs, recorded a demo, and then Larson put them in touch with Barker. After filling in for a few days, the band decided to keep Barker, who was “sleeping on a friend’s couch” and still working as a trash man.

Reality Television Star And Collaborations (2005–2008):

Barker and his wife Shanna Moakler participated in the MTV reality series Meet the Travis Barker Nude after their Halloween-themed wedding in October 2004. From Blink-182’s farewell tour through the release of their Transplants album, the show followed Barker and his new family through their everyday lives. After Blink-182’s “hiatus,” the next Transplants album, Haunted Cities (2005), was recorded and released in the middle of 2005. Hoppus and Barker kept making music together in the studio and started creating electronic recordings they nicknamed +44.

Plane Crash (2008):

Perry Farrell, lead vocalist of the band Jane’s Addiction, and Gavin DeGraw were both in attendance at a show in Columbia, South Carolina on September 19, 2008, where TRV$DJAM played.”We all felt it was a treat—we were on a private jet,” Barker recalled of the flight. Despite Barker’s invitation, Moakler, his ex-wife and the mother of their children, opted not to attend. Barker asked his security man Che Still, because he had a spare seat and thought Still would be a suitable travel companion.

Travis Barker Nude Parents, Siblings, Wife, Children & Family:

Randy Barker, Travis’s father, works as a mechanic, while Gloria Barker, Travis’s mother, works as a babysitter. Because of Sjogren syndrome, he lost his mother at an early age. He has two elder brothers and a sister, the latter of whom goes by the name of Shanna Barker. His second sister’s name is not well known to the general public. The musician Travis Barker is currently single after ending his marriage. His ex-wife is the famous fashion model Shanna Moakler.


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What Disease Does Travis Barker Nude Have?

On Saturday, Travis Barker of Blink-182 said he was leaving the band. “He is doing “far better” now, although he’s still being treated for pancreatitis at Cedars-Sinai.

What Is So Special About Travis Barker Nude?

Travis Barker is one of the most important drummers in current punk rock. He is most known for his work with Blink-182.

Is Travis Barker vegan?

Barker had been a vegetarian since he was 15, but after he and his friend DJ AM survived an aircraft disaster, he committed to going vegan.