Where is the Mythic Stinger in Fortnite?

Where is the Mythic Stinger in Fortnite? The video game Fortnite has quickly risen to become one of the most-played titles of all time anywhere in the world. Since it merged popular genres like shooters, tower defense, and survival, the game soon became popular among online gamers. Game studio Epic Games is responsible for creating and distributing the Fortnite series.

After its initial success, the developers made it available on multiple systems, including Android, iOS, Xbox Series X/S Xbox One, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, mac OS X, Windows, and Nintendo Switch. In December 2019, Fortnite made an incredible $9 billion, according to figures from that month. Keep an eye on this site for any additional information that may become available regarding the where is the Mythic Stinger in Fortnite.

How to Get It in Fortnite Legendary Stinger SMG?

New map location and update v19.20 are now available in Fortnite. A unique hi-tech point of interest called Cover Cavern has recently arisen in the mountains north of Camp Cuddle. As they make their way around the large core river of Covert Cavern, players can access numerous facilities and collect a vast array of resources.

You’ll find a new boss, Gunnar, armed with the Mythic Stinger SMG. Kill Gunnar and pick up the Mythic variant of the SMG he dropped. But IO Guards are stationed all over the area, so be sure to stock up on ammunition.

Where can I find Gunnar’s Stinger submachine gun?

New to Fortnite, the Covert Cavern Point of Interest (POI) can be found in the map’s northwest corner, just beyond the snowline. Now, you must track down Gunnar, the Boss of Covert Cavern. His preferred walking spots are low to the ground and near bodies of water. On your way, you may encounter some IO Guards and other players seeking to acquire the potent SMG. Gunnar is a big guy, so be ready to fight when you see him. Avoid his charging punches and hide from his SMG spray. Gunnar’s 650 health and defences require 1300 damage to kill.

Where to find Gunnar in Fortnite:

In Season 2 of Fortnite, Gunnar has returned to the same location he occupied in Season 1. To reach Gunnar, players must first defeat the two IO guards who patrol the lower levels of Command Cavern. There are two bosses to face in Command Cavern. The Beastmaster may be located in the zeppelin at the mountain’s peak, while Gunnar can be found below ground.

When the season begins, Gunnar will be armed with his Legendary Stinger SMG. Players will also need to evade his rocket punch move to survive. Players should utilize a Rifle or SMG and keep their distance from the Boss, as with most enemies. Gunnar’s SMG could be better for long-range combat, so that a rifle would be preferable.

List of Fortnite’s Mythic Weapons from Season 3:

Now, nine different Mythic weapons can be found on the island. Even though players can earn one by defeating a Mythic boss, the other items can be acquired with relatively minimal effort.

1: Magical Lightsaber:

In Chapter 3, Season 3, Darth Vader is the lone Mythic Boss. After the v21.20 patch, Epic Games added Vader as a boss NPC capable of dropping Mythic weapons. Hence, players in Fortnite: Season 3, Chapter 3 will need to locate him to retrieve the Lightsaber. They can accomplish it by following his dropship as it flies alongside the Battle Bus. This Mythic enemy has a random spawn position each time, so be prepared for the unexpected.

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2: Striker Pump Shotgun:

If the player looks attentively, they can also find the Mythic variation of the Striker Pump Shotgun on their Reality Sapling. It requires the player to pay close attention. The overall damage output of this weapon is 120, and a headshot deals 222 damage to its target. The Mythic Shotgun has a reload time of 4.75 seconds and a fire rate of 0.65 rounds per second when fully loaded. Every second, it will unleash a single game. An attack with the Mythic Lightsaber does 45 damage, a spin does 25, and a slam does 150.

3: Auto Shotgun:

The Auto Shotgun is the basis for the second Mythic Shotgun found in Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 3. Once more, the only way for players to obtain it is through Reality Sapling. Damage dealt by the weapon is 98.40 total, with a headshot dealing 172.2 total damage. The Mythic Shotgun has a fire rate of 1.5 and a reload speed of 5.415 seconds. Both of these stats are in seconds. Both of these stats are in seconds.

4: Rifle for Heavy Sniping:

The Heavy Sniper Rifle is the third piece of Mythic equipment that players in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3 can harvest from their Reality Saplings to add to their arsenals. It is one of the few weapons in the game that can kill an opponent with a single shot. The weapon has total damage of 138, with a headshot dealing an additional 207 damage.

5: Ranger Assault Rifle:

In addition, the Mythic Ranger Assault Rifle is given to players when they use the Reality Sapling. This AR is the most powerful one available in the game. However, it also has a strong recoil that players must master to use effectively. The weapon has total damage of 36, with a headshot dealing an additional 54 damage. The Mythic Assault Rifle has a firing rate of 4, and it takes 2.375 seconds to reload the magazine fully.

6: Hammer Assault Rifle:

Players can obtain the Mythic Hammer AR in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3 if they plant their Reality Tree in the Grasslands. It is a requirement for the event. The weapon has total damage of 35, with a headshot dealing an additional 52.5 damage. It takes 1.87 seconds to reload the Mythic Assault Rifle and has a fire rate of 5.8 rounds per second.


Covert Canyon, located on the island’s northwest side, is a new place recently introduced, and Gunnar is a non-playable character that may be found there. Within the mountain is a massive base belonging to the Imagined Order, and Gunnar may be found in the primary region of that facility. When he is not on patrol around the ground, he may be flexing his muscles or sitting on a box while eating a cake; but as soon as he sees a person, he immediately switches into an aggressive attitude.

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How can I get my hands on a Mythic Stinger submachine gun?

It would be best if you first overcame all barriers. Next, find the Covert Cavern’s Boss, the IO-Brute. Be cautious as you approach, but use a spray weapon to break their barrier.

Where is the Mythic Stinger in Fortnite?

For Season 3, Chapter 3, Fortnite, there is just one Mythic Submachine Gun, the Stinger. Any player can earn a Mythic Stinger once every 24 hours by planting a Reality Sapling in the Desert biome. The weapon can fire at a rate of 12, does 24 damage, and takes 2 seconds to reload.