Wack 100 net worth, Past, Career, Family life and more!

Wack 100 net worth is $3 million. There are a lot of people that want to know, “Who is Wack 100?” Aside from being a well-known rapper in the United States, Wack 100 also has successful business management and entrepreneurship career. Find out more about who Wack 100 is by reading the information provided below. Information on Wack 100’s life, including his age, birthday, true name, height, wife, and net worth, has been brought up. Wack 100 is the stage name of a popular American hip-hop artist. Wack was born on April 7, 1978, in California, with the name Cash Jones. Here we will discuss more Wack 100 net worth.

Past of wack 100:

In the past, reports surfaced claiming that Wack had made offensive remarks against Tupac Shakur. Wack 100, a hip-hop manager, has received a lot of criticism for a controversial statement he made, both online and in the mainstream media. It’s general knowledge that he’s a major player in the American hip-hop industry and works for a major record label. He oversees a wide variety of record companies. With all the bad press he’s generated, he’s still managed to carve out a fantastic career.

The career of wack 100:

Considering musicians and rappers/singers typically receive the lion’s share of media coverage, the recent flurry of articles and videos featuring him is quite surprising. Here are seven details about the man behind Wack 100 that you probably didn’t know. He’s the head honcho of Blueface and The Game and an executive for some of the biggest names in hip hop music.

Facts to know about wack 100:

Cash Jones adopts the stage name “Wack 100” when participating in professional performances. This information can be found on the webpage that I linked. It will be the year that he turns 43 years old. Pacoima, California, is where he was born on April 7, 1978; nevertheless, he currently resides in Los Angeles, also in the state of California, and is actively pursuing a career there.

Wack 100’s comment regarding Nipsey Hussle generated a stir:

Nipsey Hussle was a well-known rapper and hip-hop performer named Ermias Asghedom. His premature demise in Los Angeles shocked and devastated many of his fans. After the rapper’s death, Wack 100 published a statement that has since been insensitive. He said Hussle got what he deserved for his crimes. While some Hussle fans may have supported the speech, a sizable portion of the community was outraged.

He is the manager for both Blueface and The Game:

We were able to glean from Yourtango Wack 100 is the manager of several different hip-hop acts, one of which is referred to above as Blueface. Wack 100 also manages The Game, who only recently revealed to the world that he is working on the last album before retiring from the music industry. Wack 100 is expanding its musical offerings beyond its traditional hip-hop concentration. In addition to that, he’s started writing rap songs.

Mike Tyson overcame Wack 100:

One of Wack 100’s habits is making snarky comments about numerous people. He hasn’t been shy about sharing his feelings about many public figures, including Tupac Shakur and Nipsey Hussle. Legendary heavyweight boxer Mike Tyson allegedly took the issue to some of his remarks and responded by giving him several solid blows. As the story goes, he gave him a bloody thrashing for insulting the fighter with his sharp tongue.

Wack 100 is a prosperous businessman:

Wack 100 gave his record label, Cash Money Records, his moniker in honour of himself. Together with Birdman, he contributed to the project in his capacity as a business partner. As a new branch of the West Coast Corporation, Cash Money West was established by the people that have been listed above. Universal Music Group gave them twenty million dollars to use as a development fund to search for up-and-coming musicians.

He is not afraid to advocate for his interests:

Wack was headed to Lancaster for a burger when he saw many people driving dangerously and releasing smoke from their tires. He begged them to stop, but they continued to ignore him. Instead, they stepped out of the car and walked toward him while shouting insults. In self-defence, Wack 100 deflected their blows, knocking down one of the white individuals; the other man saw the crowd and pounded his feet in response.

Wack 100 has a solid moral compass:

Wack 100 has been criticized for not holding back his opinions, but it hasn’t stopped him from speaking his mind and explaining what he meant and why he said what he said. He didn’t say much about Nipsey Hussle other than that the rapper only released one album and hasn’t gone down in history despite his untimely death. He didn’t live long enough and didn’t produce nearly as much art as the legendary Wack 100.

He tells it how it is:

Wack 100 has been accused of having a nasty mouth and exhibiting contempt for the deceased. These allegations have been levelled against him. In a podcast, he explained the train of thinking that led him to make the statements he had said before. He replied that he believed it was not disrespectful to be truthful about a person’s weaknesses, just as he had done. He remains unwavering in his adherence to the position he took initially.

To his wife and kids, Wack 100 gives his all:

Wack 100 has been married for 27 years, but he and his wife have no children. The lucky lady who became his wife goes by the name Kimberly Jones. They’ve been together long enough to start a family, including two children. Princess Jones is the name given to their daughter, while Devyn Jones is the name given to their son. To him, nothing is more important than being ahead of his job and hobbies with his family.

What is Wack 100 net worth?

Wack 100 net worth is $3 million. It isn’t shocking when you think about his background in work and his family’s history. He has achieved great success in every area of his life. He operates as both a businessman and a record label mogul.


Wack 100 net worth is $3 million. Wack 100, aka Cash Jones, is a label executive for a record company specializing in hip-hop and other musical genres. The rappers The Game and Blueface are his clients. He was Mike Tyson’s 2019 audio guest on Hotboxin with Mike Tyson. After Jones was rumoured to have made comments about the sexuality of Tupac Shakur, tensions escalated. It was said that Mike Tyson, infuriated by the man’s 43 years, attacked him for the insults he had received.


Who is Wack 100?

Wack 100 is a hip-hop manager who just made a controversial statement and is now receiving a lot of backlashes. He’s a big shot in American hip-hop as a record executive and manager for many record labels.

Is Wack 100 guilty of any crimes?

The ties between the Wack 100 and the Pacoima Piru Bloods are well-known. It’s common knowledge that many members of hip-hop teams have connections to the criminal underworld.

What is Wack 100 net worth?

Wack 100 net worth is $3 million.