Everything you need to know about Walmart Covington

Walmart Covington, This Walmart Supercenter is located conveniently located just off Interstate 20 at Exit 93 in Covington, GA. From the highway, the signage is not difficult to spot. It was on July 26, 2019, when I came here. The staff is unfriendly and unhelpful, the checkout lines are long, and the store frequently closes lines. Employees express disdain for their work environment, and merchandise is carelessly strewn about the shop without price tags. I feel like this company discriminates against me because of the poor quality of their delivery service and the fact that they always cancel my orders on purpose when they see my address. I’ve tried calling customer service multiple.

Everything you need to know about Walmart Covington

THE Walmart Convington Supervisors:

But each time, they put me on wait or hung up. I have found that even supervisors, when contacted, are as rude. I’d rather not go to Walmart, but unfortunately, there isn’t a nearby Target that offers delivery. From what I’ve seen, this Walmart Supercenter is no different than any other. Usually, the costs here are lower than elsewhere, making this a good area to shop. There wasn’t too much of a learning curve to the store’s layout, so finding what you needed wasn’t too.

Restocking Some Sections Walmart Covington:

Some employees were busy restocking some sections, but I didn’t notice any difference. Once we had finished browsing and looking for the products we wanted, it was time to head to the register. Like other Walmarts, this one only had self-checkout lanes open and no human cashiers available, so I had to use one of those to pay. The Walmart is easily accessible by both bus and train. Using these lines and routes, you may easily get to and from the area. Have you considered taking a different route?

Walmart Covington Supercenter Is Pretty:

This Walmart Convington Supercenter is very similar to the many others I have seen across the country and worldwide. We were on our way to Mississippi at the time, so we stopped to pick up some travel necessities and miscellaneous goods. At 10:30 in the morning, there weren’t very many people around. It is a store from a distance; I also took the time to check out the apparel selection. It was worthwhile to explore the different areas because they might contain uniqueness.

Walmart Covington Riding:

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Public Transit To Walmart Convington:

How do I get to Walmart Convington, where I am in Covington, United States? Moovit provides turn-by-turn instructions from the closest subway or bus stop to the nearest Walmart. Moovit is a free app that offers real-time instructions and city maps to help you get about. Get up-to-the-minute directions to Walmart and access route planners, schedules, and travel times. We are trying to locate the closest station or stop to Walmart. Look at this map to see which options are closest to the intersection.

Walmart Neighborhood Market Pharmacy – 2800 N Highway 190:

You can use GoodRx coupons to get a discount on your medicines at the Walmart Convington Neighborhood Market Pharmacy on 2800 N Highway 190 in Covington. The pharmacies at Walmart’s neighbourhood markets are among the best in the country. Walmart Neighborhood Market Pharmacy consumers can save 75% on average with the free discounts from GoodRx compared to paying cash. We can often locate offers that are lower than your co-pay, so it’s worth checking our pricing even if you have insurance or Medicare. GoodRx abides by the quality criteria.

About Walmart Covington Supercenter:

You can acquire anything you need, from new furnishings to refurbish your home to a gleaming new bike to transport you from A to B, in one convenient trip to Walmart Convington. The Covington Walmart Superstore has everything you and your family may need, from electronics like toys and video games to clothing and footwear. Our location at 880 N Highway 190 in Covington, Louisiana 70433, is only 1.9 miles from Northlake Christian School. Due to your hectic schedule, we are available Monday through Friday, 6 am to.

Main Walmart Convington Hours:

Customer service is a top priority at the Walmart Convington near you at 17432 Southeast 270th Place, Covington, WA 98042. The front desk is available from 6:00 am until 11:00 pm daily. Hours may differ due to major holidays. The purpose of these new hours is to accommodate your hectic schedule. Some in-store centres are only open during specific times; please check our website or call us to confirm the hours of operation. You should check out Walmart+ right now. Enjoy member benefits.

Departments & Services At This Location:

You can satisfy your shopping and service needs at the Walmart Convington located at 17432 Southeast 270th Place, Covington, WA 98042. Grab some meds for you or Fido at the Pharmacy, pick out a bottle of vino for a romantic meal, update your wardrobe, and stock up on building supplies at the Hardware Store. There are places to eat and get your electric vehicle charged.

Walmart Convington Southeast:

We welcome you to the Walmart at 17432 Southeast 270th Place, Covington, WA 98042. Covington wasn’t formed as a city until 1996, although the town’s development was largely based on the arrival of railroads in the early 20th century. We’re here to help you make the most of your life in today’s Covington, which boasts a robust retail sector. You can knock out several tasks at once when you shop with us. Having so many options at such reasonable costs will keep you coming.


I was in this Walmart Convington, my son was turning 12, and all he asked for was a 100 Xbox gift card. I said, “What the heck,” and tossed it in my cart along with the rest of my purchases. However, as the cashier swiped my gift card and began ringing up my purchase, she began acting strangely. I didn’t give it much thought and went about my evening as usual, but when I got home and went.


Do I have access to all my Walmart Convington benefits during the trial?

During your trial period, you are eligible for most services. Spotify and other premium features are only available to paying customers once the initial trial ends.

Can I skip my Walmart Convington trial?

You can cancel your free trial and switch to a premium subscription anytime to gain full access to Exclusive Access.

Do I need to download the Walmart app to use Walmart+?

Our app is the only way to access certain Walmart Convington member perks. Please check out our resource hub if you require any help.